soft fleece door mat

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RoHS,REACH certifications
luxurious comfort and high water absorbent
Different color,different size

1)Model Number



Coral fleece+meory foam+coral fleece


40*60cm,50*80cm,60*90cm and any other sizes as your required

4)memory foam thickness


5)OEM size


6)Backing Material



as photos


Anti-slip, water absorbability,strong cleaning ability,washable, no shrink

no fade etc.


Bathroom, bedroom, parlor, toilet, decoration, movie house, outdoor etc.


500sqm/design, no matter the size


100pcs /box

12)Payment Terms

T/T, L/C



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Q:Help me find this rug!!?
In some cases you can buy the individual squares and stick them down...check places like Lowes and Home Depot. All of these are safe to use online!!!
Q:Carpet Fresh?
He might be allergic to it! Change it to a different one.
Q:Where can i find an area rug that looks like ocean waves, or the ocean? I am making a Pirate Themed room.?
I give up me swashbuckling days long ago, lad. Now I runs a bakeshop in Portobello what brings in a pretty penny and many a gold doubloon besides. Me goods is well-liked an' me prices notoriously high. What? You never heard o' the pie-rates of the Caribbean?
Q:Should I replace house with wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles or area rugs?
Wall to wall carpet is less expensive then carpet tiles or area rugs. I saw someone else answered about home improvement centers offering fixed prices on labor. As with all things there is now free lunch. These fixed price on labor deals do not include items that will need to be taken care of, moving of furniture, measuring the house prior to installation, removing and disposing of old material, installation on stairs etc. And the cost for the carpet and padding are inflated to more then make up for any savings on the installation. The best way to purchase anything like this is to compare the bottom line price for the entire job, all materials and the installation. My company sells discounted carpet and we are normally 30 percent lower then the home improvement centers.
Q:Do carpet shampooers mold your carpet?
If the carpet isn't hairy, and you don't smell anything odd, tell your Mom, The carpets fine. And get the dog trained, or that will cause an odor. She's old enough to be completely housebroken.
Q:is there any good solution to the lots of dust on the carpet?
Put a few more water to make the air is moist.
Q:Deep cleaning my carpet?
Carpeting Think about it for a second, when you put shampoo in your hair, do you not rinse it out. Many products on the market are a rip off, and this foaming spray is one of them. The carpet needs to be hot water rinsed and extracted to come clean, and no, this does not hurt the carpet.
Q:S.O.S! How do you clean a shag rug?
Judging by your picture.. I would just throw it out and get a new one.
Q:Does a rug pad have to have the exact dimensions as the rug?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Does a rug pad have to have the exact dimensions as the rug? I'm thinking about buying a 9'2 x 12' 11 rug, but there are no rug pads with these dimensions. The closest pad size would be 8 x 10. Is it okay that the rug pad doesn't fit exactly with the rug or do I need to get a custom rug pad?
Q:Wet carpet due to leakage - remove carpet to prevent mould?
Since you are a tenant, the carpet is the owner's property. You didn't mention if the wet spot smelled like mold so I am going to assume your answer would be yes. Since it has not been wet for very long from you, it may have gotten wet and moldy from a prior tenant and when it got wet from you, it reactivated the mold smell. The important thing is to get the water off the carpet from the top and under. If you have a wet/dry vac, vacuum as much as you can. You can also put towels down on the wet carpet and step on it. Keep doing that until you get up as much moisture as you can. What professionals do once that is done is they lift the carpet up and have a fan facing the wet carpet. The moving air will help dry it. You should not lift the carpet up yourself so you don't risk doing any damage to the carpet and have to pay for it yourself. As a tenant I would suggest you let the landlord take care of it. Make sure you put it in writing, depending on how responsive your landlord is. Date the letter and keep a copy for yourself. If the landlord does not take care of it within a reasonable period of time, you can call a professional and deduct it from your rent. If you do not have all of it in writing, you are not protected by tenant laws. I'm not sure what is considered a reasonable period of time for wet carpet.

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