Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

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2300000 m/month

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

Packaging Details:100M/Roll(Blue Plastic Drum) , 64Roll/Wooden Carton,6400M/Wooden Carton/20wooden carton/20FCL ,128KM/20FCL for TUV DC Solar Cable (PV1-F)

Delivery Detail:10 days for TUV Approved PV1-F Double Solar Cable 2x4mm2 (Red


Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

 solar cable 4mm2 solar pv cable Australia hotselling 
1.TUV certificate approved 
2.99.9% coper 2.5~35mm2

PV1-F Twin core 2x6mm solar connector cable MC4 leads


Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

Solar PV cable

1.Used in photovoltaic system.

2.Comply with TUV and UL 4703

3.Wildly use in solar system


Application olar PV cable

 Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

Used in photovoltaic system. Comply with TÜV 2PfG 1169/08.2007 and UL 4703

Product Description

Double core:

 Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

1.Rating:Voltage: 600/1000V  Temperature:-40°C-- 90°C

2. Description: (1)Conductor:  Tinned annealed  copper


                      (2)Insulation:120°C  XLPE , black


                      (3)Jacket:120°C  XLPE , black or red


3.Marking:TÜV  2  PfG  1169  PV1-F  2×**mm2  

4.Application: Specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic Solar system Power

Packaging & Shipping

Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

1 1*4 mm2    12500 Meters/Pallet   


2 1*6 mm2    10000Meters/Pallet    


3 1*10mm2   6000 Meters/Pallet 


4 1*16 mm2  4000Meters/Pallet 


5 2*4 mm2    6400 Meters/Pallet 


6 2*6 mm2    4000Meters/Pallet



One 20” Container can load max 20 wooden  Pallets or Boxes  

Load :1*4mm2  solar cable 250km,1*6mm2 solar cable 200km

          2*4mm2 solar cable 128km, 2*6mm2 solar cable 80km

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Q:I used the wrong power cable on my external hardrive, is there any hope fixing it?
Without knowing more, I can give you a definite answer. However, you do have a chance of getting your files back, especially if it's just the enclosure that's fried. In that case, it's a no brainer to yank the drive, and either toss it on a converter cable, or directly in a system. Have you looked to see how hard it is to take apart the enclosure?
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Q:PCI Express Power Cable Questions Problems.?
You're going to want to buy a new power supply that can handle it. To require two cables, this card sounds like a behemoth and you're likely going to want a bigger supply anyway. Adding a 6-pin cable isn't really a thing. I'd recommend Corsair for any supply as they're high quality and cheap.
Q:My cable box will not show power?
I have a Scientific 2200 and it won't power on either. I've tried everything. It happened 2x in the last week. The other time it came back on by itself after a little while. This time -nothing. Tech is coming tomorrow. Better be bringing a new box......
Q:New Build PC. Turns off after 2 seconds when power turn on.?
Are you positive you have all the power cables connected properly, the extra 4-pin ATX12V power connector near the CPU, the PCI-E power connector(s) to the video card? Otherwise, if the computer seems to start up for a couple seconds, but then switches right off, the motherboard might be shorting against the case. Did you have trouble getting the motherboard to line up inside the case? Are the motherboard screws centered properly on the screw holes? Is there clearance along all four edges of the motherboard? The other place you can have a clearance problem is the support plate for the CPU heatsink, on the back side of the motherboard. (Or, sometimes, screws behind the chipset heatsink.) The test to see if the motherboard is shorting on the case, is to pull everything out, and hook up all parts separately, outside the case. Set the motherboard on some bubble wrap or something, and hook up all the other parts. If the parts start up and run, outside of the case, then you can start looking for where it might be shorting. (That particular Thermaltake power supply is made by Compucase, and it's a piece of junk. You should think about replacing that no matter what.)
Q:what is the standard distance to run cat5 parallel to power cable?
standard used to be 185 feet somewher 100 meter ,I am not sure what you mean by to power ......
Q:where can i run my amp power cable in a 2002 ford explorer XLT?
Check first for any factory made holes that are not in use or have extra space to be used. If you are explorer is anything like my Taurus I would say somewhere near where your steering wheel connects to the firewall. But it will be kinda risky around that area since you would have to be careful for your power steering.
Q:how do i run my power cable wire through the firewall, to my battery in my 1995 Monte carlo?please help?
Now djp answered this question correctly but after drilling the hole makes sure you put a grommet in the hole to prevent a short
Q:Is it okay to have a 1200 watt power cable hooked up to a 400 watt amp?
If your meaning the cable is rated for 1200w and your hooking it to a 400w amp, then yes. Cables are sized by guage, the lower the number the big the diameter. A larger diameter wire will normally have less ohms, or amount of electrical resistance. Running wire rated for more than you need is always a good idea, this way your not putting too much power through a small cable ( you can burn the wire and everything touching it) or incase you want to upgrade later. And its always a good idea to put an inline fuse near your battery incase something bad happens, putting the fuse next to your amp in the trunk wont help.

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