Solar On Grid Inverters, Grid Tied Solar Inverter

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Solar On Grid Inverters, Grid Tied Solar Inverter


Solar On Grid Inverter controls the whole system. Solar Inverters converts the DC current  produced by the solar array into AC current, then the Solar On Grid Inverters transfers AC current to the grid, and adjusts the operation point in real-time according to the variation of sunshine to realize the maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

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Technical Features

Adopting the dynamic VI MPPT method which has independent intellectual property; fast response and stable operation.A modified anti-islanding detection method can effectively shorten the detection time whilst keeping a high power quality, remove the obstacles to the grid, and suitable for a multi-inverter system.

Digital control with full automatic running, data storage and completely protective function.

Save the daily operating data automatically and consult the operating data for 8 years. It is convenient for statistics and analysis.

Dormancy function, save energy and reduce abrasion.

New design of anodized aluminum case; pretty appearance; perfect cooling and shielding.

Through optimization of the design, On Grid Inverters is adopted with free cooling instead of fans, and then the Solar Home will reduces the maintenance costs.

Light in weight, small in size, flexible installation.  

Product Specifications

DC Input
Max. Input Power1200 W1700W2300 W2800W3400W4500W5600W
Max. Open-Circuit Voltage400 V450 V
Recommended MPP Voltage Range160 ~ 320 V160 ~ 360 V
Max. Input Current7A8A10A11A12A16 A20A
Reverse Olarity ProtectionYes
Input Current Limit ProtectionYes
AC Output
Rated Output Power1000 W1500W2000 W2500W3000 W4000 W5000 W
Max. Output Power1100 W1650W2200 W2750W3300 W4400 W5500 W
Mains Voltage/Frequency230 V / 50Hz
Power Factor>0.99
Harmonic Distortion of Current< 4%
Max. Efficiency95.00%95.00%95.20%95.20%95.30%96.10%96.20%
Efficiency In Europe94.10%94.10%94.40%94.40%94.50%95.20%95.40%
Anti-Islanding ProtectionYes (with National Patent)
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
Common Data
IsolationNo transformer
Protection DegreeIP52
CoolingFree convection cooling
Operating Temperature-10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
Operating Humidity0 ~ 95 %
Communication InterfaceRS232/RS485
Dimensions(W*H*D)250*310*165mm250*310*200mm310 * 400 * 235 mm
Weight (KG)889.59.5101717.5
Applicable Safety StandardEN 50178
Grid MonitoringUL 1741,IEEE 929,VDE0126-1-1
Warranty Period5 years

Solar On Grid Inverters, Grid Tied Solar Inverter

Solar On Grid Inverters, Grid Tied Solar Inverter

Solar On Grid Inverters, Grid Tied Solar Inverter

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Q:Grid-connected inverter is generally divided into photovoltaic power generation grid-connected inverter, wind power grid-connected inverter, power equipment and grid-connected inverter and other power generation equipment power generation inverter.
Grid-connected inverter is generally used with large-scale photovoltaic power plant system, a lot of parallel PV string is connected to the same set of inverter DC input, the general power of the use of three-phase IGBT power module, power
Q:What is the difference between low voltage grid connection and medium voltage grid connection?
When the power grid failure or disturbance caused by the power supply and network voltage drop, in the voltage drop range, the power group can be uninterrupted through the inverter and network operation.
Q:Is the PV inverter a current source or a voltage source?
According to the waveform modulation method can be divided into square wave inverter, stepped wave inverter, sine wave inverter and modular three-phase inverter.
Q:Three-phase photovoltaic inverter grid, the use of phase-locked loop is what?
In addition to the function of converting DC current into alternating current, the inverter also has the maximum output tracking function (MPPT), overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, island protection, overheat protection, overload protection and DC grounding
Q:PV grid-connected inverter and independent inverter in the control of what is the difference
Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is the assembly of the DC into AC power for the use of load, or do not use the load, the inverter after the AC power to the city power grid, when the electricity outage, the inverter will automatically
Q:What is the difference between a PV grid-connected inverter and an off-grid inverter?
Offline generally need energy storage, not to send energy online. Power grid has no right to interfere.
Q:Installation and maintenance of photovoltaic grid - connected inverter
, any failure that affects the safety performance of the inverter must be immediately removed before turning on the inverter again.
Q:Solar grid inverter does not merge into the grid, direct access to the load to the load power supply?
Inverter is the DC power (battery, battery) into alternating current (usually 220V, 50Hz sine wave). It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit
Q:After the PV inverter, how to achieve the same period before the network?
Solar panel simulator: with MPPT function, simulated morning, noon, afternoon, evening, rainy weather, solar panels produced under different conditions in different voltages.
Q:Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter problem
The first zero line is the AC output. Any AC output of the inverter will have zero line, whether it is isolated or non-isolated. Isolation is the safety of high voltage inverters and regulators. 50KW above the inverter almost with the transformer.

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