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Q:traditional colonial rug hooking?
It can be called punch rug or rug hooking also have heard it called by other names that are used just in certain regions of the country. With a rug hook you reach through a hole you make in the fabric, grab hold of the fabric underneath and pull loops of the fabric(or yarn )through to the top of the fabric to make a loop. It is usually done with burlap backing, or you can buy rug backing made especially for it. For punch rugs you have a tool that the material or yarn is threaded though. You push it through the rug backing and hold one hand underneath to hold onto the loop so it won't pull out when the punch is pulled back out and moved to make the next hole. Aunt Lydia Yarn Co used to sell a lot of the kits to make them and also the patterned rug backing along with how much yarn you would need to make them, but I think they totally dropped that line. If the loops are made too closely together the rug won't lay flat, it will buckle from too much material being forced into too small an area. I have made over 40 hook rugs and easily twice that many punch rugs over the past 35 years. Have made them with wool material cut into narrow strips, cotton material and cotton or polyester yarns too. They are fun and can last for a lot of years. It takes a lot of patience and doesn't take long before you can get the hang of how closely to place the loops. Have 3 upstairs now that I keep putting off starting because of a lot of other projects I need to finish first.
Q:Can anyone give me a list of notable stories involving magic carpets?
Magic carpets have appeared in literature from almost Biblical times through the present day. The popularity of One Thousand and One Nights brought magic carpets to the attention of Western audiences. The literary traditions of several other cultures also feature magical carpets. The magic carpet of Tangu, also called Prince Housain's carpet was a seemingly worthless carpet from Tangu in Persia that acted as a magic carpet. It was featured in tales from One Thousand and One Nights. ....
Q:How do I secure a bath rug on the floor from slipping?
try the shelving liners you get for your kitchen cabinets that are kinda tacky..(its like some type of soft plasticy-foam)depends on what kind of floor you have. just check out different types...dollar store's the best place to look. hope this helps. :)
Q:Will rug doctor work on my heavily stained carpet?
they're great for accepted cleansing of the carpet, yet what gets the stains out is the cleansing product itself. There are spot removers and so on, yet I frequently in basic terms use Bissell rug and carpet shampoo. positioned some drops on a sponge and pass over the spots. you may locate which you do no longer even might desire to apply the device after all. stable success! :)
Q:Can a pressure washer be used to clean a rug?
Absolutley! I do it all the time and have no problems. I use a mild detergent for this and it works great.
Q:what carpet pad is best to buy?
Depends on the type of carpet your purchasing. Regular residential carpet such as you textures and plushes, the thickest carpet makers allow you to go is 7/16. The pad poundage is one of the most important things. They warranty no carpet under a 5 1/2# pad. Firmer is better such as a 6/8 or 10# pad for standard carpet. Walk on each density in stocking feet under the carpetr sample of the carpet you choose. There are different types of pad. There is the standard rebond made up of bits and pcs of foam. Usually this come from auto seat cushions ( scrap) and some times other places. This pad is just ok and will work. But every so often ( and its rare) you ll get a hard chunk of padding. Manufacturers will not warrenty any carpet put on anything thicker than 7/16 and rated less than 5 1/2#. Then you have a pad made specifically for carpet. No lumps or pcs. Good stuff. Then you can get some made that water will not penatrate it. Usually called pet or kid proof pad, or a similar name.Must be specially installed. Then there is rubber pad, some times guarenteed for the life of your house. Expensive and can be stiff since this is usually in the 20 # range. Berbers and commercial grade type of carpet is basically the same types of pad but the thickest you can go is 3/8 and a minimum or 8# density. All these pads are rated so that the backing material on the carpet doesn t break dont prematurely. So padding does matter and makes a differance. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:whats the difference between turnout and stable rugs?
What differentiates blankets are three things; the denier, how the blanket is woven (the shape of the fabric (Weatherbeeta uses diamonds, Rambo are tiny tiny squares, and other brands are large squares) and the fill. IF you READ what both of those blankets say they are both 200g fill. Which is the same exact thing. In America, 200g is considered a midweight blanket. The first link is their older model. The second link was last year's model (which is now being discontinued for this coming year's new model). Shires blankets have one of the highest deniers on the market, and they use balistic nylon (so virtually indestructible). The oh so beloved Rambo brand only goes up to a 1680, but most of their blankets average 1200D. Definitions of blankets: Sheet - NO FILL, Turnout Light - 100G fill, turnout, also known as a California light Medium - 200G fill, turnout Heavy - 300G-500G depending on the country. Stable blankets, sheets, rugs, whatever, are meant for the stable. Like the name insinuates. People call blankets whatever they want. To each person a rug may mean something different. A sheet is not a light, because a light would have fill.
Q:Where are the rugs in sims 2?
There aren't any.
cold rag and lotion for about 5-7 days
Q:where to buy this carpet?
If its not on the Abbey site there are only 2 reasons for this.. The carpet is no longer made and discontinued or who ever you bought the carpet from has private labeled the carpet so no one shopping for an Abbey carpet ( or any thing else in their store) won t be able to cross shop and price compare. Big box stores are know to do this and some mom and pop stores. I never did. Now a suggestion.. Pull up the carpet and the pad. The pad is probably ruined. The carpet is more often than now salvageable if you can get it to dry. Or get a professional carpet cleaner in to vac out the carpet. they may be able to pull out enough water and along w/ fans and a dehumidifier, you may be able to save it. Most home owners policy's cover flood damage, its worth a call. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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