solar portable mobile system, solar multi-function lighting system, solar home system, outdoor light

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1, Max output: 20W

2, 14.8V 7Ah Lithium battery

3, 4*12V DC output

4, 4*3W LED bulbs (300lm), 2 brightness ;evels, up to 5 hours lighting time for 4 lamps, up to 18 hours lighting time for 1 lamp.

5, 1* 5V/2A DC USB port for Iphones/Tablets/USB fan

6, 1 *19.5V DC output for Laptops/12V Lead-acid batetry charger

7, Car battery jump starter for 20 times

8, LCD display to monitor the battery level

9, 1 year Warranty

Lighting Option:

Fan Option:




This is the multi-function solar system, not only charger from solar panel, it can charge from AC and DC charge as well, for outdoor and indoor using, very easy and good product, its very light, we used Lithium battery, very small, so its easy to take out, the main important it can start the car battery for 20 times after full charge. this small system not only for lighting, also can charge the Laptop and 12V Lead-acid battery, not only charge for mobile phones, als can charge Ipad.

just buy one small kit, can work for many things, will you think about it?

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Q:Solar cell phone charger can not charge what is the reason
try to clean up the phone to run the background and then charge.
Q:Solar cell phone charger solar panels
Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electricity. It is filled with lead-like lead plate as a negative electrode, filled with lead dioxide lead dioxide as a positive electrode, and with 1.28% dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte
Q:Solar charge treasure and ordinary charge treasure, which is better
If not a long time (3 days or more) are outdoors, then recommend the use of mobile power, buy a large capacity like ~ ~ ~
Q:The Structure Principle of Solar Charger
The conversion efficiency of solar panels, as the name implies, refers to the efficiency of light energy conversion into electricity; and the secondary conversion efficiency refers to the efficiency of light energy
Q:Can the solar charger be charged in the light?
the principle of photoelectric effect. The reason why called the battery, meaning that the device in the light conditions will produce electricity.
Q:Do you have a solar charger?
Although the solar mobile power in the moment is no longer a new term, compared with the lithium battery power supply has its own advantages, but also a large part of the widely used mobile phone users. However, the solar mobile power or mainly rely on freshness to attract people's attention, the advantage is not obvious, from the practical and current technical terms, the quality is very general, slow charging, power conversion rate is low.
Q:What about the solar charger?
Using solar charging. The charger will be placed in the direct sunlight, the solar energy will be converted into electricity to the charger built-in lithium battery charge, then charge indicator light, that is charging; in the case of relatively weak sunlight,
Q:Does the solar charger have a role? Can charge a few mobile phones
Solar charger has a role, can give a few mobile phone charging depends on the size of the conversion rate of the charger itself.
Q:Can a solar charger be charged for a cloudy day?
due to the factory, each charger within the power is inconsistent, so the initial use of charging or discharge time will be different.
Q:Solar charger how to do?
Generally only assembled solar charger, buy devices, assembly, commissioning, use. Buy the device, but also constitute the solar panels, the controller, according to your output requirements,

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