Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

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2300000 m/month

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

Packaging Details:100M/Roll(Blue Plastic Drum) , 64Roll/Wooden Carton,6400M/Wooden Carton/20wooden carton/20FCL ,128KM/20FCL for TUV DC Solar Cable (PV1-F)

Delivery Detail:10 days for TUV Approved PV1-F Double Solar Cable 2x4mm2 (Red


Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

 solar cable 4mm2 solar pv cable Australia hotselling 
1.TUV certificate approved 
2.99.9% coper 2.5~35mm2

PV1-F Twin core 2x6mm solar connector cable MC4 leads


Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

Solar PV cable

1.Used in photovoltaic system.

2.Comply with TUV and UL 4703

3.Wildly use in solar system


Application olar PV cable

 Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

Used in photovoltaic system. Comply with TÜV 2PfG 1169/08.2007 and UL 4703

Product Description

Double core:

 Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

1.Rating:Voltage: 600/1000V  Temperature:-40°C-- 90°C

2. Description: (1)Conductor:  Tinned annealed  copper


                      (2)Insulation:120°C  XLPE , black


                      (3)Jacket:120°C  XLPE , black or red


3.Marking:TÜV  2  PfG  1169  PV1-F  2×**mm2  

4.Application: Specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic Solar system Power

Packaging & Shipping

Solar Cable 4mm2 Solar PC Cable Hotselling

1 1*4 mm2    12500 Meters/Pallet   


2 1*6 mm2    10000Meters/Pallet    


3 1*10mm2   6000 Meters/Pallet 


4 1*16 mm2  4000Meters/Pallet 


5 2*4 mm2    6400 Meters/Pallet 


6 2*6 mm2    4000Meters/Pallet



One 20” Container can load max 20 wooden  Pallets or Boxes  

Load :1*4mm2  solar cable 250km,1*6mm2 solar cable 200km

          2*4mm2 solar cable 128km, 2*6mm2 solar cable 80km

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Q:Can the power lines in your house interfere with a LAN cable if placed together?
yes it can. the NEC (National Electrical Code) says they should be kept a minimum of 12 from power lines to avoid interference. Chances of it happening are pretty slim tho.
Q:6 Pin PCI Express Power Cable Dongle Question.?
The specs say PCI express® established laptop is required with one X16 lane photographs slot to be had on the motherboard. So yes, also ensure that your vigor supply is at least four hundred watt, which it should be assuming it's not a relatively ancient machine.
Q:help with intel mother board power cables ?
If it already befell and that's broken, i don't be attentive to of an difficulty-free thank you to repair it. in the adventure that your attempting to be arranged so it won't smash if there's a power fluctuation, get a UPS (no longer the transport service, a battery backup element). in case you do no longer % to spend the money for one in each of those, a minimum of get a surge protector. the united stateswill shop the computing device working frequently for an exceedingly jiffy durring a power outage or surge to furnish you time to shop stuff and turn it off right. A surge protector will in basic terms decrease power to the equipment if there's a surge, so which you get no danger to shop issues or close it down right, even though it is going to shop it interior the case of a power fluctuation. EDIT: I in basic terms found out that that's interior the appliance section. there is probable no application to shop the computing device interior the case of a surge or to repair it afterwards.
Q:Do you know where I can find or buy a Power Cable for an Epson R260 Printer?
Check they may have part and express shipping Merry Christmas
Q:Where can I order a good power cable for a powersupply to outlet cord?
all you need is a bog standard power lead. The power unsit runs off mains voltages so a 500W supply uses only 2A (ish) (if on a 220V system) and 4A if on 110 (approx)
Q:How to fix: Dell Inspiron screen brightness decreases when power cable disconnected?
I'm not sure if this will fix it but I have an idea. Do you know where the charge level in on your computer. I have the inspiron 1520 so it's an old version but on mine it's on the bottom right hand corner. If you click on that you should get a screen that pops up and gives you the amount of battery life it has left in a percentage then underneath that it should have a select a power plan: area and the options that it gives you are balanced, power saver and High performance. If you click on the high performance then the brightness should be the same weather the power cord is plugged in or not. Hope I helped =)
Q:Can you use any power cable with any amp?
It means that it has 300 watts of power . Thats a lot of power. 120VAC means that you connect it to a regular wall plug. If you can connect it to the amp and the wall socket , you got yourself an amp.
Q:Comcast Cable box has lost power??
Check your cable bill. You are most likely renting the cable box. If so then take it back to Comcast. They will exchange it for a working one. One of mine did that not too long ago, and I had no hassles exchanging it.
Q:Please read. Turtle Beach power cable?
Sorry You will be fine and wont be scammed. OKorder is a possibility but its a tad sketchy but its easy to use and not get again scammed but its your choice ofc i don't know the situation your in. im just guessing your worried about ordering online due to scamm websites, it could be that you simply don't have a card that can shop online (or even a card). Also delivery should be fairly quick (most being a week) so you won't be waiting too long either way. Turtle beach is based online, and distribute mainly from their website,(such is most designer accessories) the only reason they have their products in stores are because of their success online, and were able to expand but even then they only ever sell a few of their headsets in stores never their full range, then expecting parts is very rare. p.s i realise its a generic piece of equipment but its quite specific and there are very few things that use somthing that you've specified (not the sized and volt just a DC power cable that has a USB input) , that includes headsets, seriously most headsets don't require a power cable (and it having a power cable doesn't make it good) Hope this helps :S
Q:How to connect power cables back to the motherboard?
If your talking about the power cables from the power supply to the motherboard those are fairly straight forward. It is a 20 or, 24 pin connector. Usually along the edge opposite the external connections for the motherboard. Although, the placement really depends on the manufacturer and, could even be near the middle of the board. They are keyed and, you can not plug them in incorrectly. As long as you don't force them into the slot. If your speaking of the wires from the case to the motherboard that is a little more difficult. P3 and, P4 motherboards usually have a keyed connection that simply plugs in. Other boards have markings on each of the wires corresponding with it's connection. The one thing that is the same for every board is that the two black wires must be side by side. If you've never done it before you should have labeled each wire and, made a diagram of their placement. Your best hope short of taking your computer to the local shop is to try and, find diagrams for both your motherboard and, the case.

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