Solid State Relay

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Q:What is the capacity of the circuit breaker
It is the parameter that characterizes the breaking capacity of the circuit breaker. Under the rated voltage
Q:What is the role of the circuit breaker?
when the current exceeds its rated (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. production of "Samui" brand circuit breakers, contactors, dual power switch, load disconnector, fire monitoring detectors, control and protection switches,
Q:Why the high-voltage circuit is equipped with isolation switch and circuit breaker
The circuit breaker has an overload protection function that can operate with current. But the contact is covered by the arc extinguishing device, the break point is not visible.
Q:How to switch from the circuit breaker switch button, the difference is short circuit protection or overload protection?
Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker. Leakage protector leakage protection is the effect of two different products is different. In any case, I seriously bored at home to reply to your question, hope to help you!
Q:How to look at the circuit breaker capacity is how much?
The rated breaking current of the circuit breaker is three times the root number of the product of the rated voltage, that is, the blocking capacity.
Q:Double control switch circuit diagram
In the bedroom you can also have a switch to control the living room lights. The same in the factory in the face of a motor control is very common two things
Q:Is the isolator and circuit breaker able to switch to each other?
such as the use of broken break with a visible breaking point of the circuit breaker, may not be isolated Switch "disconnector can be replaced by a short circuit (technical information can be accessed)
Q:What is the difference between the leakage switch and the general switch?
screws can be fixed, easy disassembly is conducive to maintenance maintenance.
Q:How is the circuit breaker different from the air circuit breaker?
Transformer, line capacitance current and other small load), knife fuse switch is a switch and fuse combination of electrical appliances,
Q:How long does the circuit breaker last?
Functional switchgear is the use of not only has a switching function, but also has other special features of the switch (such as circuit breakers, speed switches, delay switches, etc.) control of electrical appliances

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