Solar street light controller with two time setting+PWM

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(1)adopt advanced MCU design,  conforming PWM charging controlling technology, with strong reliability and anti-disturb capability.
(2)Adopt solar energy as power source without waste of regular energy.
(3)Perfect protective and temperature compensate function to prevent the battery from over 
voltage or shortvoltage. 
(4)With perfect capability, to protect acid battery from over discharge
(5)It can restart electrodeless lamp, the controller can restart itself to make sure electrdeless lamp under   normal working status when electrodeless lamp is not able to turn on
(6)work under diferent surroundings.
(7)Memory function: startup load mode and main circuit’s working time can be reached by setting with outer keys. After setting, the time will be saved in memorizer. The data will not disappear even battery is disconnected with controller.

Technical parameter

MODEL                                            SKC05        SKC10          SKC15         SKC20 panel current                    5A              10A              15A             20A
Max.load current                              5A              10A              15A             20A
Use voltage                                     12V/24V,automatic recognition   
No-load current                                ≤6 mA  
Overvoltage protection of battery      17V(12V), 34V/24V; 
Ambient temperature range:           -35℃--+55℃  
Boost voltage                                   14.6V(12V), 29.2V/(24V) 
Equalization voltage                         14.4V(12V),  28.8/(24V)
Float voltage                                    13.6V(12V),  27.2V/(24V)
Recharge voltage                             13.2V(12V); 26.4/(24V);
Temperature compensation               5mv/℃/2V
Undervoltage of battery                    12V(12V);    24V/(24V)
Low voltage disconnect                     11V(12V);   22/24V;  
Load reconnect voltage                     12.6V(12V),   25.2/(24V)
Charge control mode                        PWM  

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Q:The principle of solar controller
Principle: solar panels are photovoltaic equipment (the main part of the semiconductor material), it occurs after the light generated by the photoelectric effect of current. Supplement: the role of solar controller: control the work of the entire system state, and the battery played a charge protection, over discharge protection role. In the larger temperature difference, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. Other additional functions such as light control switches, time control switches should be optional controller.
Q:Solar water heater all intelligent controller how to install
The controller can also control the electric heating. When the electric heating key is pressed, the controller turns on the power of the electric heater 7 and the electric heater operates until the user specifies the temperature. When the temperature drops below the specified temperature 3-5 degrees, the controller restarts the electric heating and heats the water to the specified temperature. Users can also specify the heating time, at a time, the temperature of the solar water tank can not reach the set temperature, the controller will turn on the electric heater, the water tank to the water set to the temperature so far. The controller also has a protective effect, and when the water level drops to a certain point, the electric heating stops until the water level rises above that point. (Usually 50% of the water level).
Q:Solar controller water level display is not correct how to do
Re-adjust the water level to control, choose their own water.
Q:How the solar panels with the controller
Battery status indication: When the battery voltage is in the normal range, the status indicator (2) is green; if the status indicator is green slow flashing; when the battery voltage drops to undervoltage, the status indicator turns orange; when the battery When the voltage continues to decrease to the overdischarge voltage, the status indicator (2) turns red, and the controller will automatically turn off the output to remind the user to replenish the power in time. When the battery voltage returns to the normal operating range, the output enable action will be automatically enabled and the status indicator (2) will turn green;
Q:What is the use of solar controller
Communication function. ① simple instructions function; ② protocol communication functions, such as RS485 Ethernet, wireless and other forms of background management;
Q:A solar controller 12v20A battery 12v 20A Will the need for a few watts of solar panels can be normal charge
Solar controller is called solar charge and discharge controller, is used in solar power system, the control of multi-channel solar cell battery charging and battery to the solar inverter load power supply automatic control equipment.
Q:Choose a solar controller which need to have a few conditions
And some electrical function must be necessary. In one is from the manufacturer, the best choice of more formal relatively large manufacturers, and now the market is too messy. Stability is one, after the sale is also a.
Q:How the solar controller wiring,
Controller (English name: controller) refers to the order in the order to change the main circuit or control circuit wiring and change the circuit resistance value to control the motor start, speed, braking and reverse the master device. It consists of a program counter, an instruction register, an instruction decoder, a timing generator and an operation controller. It is a "decision maker" that issues a command to complete the coordination and command of the operation of the entire computer system.
Q:Solar water heater controller power screen is not displayed
Probably the relay is burned out
Q:What is the power of the solar controller?
For example: 12V10A controller, then the solar panel over the current is not more than 10A, the solar panel power is not more than 120W, useful DC load, then the DC load is not more than 80W

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