Solar Street Light 40W and Save Energy-2015 New Products

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Solar Lantern

The lamp is made by whole aluminum die casting,the model is succeed shaped in first time, after precision polishing then electrostatic spraying,transmitting cover is made by toughened glass.  


A.Patent pending integrated design.
B.Solar powered outdoor lighting.
C.Easy installation. No cable needed.
D.Using lithium battery to prolong product life and protect enviroment.
E.Light output can be adjusted automatically by a built-in infrared sensor.
F. Modularity design. Easy assemble and mantenance.
G. Compact volume and light weight design saves freight cost and installation cost.
H. Rust-proof, dustproof and waterproof.
J.Safety and reliablity.
K.Three years warranty.


All in one solar street light can be installed within 5 min by two people without any heavy equipment and tools. Since we put

1. High efficiency Solar Panel

2. 5-year long life Lithium Battery ( the same with Hybrid Electric Vehicle battery, the drive battery not the startBattery)

3. high light LED Lamp

4. intelligent Controller

5. PIR human body induction module

6. installing support of Thievery Prevention    all together


Integrated Solar Street Light(40W)

Solar panel

Max Power

18v 60w(high efficiency monocrystalline silicon)

Life Time

25 years



Lithium battery 24AH

Life Time

5 years

Led lamp(with sensor)

Max Power

12v 40w

Led chip brand

Bridgelux from USA with high brightness



Life Time

50000 hours

Lamps material of main

Aluminium Alloy

Charge time

6 hours(by sun)

Discharge time

more than 10 hours(full power)

more than 24 hours (half power)



Warranty period

2 years

Packing& Weight

Product/Packing Size

1150*330*140mm/1190*400*220 mm

Product/Packing Weight


Packing Box


Carton Size

1190*400*220 mm


1 sets/carton

GW.for Carton


Packs Containers


270 pcs


550 pcs

Solar Street Light 40W and Save Energy-2015 New Products

Solar Street Light 40W and Save Energy-2015 New Products

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Q:Solar lights do not always open but charge every day, the battery will be bad
Working principle: the use of photovoltaic effect of the principle of solar cells, solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and converted into electrical energy output, through the charge and discharge controller stored in the battery, the night when the illumination gradually reduced to about 101ux, solar panels
Q:Introduction of solar lights is
LED light source, the general use of LED lamp beads, led lamp beads without filament, mercury and other harmful substances, life of up to 50,000 hours.
Q:The working principle of solar lamps
Aluminum alloy lamp column is made of aluminum alloy, belong to the metal material, so the correct statement; B. nitrogen chemical nature is not lively, can be used for protection in the bulb, so the correct statement; C. organic synthesis materials must have three characteristics
Q:What are the problems of LED solar lights such as high damage rate and low brightness
At present there are more solar LED lighting solar street lamp battery, the battery itself is not what the problem is, the most important is the unreasonable allocation of the battery capacity is low, the lighting time constant, but the capacity of the battery, battery life cycles to increase very reduced, life expectancy of 3 years may be the standard battery in 1 years later or 2 years later on a big problem.
Q:What are the advantages of solar led street light?
The advantages of solar street light led: 1, LED solar street light using solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity, solar energy as a green new energy, "inexhaustible, inexhaustible." Make full use of solar energy resources, to alleviate the conventional energy shortage situation has a positive meaning.
Q:The development trend of solar lights
The use of solar photovoltaic power generation is the trend of energy use irreversible.
Q:What is the working principle of solar lighting?
Solar energy into electricity, stored in the battery inside. Battery pack to the lamp (usually LED lights)
Q:How long can a solar street light be used?
small plant life shorter, to 3 years 5 years the actual capacity of the battery than the initial capacity to reduce a lot, replace a battery price Not too high, then where the purchase can be replaced. The fourth controller, the controller price is relatively low more than 100 dollars, the service life of 5 years or so, and finally part of the poles, most companies are currently available for you are hot-dip galvanized spray poles, by 10,20 Year will not be damaged.
Q:How to handmade a small solar light
Simple solar energy system, individuals can produce, including a solar power system, the most easy, but to buy a silicon photovoltaic panels, installed, the sun a sun there is electricity, and need to be more perfect, with the controller, inverter Wait. Can also buy some silicon photovoltaic cells themselves into a variety of shapes of the board. Low-power, power grid what energy,
Q:What are the components of the solar street light
Solar lamps are fully automatic and do not require trenching, but the poles need to be mounted on the embedded parts (concrete base).

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