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Product Description:

solar flat plate collector

Type black-B

Dimension(LxWxH)  (mm)                   2000×1000×80

Gross area (m²)                                     2

Efficiency area (m²)                               1.85

Gross weight of collector (kg)              29±3

Thermal efficiency(ηa0)                        0.75

Stagnation temperature                        180°C

Max.working pressure                           1.2Mpa

Recommended circulation flow           Water or propylene glycol

Resistance to freezing                           Less than or equal to 0°C

Transparent cover

Number of cover (pc)                             1

Dimension LxW (mm)                           1980x980

Cover material                                         Low-iron tempered glass cover

Cover thickness (mm)                           3.2


Dimension LxW (mm)                          1945*945

Material                                                    Cu & Al

Surface treatment                                  Black chrome Coating

Absorptivity:                                             0.94±0.02

Emissivity:                                               0.09±0.02

Construction type                                  aluminum sheet and Tube, Laser welding

Header material Copper                     Tp2

Header tube size (mm)                        Ø22x0.6x1060 2pcs

Riser material                                        Copper Tp2

Riser tube size (mm)                            Ø8x0.45x1883 8pcs

Fill capacity                                            1.6L Including Header Pipes

Thermal insulation

Insulation material                               16K Fiber glass insulation (back)

Insulation thickness                             30mm (back)  25mm (side)

Conductivity(W/mK)                              Less than or equal to 0.042 under 75°C


Frame                                                     Aluminum Alloy

Frame Color                                          Silver

Back Plate                                              0.5mm Aluminum back plate

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Q:Is solar collector directly using solar energy?
Most of the solar water heaters are equipped with electric auxiliary heating function, when the rainy weather will automatically start when the electric heating function.
Q:Solar collectors and tank water can not cycle what is the reason
air block, including the pump inside the air, and the pipeline part of the air two cases. The pump has a bleed screw, open the deflated and then screw on it, if the pipeline is air block, the general solar energy is installed during the pre-set the exhaust valve, check the exhaust valve is not blocked.
Q:With the tonnage of solar collectors and air to hot water which power consumption
resulting in no hot water in the rain and snow weather; and air to hot water works relative It is not affected by the sunshine, theoretically can be used throughout the year.
Q:What is the classification of solar collectors?
According to the use of hot plate materials are: copper collector plate, copper and aluminum composite collector plate, aluminum collector plate
Q:How can solar collector system prevent wind?
The collector must be provided with proper wind protection, bolted or secure. Other components of the solar thermal water system are affected by the wind may cause damage or affect the normal operation of the system,
Q:Condensation type solar collectors and non-concentrating heaters
solar collectors can be divided into two types. Condenser collector A condenser is a solar collector that uses a reflector, a lens, or other optics to change the direction of solar radiation entering the lighting port and converge to the heat absorber
Q:What is a trough solar collector?
A device that converts the radiant energy of the sun into heat. As the solar energy is more dispersed, must try to put it together, so the collector is a key part of the use of solar energy devices.
Q:Vacuum tube for solar collectors
Start fast: heat pipe heat capacity, in the sun a few minutes after the output of heat; and in the cloudy weather, than other water heaters can produce more hot water.
Q:Where is the solar collector installed in the building?
There are flat-plate collectors and vacuum tube collectors, as well as medium-high temperature trough collectors in different forms, the installation site requirements are not the same; but generally according to geographical location, towards the basic south.
Q:Flat solar collector is a good blue film, or good black chrome? It is best to specify.
Black chromium coating thermal stability and high temperature performance is also very good, suitable for high temperature conditions, at 300 ℃ long-term stable operation. In addition, the black chrome coating also has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

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