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.jpgLED lawn lamp is an integration of the new green energy landscape lighting lamps,which has the function of energy conservation and environmental protection,lighting and beautify the environment.The main body is used with high quality steel,surface is sprayed with plastic after being galvanized,which has the advantages of not rusting,aging resistance,smooth surface,super bright LED is used as illuminant,its unique design and soft lighting added safety safety.Scope of application;lawn perimeter in park or garden villa,pedestrian street,parking lot,square and other pllaces.

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Yichang  is a diversifide holding company,there are 8 strategic business units,6 real enterprises and more than 1000 staff in Yichang Technology.Yichang intelligence.Yichang Lighting and Xinping Electronic are three prominent components of Yichang Technology which leads the development of the industry.

Yichang as the initiator of LED lightings,always focus on the industry of LED,after more than 10 years of accumulation of technology,today Yichang has become a modern high-tech enterprises which specialize in product development,manufacturing,sales and LED lighting projects.

After continuously technical innovation,ti first integrate technology of internet of things and intelligent control,which communicate among household,building,community,factory,business and city.

The production base of Dezhou in state-level economic and technological development zone-economic and technological development zone of Dezhou,the geographical position is superior,the traffic is convenient,It occupies 120000 square meters and more than 500 staff,more than 100 are researchers and 30 with Senior professional title.

Now,the company has certifications ISO9001,ISO14001 and the products have certifications RoHS,CE,3C and CQC,we have the city and road lighting engineering contractor qualifications,obtained more than 20 national patents,is the only company that is granted by the Secretary for Commerce and industry with"Abide by the contract,Pay attention to credit"for many times,it is also the member of CSA.

The products that the company develop and manufacture are:mining lamp,project-light lamp,tunnel lightsm,grille lamp plate,the city power/solar street lamp,courtyard light,lawn lamp,tube,ball steep light and other LED lighting products ,intelligent gateway,intelligent socket,intelligent switch,intelligent dimmer module,intelligent control module,infrared transponder and intelligent system equipment.

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Q:Why lawn lamps are gradually replacing traditional courtyard light?
Now, lamps, materials, aluminum gradually replace iron. Light source is energy-saving lamps instead of incandescent lamps, led gradually replace energy-saving lamps.
Q:What is in the lamppost of the LED street light? What is the function?
LED street lamp with the conventional high-pressure sodium street lamp is different, the light source of high power LED lamp with low voltage DC power supply, by the synthesis of GaN based blue LED and yellow fluorescent powder, white LED, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color rendering index unique advantages, can be widely used in city road lighting. The outer cover can be made of PC tube, with a high temperature resistance of 135 degrees. Low temperature resistance up to -45 degrees
Q:How many white balance ratios of LED lights are there in LED displays?
Before making full color LED display colors, in order to achieve the best brightness and the lowest cost, you should try to choose three colors, the luminous intensity of roughly 3:6:1 ratio of LED devices composed of pixels.The white balance requires that the three primary colors are still pure white under the same gray value.
Q:Is a solar lantern a lawn light?
That is to say, solar energy can be used as a power supply for many kinds of lights, including lawn lamps. Lawn lights can also be powered by a variety of power supplies, including solar energy.
Q:What's the best luminaire for outdoor lighting?
Depends on the use of lamps,If it is for security, you can use the 400W floodlight.
Q:How to adjust the solar energy LED lawn lamp is not lit when there is street lighting
The controller adds a delay control, or, as you say, the sensitivity of the light sensor is adjusted
Q:What kind of equipment is needed to produce LED screen lamp and how big is the investment?
Bright lighting made large lights, LED lighting and LED landscape lamp, lamp, road lights, garden lights, LED lights, solar lights, LED lights, lawn lamp, underground lamp, electrodeless lamp, lifting lamp, lighting engineering, are widely used in municipal engineering, garden, park, development area, square, villas, road and other places, the factory has strong technical force, advanced equipment, excellent quality, unique design, style diversity, advanced technology, excellent equipment, perfect detection means, update quickly.
Q:What are the common indoor and outdoor LED lamps?
Outdoor common LED lamps are: LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED lawn lights, LED buried lights, LED flood lights, LED mining lights, LED underwater lamp, LED light, LED wall lamp, LED flashlight, etc.
Q:What are the categories of LED products?
According to the luminous color of the luminous tube, it can be divided into red, orange, green (subdivided green yellow, standard green and pure green), blue light and so on. In addition, some LEDs contain chips of two or three colors. The light emitting diodes can be divided into four types: colored transparent, colorless transparent, colored scattering and colorless scattering, according to the light emitting diode with or without scattering agent, colored or colorless. The scattering LED is suitable for use as an indicator.
Q:General installation steps of lawn lamps?
When wiring the lawn lamp, a metal case for connecting the lamp or lamp post is applied with a wire not less than the distribution line as the ground wire, and the ground connection system is used for the ground". When the grounding wire length more than 25 meters, the end of a repeat grounding, repeat grounding can be buried in a 4mmx40mm, 25 meters long galvanized flat steel, 5 grounding, grounding galvanized steel angle 5x50, 2.5 meters long, vertically into the ground, grounding and galvanized flat steel are welded distance the requirements for grounding resistance of less than 4 euro. Why is the size of the earth wire not smaller than the phase line? Because one phase line is short circuited to the device shell and the ground wire releases all the current.

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