Solar street light controller with two time setting+PWM

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(1)adopt advanced MCU design,  conforming PWM charging controlling technology, with strong reliability and anti-disturb capability.
(2)Adopt solar energy as power source without waste of regular energy.
(3)Perfect protective and temperature compensate function to prevent the battery from over 
voltage or shortvoltage. 
(4)With perfect capability, to protect acid battery from over discharge
(5)It can restart electrodeless lamp, the controller can restart itself to make sure electrdeless lamp under   normal working status when electrodeless lamp is not able to turn on
(6)work under diferent surroundings.
(7)Memory function: startup load mode and main circuit’s working time can be reached by setting with outer keys. After setting, the time will be saved in memorizer. The data will not disappear even battery is disconnected with controller.

Technical parameter

MODEL                                            SKC05        SKC10          SKC15         SKC20 panel current                    5A              10A              15A             20A
Max.load current                              5A              10A              15A             20A
Use voltage                                     12V/24V,automatic recognition   
No-load current                                ≤6 mA  
Overvoltage protection of battery      17V(12V), 34V/24V; 
Ambient temperature range:           -35℃--+55℃  
Boost voltage                                   14.6V(12V), 29.2V/(24V) 
Equalization voltage                         14.4V(12V),  28.8/(24V)
Float voltage                                    13.6V(12V),  27.2V/(24V)
Recharge voltage                             13.2V(12V); 26.4/(24V);
Temperature compensation               5mv/℃/2V
Undervoltage of battery                    12V(12V);    24V/(24V)
Low voltage disconnect                     11V(12V);   22/24V;  
Load reconnect voltage                     12.6V(12V),   25.2/(24V)
Charge control mode                        PWM  

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Q:The principle of solar controller
In fact, is a power management. Solar controllers are divided into different types of applications, but are basically controlled by solar charging and battery discharge management.
Q:What are the solar controller models?
This situation is best to contact the manufacturers, generally have PDF version of the manual. You can contact the manufacturer to an electronic version of the manual.
Q:Solar controller one machine how
4LED display status, dual digital display mode of operation (a key operation intuitive, with power saving mode); can also be compatible with 12V system and 24V system (fully compatible) LED lamp operating current size, that is, the first period of work adjustable power ; The second time period, the third time period the power size adjustable, adjustable range of 10% -90%; the first time period, the second time period, the third time period, before dawn lights time adjustable; Tune, that is, after a few days after the delay in time to turn on the lights.
Q:Solar controller red light flashing
Solar controller flashing red light according to the different brands of the representative of the meaning of the controller are not the same, but in general terms, the red light flashing a saying that the battery is charging the battery is expressed as a red light flashing, green , The yellow light does not shine; another kind is the battery high pressure state or battery low voltage state that is red light flashing, green light does not light, hope to help you
Q:How does the solar controller set up Sheung Shui?
Click the timer key, there are addition and subtraction keys can be set, the specific I did not use Norit big, do not know, you still consult their customer service department, the instructions should also have.
Q:Solar panels for solar panels
Using the series PWM charging the main circuit, so that the charging circuit voltage loss than the use of diode charging circuit reduced by nearly half, the charging efficiency of 3% -6% higher than non-PWM, increased power consumption; over discharge recovery to enhance the charge, Normal direct charge, float the automatic control mode so that the system from a longer life; at the same time with high precision temperature compensation; intuitive LED LED indicates the current battery status, allowing users to understand the use of the situation; all control all use industrial chip ( Only with I industrial controller), in the cold, high temperature, humid environment to run freely. At the same time the use of crystal timing control, timing control accuracy.
Q:What is the use of solar controller
Communication function. ① simple instructions function; ② protocol communication functions, such as RS485 Ethernet, wireless and other forms of background management;
Q:A solar controller 12v20A battery 12v 20A Will the need for a few watts of solar panels can be normal charge
Solar controller uses high-speed CPU microprocessor and high-precision A / D analog-to-digital converter, is a computer data acquisition and monitoring and control system. It can collect the working data of the PV station in real time, obtain the working information of the PV station at any time, and accumulate the historical data of the PV station in detail, and provide the accurate and reliable evaluation of the reliability of the PV system design and the reliability of the quality of the inspection system Full basis. In addition, the solar controller also has a serial communication data transmission function, can be a number of photovoltaic systems sub-station for centralized management and remote control.
Q:Solar water heater controller power screen is not displayed
May be the screen power supply circuit is broken, it is best to ask the professional repair under.
Q:What is the power of the solar controller?
The solar controller is represented by the maximum available current

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