Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

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Product Name: Solar Flood Light Brand Name: CMAX Rated Power: 5w
Light Type: Solar Protection Level: IP65 Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Product Description:

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

Product Application Area:

Garden, park, courtyard,community, commercial building,plaza,etc

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor


1). Aluminum alloy case, Patent design.


2).Super bright 44 LEDs, RGB


3).6W solar panel can be replaced.


4).One button to choose 9 different lighting mode or off.Seven Colors for Decoration.


5).Easy to install

LED Flood Light


2. High lumens

3.CE&Rohs certificate

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor


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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details:    60 LED Good Quality solar flood light solar motion sensor led solar garden light

1.White Box/Color Box or Customized

2.Delivery Detail: 7-15 DAYS

Delivery Detail:   30 days

1. ABS material, anti-aging /anti-rust/ uneasy to scratch

2. 5.5V / 1.6W polysilicon solar panel, charging fast

3. 3.7V, 2000mAh battery, large capacity, lighting for up to 5 hours

4. Simple and elegant design, perfect for all kinds of outdoor scenes

5. Easy installation, safety and environmental protection, healthy lighting

6. Good sealing performance, IP65 waterproof level, easy to deal with all kinds of weather

DELIVERY TIME:(solar garden light)

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

Solar Flood Light with Solar Motion Sensor

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