Solar Street Light 120W High-power with Solar Energy

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Solar Street 

With the growing of world energy shortage, due to the environmental protection and energy saving ,solar power is become more and more appreciated by people, solar Street lamp usage is higher than before . With the development of solar technologies , solar street lamps will occupy a share of the market by its unique characteristics.


 The development of solar street light is a typical manifestation of solar power generation technology, there is a strong momentum of rapid development as well as advocate for energy conservation and emission reduction to support clean renewable energy in a direction with various solar street lights. With the development and industrialized by solar street lampit

Certainly increase the risk and competition in the industry because of more and more people join the promotion of solar lighting.


We all know the important factors which influencing enterprise development is fierce market competition and the bottleneck of the development of the industry the new technology  break bottlenecks to reduce costs is in front of the industry. Recently Okorder invented solar-powered street light controllers and street lamp dedicate controller successfully, besides it break through the challenges of solar lights and LED street light control problems.


Solar Street lamp dedicated controller is designed for solar and DC lighting system, it uses the monolithic integrated circuit control and unit the in-line type PWM main circuit of the recharging to achieve the intelligent control. Use all operations and settings by double bond type tact switch. Accomplish the functions like short circuit, overload, protected against reverse polarity, overcharge and over discharge protection, automatic shutdown with automatic recovery and solar power complementary.


The  controller use the computer chips to control the charging voltage, charging current, battery of end voltage, discharge current environment temperature of solar panelsit achieved control the temperature compensation in line with the characteristics of the battery charge and discharge, Through the efficient PWM battery of charging mode to make sure that battery and lamps work in best, extended battery and lamps of using life greatly, improve the efficiency of the battery charging and light circuit .The controller also has a variety of output modes to selected.  The light controller consideration of all the circumstances when it designed and it can be adjusted to the requirements of light power and time period.


With technologies improve in solar conversion and solar Street lamp controller, owing to the updated and reduce the cost of the new light source, solar Street lamp will give us a broader prospect and a more beautiful city.


  • With solar energy, design based on 5.0kWh, 10-12h lighting time*3-4 overcast days

  • Power: 120W

  • Luminous flux: 14400lm

  • PV module: high efficiency 240W x 2 pieces

  • Gelled battery capacity: maintenance-free 250Ah x 2 pieces

  • Control system: 24V, 20A automatic by microcomputer

  • Lighting hours: 10 to 12 hours/day x 3 to 4 overcast days

  • Pole material: Q235, ( hot-dip galvanized & plastic coating on the external surface )

  • Resistance to wind: 150kph

  • Pole height: 10-12m

  • Diameter: Ø80x185mm

  • Thickness: 4.0mm

  • Certifications: CE, ISO 9001,ISO14001, SGS, SONCAP, FCC and CCC

  • RoHS Directive-compliant


120W High-power LED Street Light with Solar Energy

FOB Shanghai $1380.00/set

Under Condition: 5.0kWh, 10 to 12 hours * 3 to 4 overcast nights

Solar Panel:
Lifespan: 20 to 25 years

240W*2 pieces for 24V lighting
Crystalline silicon and high efficiency
Adding aluminum frame and tempered glass

Maintenance-free Gelled Battery
Lifespan: 5 to 8 years

250Ah/12V/*2 pieces, sealed type, gelled
Deep cycle, Maintenance-free

Intelligent Solar Controller
Lifespan: 5 to 10 years

20A/24V, automatic light and time control
Overcharging/over discharging protection
Reverse-connection protection
Switch on automatically with light sensor
Switch off after 11 hours later

Light Source: high-power LED
Lifespan: more than 80,000 to 100,000 hours

120W LED, cool white 14400lm, 6500K, IP65
High-power and high brightness

Lamp Housing:
Lifespan: more than 20 years

Die-cast aluminum, IP65
High transmittance and density toughened glass

Battery Box
Lifespan: more than 20 years

Engineering plastic, underground of pole
Waterproof and heat dissipative


Armored cable, includes weather-protective cable glands

Steel Pole System

10m height, steel, hot-dipped galvanized
Plastic coating, rust-proof
Resistance to Wind: ≥150kph
Pole, arm, solar panel brackets, screws and cable
Working Temperature: -30 to 70°C

System Certifications

RoHS Directive-compliant

Warranty Time

2 years for full system

Payment Terms

L/C at sight or 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment or against copy of B/L

Price Validity

30 days after quoting date

Solar Street Light 120W High-power  with Solar Energy


1, What’s price per product ?

A: It’s depends on the quantity, delivery date and payment terms of the order. We can talk further about the detail price issue. Our products is high quality with lower price level.

2, How to make payment?

We accept T/T or L/C.

3, What is your lead time?

Generally 1-5 weeks depends on the order quantity and your specific requirements.

4, Can you do OEM for us?

Yes, we can.

5, How do you pack your products?

We have rich experience on how to pack the panels to make sure the safety on shipment when it arrives at the destination.

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Q:What is the principle of solar panels work?
light - heat - electric conversion method through the use of solar radiation generated by thermal energy, usually by the solar collector will absorb the heat into the refrigerant refrigerant, and then drive the turbine power generation. The previous process is the light-heat conversion process; the latter process is the thermo-electrical conversion process.
Q:Can cold light make solar panels power
The drawback of solar thermal power generation is that the efficiency is low and the cost is high, At least 5 to 10 times more expensive than ordinary thermal power plants.
Q:Single crystal solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels
monocrystalline silicon market share and a slight increase, and now the market to see the majority of single-crystal silicon cells. Monocrystalline silicon solar cell silicon crystal is very perfect, its optical, electrical and mechanical properties are very uniform, the color of the battery is mostly black or dark, especially for small pieces of small pieces of consumer products.
Q:What is the main material for making solar panels?
You can also according to their own needs, according to the power to buy a good package of solar photovoltaic products.
Q:Polycrystalline solar panels are good or single crystal solar energy is good
From the cost of production, than the monocrystalline silicon solar cells to be cheaper, easy to manufacture materials, saving power consumption, the total cost of production is low, so get a lot of development. In addition, the polysilicon solar cell life than monocrystalline silicon solar cells shorter. From the performance and price ratio, monocrystalline silicon solar cells also slightly better.
Q:The voltage and power problems of solar panels
In general, the charging voltage is 1.5 times the battery voltage as well, that is 12V battery pack, select the 18V solar panels just.
Q:What is the principle and structure of solar panels?
solar controller: the role of solar controller is to control the working state of the entire system, and the battery played a charge protection, over discharge protection role. In the larger temperature difference, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. Other additional functions such as light control switch, time control switch should be the option of the controller;
Q:How many solar panels have ah?
But in reality, the need for solar panel power and solar charger to find a balance in the portability. It is generally believed that the minimum power of the solar charger can not be less than 0.75w, and the secondary power solar panel produces 140mA of current under standard light. In the general sunlight generated by the current at 100mA or so, if less than the secondary power charging current is too small,
Q:What is the working principle of solar panels?
the material is easy to industrial production and material performance and stability.
Q:Solar panels single crystal and double crystal in the rain which is easy to use
Polycrystalline silicon solar cell production process and monocrystalline silicon solar cell almost, but the polysilicon solar cell photoelectric conversion efficiency will have to reduce a lot of its photoelectric conversion efficiency of about 12% (July 1, 2004 Japan Sharp market efficiency of 14.8% Of the world 's most efficient polysilicon solar cells).

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