Solar Panel 5WATT-300WATT Mono Solar Cell

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China main port
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100 watt
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10000 watt/month

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Solar panel 5W-300W mono solar cell

Solar Module Summarize

Solar Module is the core part of solar PV power systems,also is the highest value part of it. The function of Solor Module is to convert the sun's radiation to electrical energy, or transfer it to battery and store in it, or to drive the load running.
The Product has been widely used in space and ground, it mainly used for power generation systems, charging systems, road lighting and traffic signs areas. It could offer a wide range of power and voltage, and with high conversion efficiency, and long service life.


Main Characteristic

Long Service Life
High Efficiency Solar Cells
Special Aluminum Frame Design
High Transmission, Low Iron Tempered Glass
Advanced Cell Encapsulation

Solar power stations
Rural electrification, Small home power systems
Power supply for traffic, security, gas industry
12V and 24V battery charging system
Other industrial and commercial application

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Solar Panel 5WATT-300WATT Mono Solar Cell

Solar Panel 5WATT-300WATT Mono Solar Cell

Solar Panel 5WATT-300WATT Mono Solar Cell



6Inch 2BB  Polycrystalline Multi Solar Cells Mono Solar Cell

For c-Si panel: 25years output warranty for no less than 80% of performance, 10 years output warranty for no less than  90% of performance. Free from material and workmanship defects within 5 years.

For a-Si panel: 20 years output warranty for no less than 80% of performance, 10 years output warranty for no less than 90% of performance. Free from material and workmanship defects within 2 years.

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Q:Manufacturers of solar wafers belong to the photovoltaic industry which specific industry classification below
There is no specific classificationPhotovoltaic industry can be divided into the upper and middle reaches of the upper reaches of the main silicon material, silicon products, the middle reaches of the main battery, components, the lower reaches of photovoltaic power generation
Q:What are the reasons for the phenomenon of monocrystalline silicon chip
Preventive measures are in the ultra clean environment, indirect or direct contact with the silicon process, can not have any metal objects, especially stainless steel, is determined not to appear. There's a silicon chip! It is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the chemical cleaning liquid, and the ratio is correct. Otherwise, it will also appear on the surface of the silicon wafer. Check polishing machine polishing head, calibration pressure. Also, there can not be bad to the silicon wafer, belonging to scrap wafers, shall be returned to the original factory to find the reasons.
Q:Hydrogen passivation mechanism of hydrogen fluoride HF in silicon wafer RCA cleaning process
0.5 ~ 1min in order to achieve the effect of removing the damage layer, at this timeCorrosion rate can reach 6 to 10um/min.In the polishing process to remove the damage layer on the basis to try to reduce, to prevent corrosion of the wafer was too thin.
Q:What are the difficulties of silicon wafer cutting?
During the cutting process, the wafer quality and rate of finished products played a major role in the grain type, viscosity of silicon carbide powder cutting fluid and particle size, the viscosity of mortar, mortar flow, steel wire speed and wire tension and workpiece feed speed.TTV: and TTV stria stria and is a headache in the wafer processing, from time to time there will be a knife, impossible to guard against. TTV is when the knife into the line, and is easy to appear in the time line bow.
Q:What are some of the silicon wafer factory
4 polycrystalline casting workshopassistantIngot casting and painting team leaderPolycrystalline operatorCrucible spray, auxiliarySubtotal5 cutting workshop directorDeputy directorassistantCut the monitorRoll monitorCutting and grinding operation staffMulti line monitorMulti line operatorViscose monitorViscose operatorMortar mixerMortar mixing operatorRecorderConsignorSubtotal
Q:Seeking for the video: manual insert silicon wafer single crystal insert method
In fact, this is very simple is not necessarily need to look at the video, the video I was there, but only a few seconds to insert the piece, there are a lot of things can not give you
Q:Ultrasonic cleaning cleaning silicon?
Yes, but it is said to be the frequency of the 1MHz cleaning machine. Is not an ordinary low-frequency 100K below the frequency of cleaning machine.
Q:The last time you gave me the answer to the silicon chip, I learned a lot
Mohs hardness: 9.Density: 4 (+0.10, 0.05) g/cm 3.Optical characteristics: inhomogeneous body, one axis crystal, negative light.Color: strong. Blue: blue, green and blue; green: green, yellow and green; yellow: yellow, orange, orange orange; orange; pink: pink, purple, purple, purple and pink.Refractive index: 1.762 ~ 1.770 (+0.009, 0.005).Birefringence: 0.008 ~ 0.010.Ultraviolet fluorescence: Blue: long: no Xeon, orange; HF: no to weak, orange.Pink: long: strong, weak, orange orange; short wave.Orange: No, long wave strong, orange.Yellow: long: no to, red orange, orange red to orange: weak short wave.Color: purple, long wave: no Xeon, red; HF: no to weak, red.Colorless: no to medium, red to orange.
Q:Why integrated circuit electronic devices should be integrated on silicon
First of all, the general circuit of the insulator, just a carrier, it plays the role of support and insulation. As for the integrated circuit, the bottom layer is called the substrate (generally P type semiconductor), is to participate in the work of integrated circuits. CMOS process, so the Nmos substrate are connected together, are the same substrate.
Q:What is a silicon wafer cutting edge material?
The cutting edge of silicon wafer is the cutting edge of the cutting machine. The utility model is mainly used for cutting silicon wafer and semiconductor wafer, and is one of the three consumable materials of silicon wire cutting at present

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