Solar Charger for Outdoor Use Power Walk CS- C0107

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Solar Charger for Outdoor Use  Power Walk CS- C0107

    This product can be folded as you like, when folded it weights no more than a laptop of A5 size. It is made of Monocrystalline silicon solar panel and thickened waterproof canvas, which can be conveniently linked by USB connector for mobile phone, little USB fan, MP3, GPS, digital camera and Ipad when you travel or do outdoor sports.


2. Main Features of Solar Charger for Outdoor Use  Power Walk CS- C0107

  •    High efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cell

  •    Water resistant canvas bag

  •    Controlled by stabilivolt circuit board to protect against overloading


3. Solar Charger for Outdoor Use  Power Walk CS- C0107 Images


Solar Charger for Outdoor Use  Power Walk CS- C0107

Solar Charger for Outdoor Use  Power Walk CS- C0107


4. Solar Charger for Outdoor Use  Power Walk CS- C0107 Specification

    Type:       OS-C0107
    Power output of Solar Panel:         7W
    Output Voltage:         Constant 5V
    Output Current:       1000mA(Maximum)
    Folded Size:       23.5*17*3 (cm)
    Unfolded Size:    23.5*39.5 (cm)
    Net Weight:     386g


5. FAQ

  (1)  How is the converting rate of the monocrystalline silicon solar cell ?

      The monocrystalline silicon solar panel acts for charging with high efficient, whose converting rate can reach 18%. 

  (2)  Does this solar charger has overload protection?

       Yes, the USB connector is equipped by the stabilivot circuit control to protect the electronic products against overload.

  (3)  What payment terms do you accept?

       By bank transfer or L/C.



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Q:Solar charger how to do?
select the number of solar panels and links, in accordance with the requirements of the controller to select the necessary functions, in accordance with the monitoring requirements to see whether the need for ammeter and Voltmeter.
Q:How to put this charger into a solar charger
Your current circuit is just a pilot charging circuit, should be coupled with solar charging circuit, and solar modules, this is more trouble
Q:Solar mobile power, you can side of the solar energy directed at the side of the phone to charge it?
Solar mobile power to charge faster than the speed of the phone to charge a lot of speed, it will damage the mobile power of the battery
Q:Can the solar charger be charged in the light?
In fact, the solar cell is only known for this device, the exact name of this period should be "photosensitive battery" or "photovoltaic cell", according to the manufacturing materials are divided into silicon photovoltaic cells and selenium photovoltaic cells,
Q:What about the solar charger?
Using solar charging. The charger will be placed in the direct sunlight, the solar energy will be converted into electricity to the charger built-in lithium battery charge, then charge indicator light, that is charging; in the case of relatively weak sunlight,
Q:Solar Charger or Charger Po better?
Charging Po refers to a device that can directly charge a mobile device and has its own storage unit. The current market is the main category for the iPhone configuration for the charge of the treasure and multi-functional charge Po, but even if the iPhone dedicated, the basic configuration of the standard USB output, the basic market to meet the current mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP, Bluetooth headset, digital cameras and other digital products.
Q:Solar charge treasure and ordinary charge treasure, which is better
hundreds of pieces or even dozens of pieces, it is difficult to meet your needs. You carry it in the sun to take a day, it is estimated that not enough for you to charge your phone (outdoors, you are unlikely to keep the solar charger positive for a long time)
Q:5V120mA solar panel how to do the charger
Then buy a Schottky diode, the function is anti-backflow. But the current 120mA, under normal light in the 80-100mA or so, full of battery to a long time. Such a long time off the phone is not good Oh. Might as well buy a solar charger, full of it, and then use it to charge the phone better. Have
Q:The Structure Principle of Solar Charger
Built-in battery, the need to charge the phone, the solar cell phone charger in the battery output power to the phone charge. Solar mobile phone charger is the key to good or bad:
Q:How does solar power be converted into charging with battery car
Direct output is the solar panel in series after the direct output, because the solar panel is a constant current output, so the charger to the battery charger must choose a special constant current input type; converter output is a dedicated converter to solar The constant current output of the panel is converted to DC constant voltage output.

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