Solar Power Inverter CE Approved EP1000 with Competitive Price

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$53.00 - 69.00 / unit
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China main port
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
50 unit
Supply Capability:
1000 unit/month

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Product Description:


Main for home and office Appliance such as TV,refrigerator,fan,lights,computer etc.
1.User selectable for accepting wider input voltage.
2.Rack Tower design, high Frequency, off mode charging.
3.Compact size for convenient use and storage.
4.Built-in from 8Amp super charger up to 100Ah battery.
5.Small scale and cost effective inverter for home appliances and office equipments
6.Three – steps Three – steps intelligent charging control to recharging time.
NEW Function:10A/20A charging current adjustable .

Four new panel for your reference

Front panel & Sockets


Inside Structure

Rated Capacity 






120V Models

230V Models 

Nominal Voltage 

110V/115V/120V Selectable 

220V/230V/240V Selectable 

Input Frequency

47Hz ~ 65Hz,  50/60Hz Auto-Sensing 


95%(Normal Mode) 

Noise Filtering 

Full Time EMI/RFI Filtering 

Over Current Protection 

By Re-Settable Over Current Protector 

Voltage Range 

90 - 145VAC Or 170-280VAC ( Narrow Range )
50-145VAC / 90-280VAC (Wide Range) 

Surge Protection 

324 Joules 


Rated Power




Output Voltage

100V/110V/115V/120V Selectable 

220V/230V/240v selectable 

Voltage Waveform

Modified Sine Wave

Crest Factor 


Output Frequency (Synchronized-Mains) 

Auto Select For 50/60Hz 47Hz ~ 55Hz For 50Hz Nominal; 56Hz ~ 65Hz For 60Hz Nominal 

Regulation(Battery Mode) 

10% -18% 

Transfer Time 

15ms Typical 50ms Max 


Over Load, Discharge, Overcharged 

Battery Type 

Lead-Acid 12V 25Ah  ~ 250Ah 


500VA/1000VA :DC12V ; 2000VA :DC24V 

Backup Time 

Depend On Battery 

Charging Method 

3 Steps Super Charge Mode 

Charging Current 

10A-20A Adjustable Charge Current


Over Current Protection Over Charging Voltage Protection  (No More Than 15V) Deep Discharge,  Overload Protection 

Communications & Management 

Control Panel(LCD Indicator) 

Input & Output Voltage, Battery Capacity,
Load Capacity,  Frequency, Line Mode, Battery Mode 

Audible Alarm 

Low Battery 

Sounding Every 2 Seconds 


Sounding Every 0.5 Second 


Continuously Sounding 

Environment And Safety 

Operating Environment 

0~40 Degrees Centigrade, 0 - 90% Non Condensing 


-15℃ To 55℃ (5℉ To 131℉) D39

Operating Altitude 

0 ~ 3000 Meters

Audible Noise 


Safety Markings 


Quality Control System 

ISO 9001 


Dimensions (H×D×W) 



1.6/2 (Kg)

2/2.3 (Kg) 

2.2/2.6 (Kg) 





provides a 1~3 year limited warranty (“Warranty”) against defects in materials and workmanship for its Uninterruptible power supply, Power inverter/chargers, Solar charge controllers, Battery Products (“Product”).

The term of this Warranty begins on the Product(s) initial purchase date, or the date of receipt of the Product(s) by the end user, whichever is later. This must be indicated on the invoice, bill of sale, and/or warranty registration card submitted to MUST-Solar. This Warranty applies to the original MUST-Solar Product purchaser, and is transferable only if the Product remains installed in the original use location.



1. How do I decide which system is right for me ?

For protection from long outages, include a generator or solar panels in your Must solar system. Shorter outages can be handled by a battery-only system.

2. Where my system will be installed ?

Must solar systems are usually wall-mounted near a home's main electrical (circuit breaker) panel.

3. How do I install my system ?

A must solar backup inverter is connected to a home electric system , we will supply detailed installation manual and videos for our customers .



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Q:In a photovoltaic grid-connected project, the role of the inverter is to convert the voltage into AC 220V or 380V for the grid, since the transformer will raise the voltage again
Part of the distributed grid-connected projects, the basic are "spontaneous use, the power of the Internet," these do not need to boost, because the extra power is actually consumed by the surrounding electricity users, do not boost to a Level power grid;
Q:Installation and maintenance of photovoltaic grid - connected inverter
only when the local power sector permission by the professional and technical personnel to complete all the electrical connection before the inverter can be connected.
Q:What is the difference between a grid-connected inverter and an off-grid inverter? What are the advantages of a hybrid inverter?
Offline generally need energy storage, not to send energy to the Internet. Grid has no right to interfere.
Q:Solar grid inverter does not merge into the grid, direct access to the load to the load power supply?
Which depends on the grid inverter in the absence of the grid there is no independent operation of the function of the general grid inverter is the current type, only responsible for the power to the grid, the voltage is maintained by the grid,
Q:How the output voltage of the PV inverter and the grid-connected voltage are determined
supply through the cable to the battery. The use of household appliances connected to the power converter output can be used in the car a variety of electrical appliances. The available electrical appliances are: mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, cameras, lights, electric razors, CD players, game consoles, handheld computers, power tools, car refrigerators and various tourism, camping, medical emergency appliances Wait.
Q:PV grid-connected inverter can directly load it?
TL5001 operating voltage range of 3.6 ~ 40V, its internal with an error amplifier, a regulator, oscillator, a dead zone control PWM generator, low voltage protection circuit and short circuit protection circuit
Q:PV grid-connected inverter and independent inverter in the control of what is the difference
The independent inverter in the output voltage phase amplitude of the frequency control is initially set good. Independent inverter, you should refer to off-grid inverter, do not need to consider the grid situation.
Q:Is the PV inverter a current source or a voltage source?
Photovoltaic inverter, also known as power regulator, according to the inverter in the use of photovoltaic power generation system can be divided into two kinds of independent power supply and grid.
Q:The function of photovoltaic grid - connected inverter
Finally, a sinusoidal AC output for a grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is generated by a low-pass filter.
Q:What is the difference between low voltage grid connection and medium voltage grid connection?
For photovoltaic power plants when the power system accidents or disturbances caused by photovoltaic power plant grid voltage drop, in a certain voltage drop range and time interval, the photovoltaic power plant can ensure that non-off-line continuous operation.

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