Solar Inverter Grid Connected new energy 2000W

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1, Product  desciption

Inverter circuits designed to produce a variable output voltage range are often used within motor speed controllers.

The DC power for the inverter section can be derived from a normal AC wall outlet or some other source. Control and feedback circuitry is used to adjust the final output of the inverter section which will ultimately determine the speed of the motor operating under its mechanical load.

Motor speed control needs are numerous and include things like: industrial motor driven equipment, electric vehicles, rail transport systems, and power tools. (See related: variable-frequency drive ) Switching states are developed for positive, negative and zero voltages as per the patterns given in the switching Table.

The generated gate pulses are given to each switch in accordance with the developed pattern and thus the output is obtained.

Solar power is energy from the sun. "Solar" is the Latin word for "sun" and
And Powerful source of energy. Without it, there will be no life.
Solar energy is considered as a serious source of energy for many years
of the vast amounts of energy that is made freely available, if harnessed by modern technology.

A magnifying glass can be used to heat up a small amount of water.
The short piece of copper tube is sealed at one end and filled with water.
And magnifying glass is then used to warm up the pipe.
Using more than one magnifying glass will increase the temperature more rapidly. 





2, Features of  the  product


Inverters convert low frequency main AC power to higher frequency for use in induction heating.

To do this, AC power is first rectified to provide DC power. The inverter then changes the DC power to high frequency AC power. Due to the reduction in the number of DC Sources employed, the structure becomes more reliable and the output voltage has higher resolution due to an increase in the number of steps so that the reference sinusoidal voltage can be better achieved.

This configuration has recently become very popular in AC power supply and adjustable speed drive applications. This new inverter can avoid extra clamping diodes or voltage balancing capacitors. There are three kinds of level shifted modulation techniques, namely:




The first thing to figure out is the length of road in need of street lights.

This can be a small entrance road only a couple hundred of feet long to miles of streets through an area. Does the area currently have any type of lighting available.

 What is the reason for needing street lights in this area



Is the electrical grid already nearby or would you need to call in the power company to bring in electrical lines.

 If the electric needs to be brought to the area, how much is this going to cost? Depending on how far the grid electric is from the location of the needed lighting, this can be quite expensive.



How much lighting is needed on the street? Do the lights need to be dark sky compliant.

Do the street lights need to run from dusk to dawn or for only a specified number of hours at night.

Are the street lights able to dim in the middle of the night and still provide enough lighting.

These questions need to be answered before you can decide on how many lights you will need to complete the project.




3, Detailed Specification


Data Sheet of High Quality Solar Controller Tracer-1210RN



Rated system voltage

12/24V auto work

Rated battery current


Rated load current


Max.battery voltage


Max.PV open circuit voltage


Max.PV input power

12V 130W;24V 260W



Charge Circuit Voltage


Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop



TTL232/8 pin RJ45



Working temperature


Storage temperature range



10%-90% NC


IP 30




156mm *97 mm *68mm

Mounting holes

147mm *60 mm

Mounting hole size









4, Product Image



The         west         of          fireplaces

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Q:Why do Americans use a fireplace?
Why did the fireplace become a major feature of the foreigners? For example, we said in the home improvement above the American style we first thought is the fireplace, European-style Roman column and lines more...
Q:The role of the fireplace?
The fireplace was originally used in Western countries, with decorative and practical value. The mantle is decorated. Fireplace core play a practical role. Really fire fireplace to have the support of architectural design, need chimneys, furnace. The furnace can be cast iron wall furnace core, it can be refractory pile. If there is no chimney, you can also use cast iron pipe instead. Domestic heating is centralized heating. But after all, decorative ingredients, practical value is not big. Real fire fireplace in the country mainly used in the villa, but the long feast of the buns tend to hold the value of heating is not large. Some for barbecue. Do not have a flavor. In recent years, many of the domestic decoration is equipped with a fireplace.
Q:How is the fireplace in the romantic manor?
Do not use the firewood pork, then advise you in the breeding house to support him do not often stay in that feed like a good chance
Q:Pvc material pipe can be used in the natural gas boiler above it
Do you want to use it on a flue? If so, no problem
Q:Whether the flue of the fireplace is feasible.
Certainly not the smoke, the fireplace to be as far as possible to the vertical pipe, even if the horizontal is as short as possible, the figure is appropriate, but the height or should be high. Vertical height minus the horizontal distance is less than 4 meters, ST.ROM fireplace requirements to be greater than 4 meters. You know what you buy what brand, there is no telling you that this should be in the purchase of fireplace to communicate with the customer service. Next time you can find me to buy, Oh, will give you a good design.
Q:What is the location of the fireplace in the fireplace, is the introduction of outdoor air?
First, in the selection of the fireplace to see what kind of material used in the fireplace? If it is pure cast iron, whether it is thick pure cast iron (which relates to the life of the fireplace, pure cast iron can be said that the house is Qi Shou) , After the installation must first test, to see whether the fireplace when the smoke back to the smoke, the glass is black and dirty, whether it is black smoke outdoors (this trip to the top of the trip to pay attention to the design of the fireplace is reasonable , Whether it has a mature secondary combustion and mature automatic air curtain and other technologies) Third, to see whether the operation is convenient (for example, whether there is cleaning the box, can adjust the flame size, etc.) Fourth, to see if there is a perfect after-sales Service is so simple, shop around, one than the quality and technology, two more cost-effective; believe that this way you can buy a satisfactory fireplace.
Q:What are the specific differences between gas boiler and gas water heater?
Gas boiler can be heated or can be hot water gas water heater can only be hot water can not be heated Gas boiler is a heating equipment, to meet the family heating at the same time can also meet your hot water needs (double warm series). Need to match the cooling end, such as radiator, to warm, fan coil and so on. Gas water heater is a hot water hot water equipment, commonly used in home bath, with hot water, can not be heating.
Q:How to buy gas boiler?
Choose the big boilers, professional warm service after the emergency shop, 3 points quality 7 points service.
Q:What is the boiler heating effect? And concentrated for comparison.
The gang of people who are ignorant of the conscience, are doing the boiler business. I live is a less than 18 square meters of a living room, 17 layers, to keep the room temperature at 16 degrees or more, with natural gas boiler heating the daily cost is 30--40 yuan, you say good or bad?
Q:Is the boiler used in the air, safe in the room?
Gas boiler has a strong family central heating function, to meet the heating needs of multi-room, each room can be set according to the needs of comfortable temperature, but also according to the need to decide a room alone to close the heating, and can provide large flow of constant temperature heat Water, for home bathing, kitchen and other places to use. Gas boiler in Europe has 40 years of history, technology has been very mature. Equipment configuration of the safety protection measures are quite perfect, with the compensation forging forging pedal can be assured to use. In the case of good heating system to ensure that the heating system, the initial injection of water must be generated, the scale is minimal, will not be dangerous to the heating system. Wall furnace system can not join the chemical substances, in particular, can not add antifreeze. Do this, basically no danger.

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