Solar Generator Intelligent Inverter with Charger

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Solar Generator Intelligent Inverter with Charger



XZ-NK New intelligent inverter with built in controller realize to combine display of inverter and solar controller, which is different with tranditional solar generator.
2.With great function,display the parameter of solar controller and inverter at the same time, includes grid voltage, frequency, input voltage, input frequency, input wattage,output load precent,battery capacity precent,PV voltage, battery voltage, charge current,PV power, daily power generation, total power generation etc; 
3.Realize customer self setting PV priority or Battery priority, setting of battery type,charge voltage, charge current, charge limit and so on; 
4.Have time colock, timing turn on and off, keep record of fault, fault query more function. 
5.Also with normal funtion of inverter, like protection against battery under voltage,over-voltage,overload,short circuit.

Mobile Charge,PC,Lighting Fixture,TV, Fan,Refrigerator,washing machine,air condition, water pump,safety products, professional tool, equipment etc any wattage electrical appliance.



Solar Generator Intelligent Inverter with Charger


Solar Generator Intelligent Inverter with Charger


Solar Generator Intelligent Inverter with Charger



Product Parameter


Model XZ-NK50112-2010224-3020248-5050296-5070296-50103192-50153192-100203192-100
PV Charging MethodDirect Charge/PWM/MPPT
PV Max input current20A30A 50A 50A50A50A100A100A
PV Rated input voltage12VDC24VDC  48VDC     96VDC 96VDC192VDC192VDC192VDC
PV Max input wattage240W720W2400W4800W4800W9600W19200W19200W
PV Max input voltage18VDC36VDC  72VDC 144VDC 144VDC288VDC288VDC288VDC
PV Charging efficiency99%99%99%99%99%99%99%99%
Battery Rated input voltage12VDC24VDC48VDC96VDC96VDC192VDC192VDC192VDC
Battery input voltage range9VDC-18VDC18VDC-36VDC36VDC-72VDC84VDC-120VDC84VDC-120VDC168VDC-240VDC168VDC-240VDC168VDC-240VDC
Protection function
(PV Charge part
Reverse connection, short circuit, overcharge, anti charge protection
AC input voltage75VAC-125VAC Or 145VAC-275VAC
AC input frequency45HZ-65HZ
Invert output 110VAC±2% Or 220VAC±2%
Invert output Frequency50HZ±0.5HZ Or 60HZ±0.5HZ
Rated Capacity500W1000W2000W5000W7000W10000W15000W20000W
Inverter structure    Low Frequency Structure
no-load power consumption8W15W30W75W75W150w150W150W
Conversion efficiency≥85%
Mains input charging current0-15AAdjustable
Working modeAC first /PV first(Optional)
Conversion time≤4ms
Overload capacityOverload exceeds 110%automatic shutdown in 30 secsOverload exceeds 120%automatic shutdown in 2 secsUnder mains supply mode, it will not shutdown.
Output waveformPure sine wave
Work environmentTemperature0-40℃,Humidity10-90%
Thermal methodsForced Air Cooling 
Protection function
inverter part
mains over / under-voltage, higher DC current/ under-voltage, short circuit of inverter output 
Output waveform distortion≤3%
SizeProduct Size(mm)300×170×280422×225×360491×281×430580×350×700
Packing Sizemm)350×220×330472×275×410551×341×490660×410×740
NoteAll specifications are subject to change without prior notice 

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Q:Rooftop solar system
Recommended to buy solar water heater price per price in the 150-180 yuan, including in accordance with the material and other costs, buy a good look at whether there is a reliable after-sales
Q:What is the system voltage of solar panels
Solar panels (Solar panel) is composed of one or more solar cells to form a solar panel. A solar cell is a semiconductor device that converts light into electrical properties, which can convert solar radiation energy on its surface into direct current
Q:I want to install a full set of domestic solar heating equipment does not know how much money to spend, please.
According to the annual use of 280 square meters of construction area of the average daily consumption of 11 square meters, energy saving rate of more than 50% of the total energy consumption of more than 11 square meters. Cost: 38000 yuan (excluding heating part); system design life: 20 years; saving ratio: 280 square housing annual use of wall mounted gas boiler is about 3000 cubic meters of natural gas per cubic, an average of 2.2 yuan, a total of 6600 yuan.
Q:How about the price of solar power generation system
At present, the domestic solar power generation system installed capacity, investment is also different, generally less than 30 thousand yuan in the 3KW, 5-10KW more than $9 per watt, for example, about 8KW or so. Solar power generation system consists of components, inverters, stents and other components, components can be found Yingli, Trina these, inverter Hefei sunshine, Foshan de nine for you to answer.
Q:Solar photovoltaic system
Analysis of economic benefits: 50kW distributed photovoltaic PV power plant total operating period: 25 years of this project on average generating capacity: the annual average generating capacity of 200kWh: 73000kWh, 25 years of total power: 1825000kWh residential electricity price: 0.55 yuan /kWh local coal-fired power benchmark price: 0.44 yuan /kWh (the case): Total investment the total investment of about 450 thousand yuan, equivalent to 9 yuan / watt.
Q:Solar PV systems
Second distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to the user in the vicinity of the site or the construction of the operation, to the user side of the spontaneous use of their own, the excess electricity and the balance of the distribution network system for the characteristics of the photovoltaic power generation facilities.
Q:Solar power generation system suitable for home, how much is the cost of a set?
Solar photovoltaic power generation is suitable for families but to look at your location and sunshine time, before the country without a policy or honest with general electric, energy saving is a national matter we the people pay so without saving
Q:Solar power generation system how to choose?
To choose the right, we must first understand the composition of the system and the core of the power generation. Solar power system consists of solar panels or solar module, inverter, bracket, distribution box, cable and other accessories. The core components are solar modules and inverters, which directly determine how much electricity is generated and how many years to come. 5KW system, in the summer when the maximum amount of light radiation can be issued 23 days a day or so.
Q:Household solar photovoltaic power generation system connected to the grid, how much money?
General installation 3000W on the line, a full set of system down 21 thousand yuan. Print-Rite used solar panels, inverter with crystal fuyuan. Guilin Jinyang PV is so safe.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of small-scale solar power generation system?
Solar power has no moving parts, is not easy to damage, simple maintenance, especially suitable for unattended use; solar power will not produce any waste, no pollution, noise pollution, no adverse effects on the environment, is the ideal clean energy; solar power system short construction period, convenient and flexible, and can according to the load or, add or reduce photovoltaic capacity, avoid waste.

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