Solar boiler solar thermal collector manifold

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 Following the guidance of customers' requirement, and with continuous technology innovation, we become the stable supplier of the main heat pump factories in Guangdong Province and some international brands.


Our high quality and reliable products, which are attractive and durable, have met with European Standards of Solar Key mark, CE and PED certificates. Further more, all the materials of our products are in line with the requirements of European WEEE and ROSH.


Our products are widely used with alternative energy, such as Solar water heater, heat pump, air conditioner(heat recovery), which would help to reduce not only carbon emissions, but also energy bills.


1. Advanced welding technology  on the solar water heater system: 



As the core technology of unvented stainless steel cylinder, we are committed to proving the world class quality welding:


1. Butt welding is a new step technology for the ends and the body of inner tank, which can provide better anticorrosion function. Traditional lap welding may cause crevices and weld oxide which will reduce the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.


2. Automatic welding machine for the connector welding and heat exchange coil is also very important for the lifetime of unvented cylinder. More and more welding robots are introduced in our production line to provide high quality technology.


3. Well organized workshops and anti-dust welding environment is essential for good quality weldment.


 Butt welding with 100% backing gas protection for solar water heater tank

1).CE, CCC, ISO9001, ROHS, Solar Keymark, approved


 2).Germany bluetec eta absorber:

     Available for rooftop, roof integration, freestanding, façade large-scale installation.

  Solar Water Geyser

     High efficiency: Bluetec absorber with highly selective vacuum coating, together with maximum light

     transmission low-iron safety glass, achieving 95% absorption and 5% emission.


     Long service life(25 years) with low emittance and good corrosion resistance, long-term durability.


    4.0mm low-iron solar glass with max. Light transmission, which is meet to the European requirement.

    Permanently sealed and high stability through all-round folded aluminum frame and seamless pane seal.

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Q:Is solar collector directly using solar energy?
Most of the solar water heaters are equipped with electric auxiliary heating function, when the rainy weather will automatically start when the electric heating function.
Q:What is the principle of thermal conversion of solar collectors?
the direct use of solar radiant energy, there are basically four ways, namely, solar energy - heat conversion, solar energy - electrical conversion, solar energy - chemical conversion and solar energy - biomass conversion, which solar Light-heat conversion is currently the most mature technology, the most cost-effective, and therefore the most widely used form
Q:What is the working principle of flat solar collectors?
At the same time, due to the temperature of the heat absorber, through the transparent cover and the shell to the environment heat loss, constitute a flat solar collector heat loss.
Q:The characteristics of flat solar collectors
easy to achieve with the combination of building components. Coupled with its collector plate for the metal material, can be easily used wire, welding and other connections, for the installation, maintenance and use to provide a convenient. Second, has a high thermal efficiency.
Q:Solar collectors and tank water can not cycle what is the reason
If the exhaust valve is not installed, theoretically through the collector outlet pipe directly discharged to the tank, the water part of the pipeline gas block the possibility is not large.
Q:With the tonnage of solar collectors and air to hot water which power consumption
This question relates to what assistance is to be used in the hot water project of the solar collector, as well as the location and duration of the project. If you do not use auxiliary heating equipment, there is no doubt that the solar collector hot water project power consumption is minimal, but due to the uncertainty of the sun
Q:How can solar collector system prevent wind?
Solar collectors are the core components of the solar thermal system. Solar collectors absorb light from solar radiation, generate a lot of heat, provide a steady stream of power, it is like people's "heart", the heart once stopped beating, people Can not live, then the solar collector once damaged, the hot water system will lose their vitality
Q:What is a trough solar collector?
As a high-temperature collector, can get a higher collector temperature, can be used for power generation, refrigeration and air conditioning, heating, desalination and other production and living areas.
Q:Vacuum tube for solar collectors
Start fast: heat pipe heat capacity, in the sun a few minutes after the output of heat; and in the cloudy weather, than other water heaters can produce more hot water.
Q:Flat solar collector is a good blue film, or good black chrome? It is best to specify.
However, the current plating black chrome process, the current density (15 ~ 200A / dm2), the solution conductivity is poor, plating will produce a lot of Joule heat, cooling and ventilation need to maintain normal production. In addition, the black chrome plated in the non-copper pieces, you need to pre-copper, and then plating bright nickel, and finally black chrome, the higher production costs.

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