Solid Coaxial Radio Frequence Cable

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Product Description:

Solid Coaxial Radio Frequence Cable

Product Description



 The product is suitable for radio communication, broadcasting, signal-transmission for relevant electronic facilities, branch line and subscriber line for closed-circuit TV common antenna TV system, and other electronic units.


Executive Standard

 The product is manufactured according to SJ standard of

Ministry of Electronics Industry


Types and Designation




Solid type PE insulated PVC. sheathed coaxial radio-frequency cable


Solid type exhaustive-fluorinated-ethylene-propylene insulated coaxial radio-frequency cable


Solid type polytetrafluorethylene insulated and sheathed coaxial radio-frequency cable  


Type, size and technical feature

 1. For SYV series, see table 1

 2. For SF46F series, see table 2

 3. For SFF series, see table 3

 4. Explanation:

 (1) Insulation outer diameter and characteristic resistance are rated values;

 (2) Expressing method for type and size is "type-Characteristic resistance-Insulation outer diameter".

Operational Performances



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Metal rail or metal tank within the total cross-sectional area of the wire should not exceed 40% of its cross-sectional area, and the metal box containing the flow of wire should not exceed 30 16mm² wire diameter of 8mm, plus the maximum cross-sectional area after the insulation are: 502mm²; truncated area = (502 × 2) / 40% = 251mm ²; trunking a × b = 251/12 ≈ 209mm, × 12 of the trough as well
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That the original connection in the USB device line can not be changed, can not be extended.
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FireWire is red, the blue line is blue. Ground is yellow and green. Three-phase socket, usually on the left and right to the right fire. Usually we will phase the current phase difference of 120 degrees wire called FireWire. Three-phase power of the three tail together called "zero line". The ground wire is the line connecting the earth to the earth.

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