Soft Aluminum Foil for Lidding with 8011 Alloy

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Grade: 8011 Surface Treatment: Mill Finish Shape: Coil
Temper: Soft Application: Seal & Closure,Food

Product Description:


Aluminum foil is widely used in lidding, Because the good anti heat and anti wet specification, it's very good for bottle lids, such as yorgut.The main alloy is 8011 or 8079 with soft temper.


2.Specification and Application




Alloy8011/ 8079
Core ID76mm / 152mm


Chemical Composition


Alolly 8011% Maximum



Tensile strength80~150Mpa



3. Advantages

 This is our regular products, we always the raw materials in our warehouse, so the production time much shorter. Meanwhile, our production team are in professional learning and studying. Good quality and best price is our final goal.


4. Pictures


Aluminum Foil for Medicine Packaging

Aluminum Foil for Medicine Packaging


5. FAQ


How about delivery time?

Normally production time need about 30~40days, and Ocean time need about 10~30days..

How about minimum order quantity?

Usually it's 3tons per size. But if we have stock, it can be negotiated.




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Q:The chemical composition of aluminum foil
The aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil paper adhered to the paper.The adhesive compound together with paper made of paper and aluminum foil. Used for cigarettes, candy and other packaging.
Q:Which kind of machine can produce aluminium tinfoil?
There are special machines with different exteriors and diferent names, which can called as tinfoil container punch.
Q:Which is lighter steel or aluminum framed bikes?
Aluminum is lighter but some bike companies are designing frames with cromoly / steel that is light, they make the frames thiiner but strong to close the weight of an aluminum frame. Try to canvass first to reputable bike shop, they will assist you on your needs. Beware of some Bike dealers that the only thing in mind is just to sell w/o assisting you properly.
Q:Would aluminum nails rust????
Aluminium is a chemical element and metal. Aluminium nails would be nails made of this elements. Corrosion/rust is the contact of metals with oxygen (another chemical element and part of the air around us), the process is alled oxidation. The best example is the metal iron reacting with oxygen from the air and the result would be rust. (it works better with water as ths contains more of the element oxygen). The surface becomes reddish-brown and briddle, more oxygen can penetrate the metal and in the end the piece of metal breaks, it rustes away. Alumumium does react withs oxygen but only on the surfcae, in common language you could say its rusts. The surface than looks greyish. But in comparison to iron this forms a protecting layer on the surface of the aluminum, no oxygen can get deeper and the aluminium stays stable. That is one of the reason airplanes are made of a very pure aluminium. They should not rust.
Q:How is the aluminum foil used in the daily life?
2, plastic composite film, used in food, chemicals, packaging, and other areas of military supplies is very wide, said earlier on milk and such a sterile bag, it is made of aluminum foil and high strength, heat-sealable plastic film composite made with barrier, mechanical and sealing performance.
Q:Adhesion of aluminum and glass
Firstly, clean them up and then use bi-component polyurethane structural adhesive to spice them. Make the appearance of fiberglass polished and clean.The appearance of aluminum foil would better be anodized to make it have good tenacity and strength.
Q:Why isn't aluminium used for electrical wiring?
Aluminum is the electrical conductor of choice for high voltage, high-power applications. However, its use in low voltage, residential applications is very limited. Aluminum offers excellent conductivity, is light in weight (a major factor in both installation and also in sizing the structures that hold conductors), and is relatively inexpensive. But aluminum has two characteristics that are problematic. 1. Cold flow: this is the property that results from aluminum being a fairly soft material. When it is subjected to pressure, for example in an electrical connection, aluminum tends to gradually conform to the pressure that is applied in the joint, with the result that over time, the joint becomes loose. A loose joint presents more resistance, and current through resistance produces heat. In the 1950's, there were attempts to use aluminum wiring in residential applications, but there were many instances of fires that resulted from these loosened connections. It is possible to overcome the cold flow problem by using special connectors that apply constant pressure (basically, spring-loaded fittings), but these are not practical in low-voltage residential applications. 2. Oxidation: when aluminum oxidizes, it forms a non-conducting skin that is essentially invisible. This oxide can further increase the resistance in a connection and add to the fire hazard. The solution to this problem is to use special conducting grease in the connection - the grease seals the surface from air to prevent further oxidation, and fine zinc particles in the grease penetrate any oxide layer that might already be there to reduce resistance. Unfortunately, the use of conducting grease is also inappropriate for residential low-voltage applications. Today, aluminum conductors are commonly used for the main service entrance in a home.. But aluminum wire is no used for ordinary lighting and receptacle circuits.
Q:Who knows the price of 3m conductive aluminum foil tape?
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of aluminium film and aluminium foil film for waterproof coiled material
1, at present our waterproof material standard seems to have no aluminum foil surface waterproof coiled material, the original self-adhesive coil has a variety is aluminum foil, before, it seems that SBS modified asphalt roll also has a kind. The thickness of aluminum foil affects the mechanical properties of the coil, and can not be compared without standard.2, aluminum film is in PE or PET plastic film on the aluminum plating, and its essence belongs to plastic film, in exposed use, generally two years plastic film will aging, completely lost the original reflection effect.
Q:The practice of roasting beef with foil
3. add a small amount of water starch4. mix well and marinate for more than 20 minutes5. add the ground black pepper until done6., add the amount of cooking oil

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