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.jpgLED lawn lamp is an integration of the new green energy landscape lighting lamps,which has the function of energy conservation and environmental protection,lighting and beautify the environment.The main body is used with high quality steel,surface is sprayed with plastic after being galvanized,which has the advantages of not rusting,aging resistance,smooth surface,super bright LED is used as illuminant,its unique design and soft lighting added safety safety.Scope of application;lawn perimeter in park or garden villa,pedestrian street,parking lot,square and other pllaces.

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Yichang  is a diversifide holding company,there are 8 strategic business units,6 real enterprises and more than 1000 staff in Yichang Technology.Yichang intelligence.Yichang Lighting and Xinping Electronic are three prominent components of Yichang Technology which leads the development of the industry.

Yichang as the initiator of LED lightings,always focus on the industry of LED,after more than 10 years of accumulation of technology,today Yichang has become a modern high-tech enterprises which specialize in product development,manufacturing,sales and LED lighting projects.

After continuously technical innovation,ti first integrate technology of internet of things and intelligent control,which communicate among household,building,community,factory,business and city.

The production base of Dezhou in state-level economic and technological development zone-economic and technological development zone of Dezhou,the geographical position is superior,the traffic is convenient,It occupies 120000 square meters and more than 500 staff,more than 100 are researchers and 30 with Senior professional title.

Now,the company has certifications ISO9001,ISO14001 and the products have certifications RoHS,CE,3C and CQC,we have the city and road lighting engineering contractor qualifications,obtained more than 20 national patents,is the only company that is granted by the Secretary for Commerce and industry with"Abide by the contract,Pay attention to credit"for many times,it is also the member of CSA.

The products that the company develop and manufacture are:mining lamp,project-light lamp,tunnel lightsm,grille lamp plate,the city power/solar street lamp,courtyard light,lawn lamp,tube,ball steep light and other LED lighting products ,intelligent gateway,intelligent socket,intelligent switch,intelligent dimmer module,intelligent control module,infrared transponder and intelligent system equipment.

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Q:The problem of LED lamp belt for home decoration
First of all, T5, T4, those lights do not consider, the price is high, installation trouble, the effect on the ceiling is not as good as the lamp belt evenly.Flat two, that is a single lamp arrangement, 30 meters, 60, 90120 of the light density. Flat three flat four is double bead and three bead array arrangement, this density can be larger, higher brightness.
Q:Why lawn lamps are gradually replacing traditional courtyard light?
Now, lamps, materials, aluminum gradually replace iron. Light source is energy-saving lamps instead of incandescent lamps, led gradually replace energy-saving lamps.
Q:How to choose a good LED solar lawn light?
An independent photovoltaic power generation system generally consists of three parts: solar cell module; charging and discharging controller, inverter, test instrument and computer control of power electronic equipment and battery or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment.Photovoltaic power generation system has the following characteristics: no moving parts, no noise; no air pollution, no waste water; no combustion process, fuel is not needed; simple maintenance, low maintenance cost; reliability and stability; as a key component of the solar battery with long service life, the life of crystalline silicon solar cell can reach according to the need for more than 25 years; it is easy to expand the scale of power generation.
Q:How many white balance ratios of LED lights are there in LED displays?
White is the RGB color mixing proportion according to the brightness, brightness when the green light is 69%, red brightness 21%, blue brightness is 10%, color mixing human eye feel is pure white. But the chromaticity coordinates LED red and green and blue as a result of the process and other reasons can not reach the whole spectrum of effect, while the control including the deviation of color brightness color from white light, called color.
Q:Is a solar lantern a lawn light?
That is to say, solar energy can be used as a power supply for many kinds of lights, including lawn lamps. Lawn lights can also be powered by a variety of power supplies, including solar energy.
Q:How to adjust the solar energy LED lawn lamp is not lit when there is street lighting
That depends on the timing of the controller you installedHefei lumens Amperex Technology Limited controller is all hours control or light control
Q:Solar lawn lamp related issues
Solar cell packagingThere are two main types of package type solar battery, and epoxy laminate. The lamination process can ensure the service life of solar cells for more than 25 years, although the glue appearance, but only 1-2 years working life of solar cell. Therefore, small power solar lawn lamp below 1W, in the absence of high life requirements, you can use the glue package for solar lawn lamp service life requirements, recommend the use of laminated package.
Q:What's the LED water lamp?
The principle is very simple. The triode acts as a switch in the circuit. When the circuit is connected, the left LED is first lit. The base is connected with a capacitor to connect the collector of the next triode. When the capacitor is fully charged, the next triode is turned on so that the second LED lights up, and so on. The time of the water lamp is controlled by adjusting the capacity value of the capacitor.
Q:What are the common indoor and outdoor LED lamps?
Common indoor LED lamp: LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamps, UFO LED lamp and LED downlight, LED indoor lights, LED ceiling lamps, LED lights, LED track lights, LED spotlights, LED radar sensor lights, LED candle lamp, LED grille lamp, LED support eye lamp etc.
Q:What is the installation distance of lawn lamp?
Lawn lamp, environmental decoration and travel needs, in general, the distance should be 6~8 meters.0.5 meters high lawn lamp, light source 23W or so energy-saving lamps, then require spacing at about 11 meters.

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