solid color pvc flooring for children / Pure Color Cmmercial Vinyl Flooring

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10000 m²/month

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Product Description:



PVC virgin material


2mm, 3mm, 8mm

Wear layer





Customized design


1 sqm

2.Certifications: CE,ISO14001, ISO9001,CTI.

1) PVC material,eco-friendly,safe,soft,comfortable

2) Super wear resistance,durable,long service time
3) Customized design, personalized cartoons

4) An-slip,injury prevention

5)Shock proof and noise absorption 
6) Easy installation and cleaning

7) Play function and educational.

8) Waterproof,moistureproof,anti-bacterial,fire resistance.


Kindergarten,school, parent-child center, children study/sleeping rooms,children activity/ library/ health recovery and training rooms,house corridors, halls and other grounds for children living and studying.

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Q:looking for a really cheap floor?
try a flooring store and ask them if the have any left over from a job it might be cheaper
Q:floor jack vs hydraulic jacks?
Bottle Jack Vs Floor Jack
Q:pergo floor lost sheen?
I know Zep hardwood and laminate floor cleaner will help bring back a shine. it sold at Home Depot. mist it on leave it for 5mins then wipe it off
Q:How do the wood floor be polished by a stool?
Is not some white, give you a small way to try, buy the smallest sandpaper polished, and then on the point varnish!
Q:Floor molding falling out in mobile home?
How old is your trailer? Over the course of decades of time the flexing your particle board subfloor gets from your walking on it causes it to breakdown.
Q:Doing workouts on bedroom floor?
not at all, its just a matter if you feel comfortable enough doing it on the floor, when i do i usually like to lay a shirt down to rest my back ontop of
Q:How much wieght can my floor hold ?
The only way you can find out is to have a structural engineer calculate the load at the particular place you will be setting the tank. That being said, its probably a waste of time and money to have an engineer come to your home. You might as well just add some extra support in the basement. You can use 4x4s or jack posts. Its easier to use jack posts. You will need 4 posts and I would use a double 2x8 to create two beams to run in between the two sets of posts. You want each beam to be directly under the legs of the tank stand. This will give you more than enough support for your tank.
Q:Solid wood flooring Which brand is better?
Solid wood flooring in accordance with the structure of the sub-probably can be divided into two, one for the three solid wood (three: 3-5 mm on the surface of the precious hardwood layer) for the multi-layer solid wood (surface 0.3-0.5 mm precious wood veneer , The other more than 7 layers for the criss-cross the mixed wood glued together); through the above you probably also see to understand, in these two inside, it is clear three layers, obviously the surface of the fine trees are much higher than the thickness Multi-layer, so this floor is quasi-high-end floor; and more than 7 layers, whether it is 9 or 11 layers, the relative cost is much lower, so in the low-end; good letter chxr1
Q:Can I lay a new vinyl flooring over the previous vinyl floor in the bathroom?
You r right , i do not advise to flooring vinyl sheet over another because ..Vinyl flooring is destructible, can have snag and rip it , if there's even the slightest void in the subfloor beneath it. With sheet vinyl, eliminating damage requires fusing the surface or patching in new material. Small cuts and scratches can be permanently fused with liquid seam sealer, a clear compound that's available wherever vinyl flooring is sold. Clean the area with a soft cloth that's dipped in lacquer thinner, then squeeze in a thin bead of sealer. After the sealer has dried, the repair will be virtually invisible. For tears or burns, you'll have to cut out the damaged area and glue in a replacement patch; this type of work requires an extra piece of identical flooring and a technique called double cutting ...Now You r ready for new flooring .... Hope u will enjoy your new vinyl flooring.
Q:What is clean for composite flooring?
1, to strengthen the composite floor how to carry out daily maintenance? Strengthen the daily maintenance of composite flooring is very simple and easy. Usually mainly remove the surface dust, and regularly clean stubborn stains. The floor can be cleaned with a semi-dry wet cloth, but the rag should not be too wet. 2, the floor if damaged can repair it? If only a small surface damage, you can use repair materials. If it is relatively large seam, you can use filler. Good floor brand, even if this repair material or filler are done very fine. 3, when cleaning with what kind of maintenance agent is better? In general, the laminate flooring with a general floor cleaning agent on the long-term use, the floor surface is easy to form a layer of film, so clean the best in the water to add the appropriate cleaning agent. If you often walk on the floor, or if the child often plays or draws on it, or if the family has a pet, then the situation is more likely to occur

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