Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor

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China main port
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111 pc
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100000 pc/month

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1. Inner packing: opp bag or color box
2. Outer packing: carton
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Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor

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pink rose

yellow rose


red rose

white rose


Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor

Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor


Company Information

China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) was established in 1984 with approval from the State Council, and then became a Central Enterprise under direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in 2003.Till the end of 2010, CNBM had set up more than 38 branches and 8 offices worldwide involving 28 countries and regions located over five continents around the world, and established import and export business relations with more than 120 countries and regions.At present, the Group has more than 60 overseas building material production lines, including completed ones and those under construction.

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Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor

Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor

Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor

Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor

Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival DecorSolar LED Flower Light for Garden Wedding Party Festival Decor

Products Advantage

1.Wire style have crystal gel, white pvc,green pvc,brown pvc,black pvc

2.Bulb color have red,green,yellow,blue,pink,purple,multi,warm white

3.We have CE, ROHS certificates

4.Competitive price and fast manufacture time

5.We are professional supplier and can produce design depend on customers.If had own design can show us pictures freely

Sample Item

Sample finish time: 3-7 days

Sample Charge: Depend on what items,usually free- 2 times of the unit price

Express freight cost:depend on customer


1.Q:What's your payment terms?
    A: T/T or L/C
2.Q:When could you send me the samples
3.Q:Can I customize the strip length?
    A: Yes
4.Q:Do you also sell other kinds led lights?
    A:Yes, we also supply led bulbs, spotlights, led light, led tube light ,ceiling light etc.

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