Sofa Pillow Cushion with Beautiful Painting

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Product Description:

Your best support and most comfortable place to lay your head on. A lovely decorative item in the living room, a companion for your travel whether by air, train, car ,or boat. It will stretch and mould into every part of your body in need of support. Our Unique design cushions are so cuddly and huggable, you will not want to put them down. it's a great gift idea for everyone. This is an extremely soft and comfortable cushion which moulds into any position and is surprisingly supportive





Product name

ational flag funny car neck pillow with foam beads

Iten number



Covering:92%polyester+8%spandex, as you

requires,Stuffed beads: 100% polystyrene

beads with the diameter at 0.3-0.5MM or

0.5-0.8MM, which have passed the EN71

Test and can reach to the food grade.

HS Code:9404909000




30X30CM or customized


Great for use in the car, plane, train, etc. help you sleep, protect your neck, let you have a good journey you will not find a more comfortable pillow! Beads cushion protect your neck and your body, its very useful for Travel, Car, Home, Office.




48pcs/ctn 88*45*1825px 40HQ:11520PCS

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Company advantages

1.One of the Biggest manufactory in micro beads pillow

2.8 years experience in this area

3.We can effectively manage quality and production cycles.

4.high quality and attractive price than others

5.Have the technical maturity to develop new products


Pillow and Cushion



OEM & ODM is welcome


Best Choice for keep warm/Picnic/Travel/Camping/Bedding/Weekend party

/Promotional gifts/Employee awards/Airline/kid/Pet/watching TV



Eco-friendly/Fashion/Slim fit/No fading/Durable/Breathable/ AZO free

/low cadmium/Phthalates free/Nickel Free/Anti-Pilling /Anti-oil/Mildew 

/Anti-wrinkle/Shrink-proof/Anti-bacterial and deodorant/Waterproof coating

/Flame retardant coating/Anti-Static  



Our products can pass AZO and Lead free, PAHS free, Phthalates free

Formaldehyde free, Cadmium free, Color Fastness(4-5Grade), Disperse Dyestuffs

Dimension Stability, Flame retardant according to FAR 25.853 for airline blanket.

Please just feel free to contact us for more details.


Regular Material

Surface :

1)Polar fleece,Coral fleece ,Plush fleece,Suede Fleece(100% polyester)

2) Sweatshirt material(100% cotton/80%cotton/65%cotton/35%cotton)

3)Polyester velvet fabric/Flocking fabric

4)Microfiber fabric 

5)Satin/man-made silks

6) polyester nylon/210D/170T/190T/420D/600D


Lining:Non woven fabric


Filling:PP cotton/Memory foam/Inflatable/Polystyrene Beads  


Customized materials are available,please just feel free to

contact us for more materials


We also offer custom accessories such as wash tag, hand tag, size lable, woven 

damask lable,printed damask lable,silicone sticker, plastic tag, polyethylene 

ziplock reclosed bag

Regular Size




Customized sizes are available,please just feel free to

contact us for more sizes


Produced as per PANTONE color number or CMYK

Logo Artwork

For the high quality logo design,AI,PDF,CDR,PSD file format is prefer 


Offset printing/Silk screen printing/Digital heat transfer 

printing/Reactive Printing/Flexo printing/Digital printing/Sublimation heat printing

/Rubber printing/Foaming printing  


Traditional embroidery/ Flat embroidery/3D embroidery/Patch embroidery

/Stitch embroidery/Pattern embroidery/Towel embroidery 


1000pcs for regular style of pillows or can be negotiated 

Production capacity

200000pcs per month for regular style of pillows

Factory Certificate




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Q:What benefit does an office cushion do to your waist?
Both in peacetime and discreet shall reduce stoop. Because when you bend forward, your waist will move, and if you bend over and over again, once you protect the fibrous ring of the nucleus pulposus, it may cause disc degeneration and even rupture, especially in the back of the weak. The healthy intervertebral disc can transmit the upper body weight evenly to the lower vertebral body, and plays the role of buffering shock when the body is vertical. Sometimes, if you have to bend, you can use the knee bend instead of crouching. Simply speaking, bend your knees as much as possible without bending.
Q:Bamboo silk cushion and cushion comfort which good?.
Personally, I think VEKA is good material, feel, color and degree, good material, you can consider the good VEKA.
Q:What kind of personality does not have sofa cushion?
Sofa cushions change the style of decorationThe sofa cushions the main shapes of square, round, heart-shaped, triangle, crescent and a variety of animal and cartoon, but most families will use a square cushion.In the same shape, the change of design can change the original style of decoration. If you pursue the active life of the post-90s, you can also put some sofa cushions with non mainstream elements in your home, or put some cushions with unique shapes, which will highlight your youthful vigor and personality.
Q:The wool cushion is yellow. How do you clean it?
Wool cushion cleaning method two, dry cleaning spray can also fade macularHalf a year placed some wool cushion in addition to the dirty outside, the individual parts also appeared in the macular area is not large, and grease, to the cleaners and a little waste, in fact this small part of the spots and grease can clean up yourself.The first method is to prepare a clean brush, dip a small amount of wool in the household with a brush, and then gently wipe the spots and grease until the dirt color fades. Remove the dirt is not Everything will be fine., but also with a clean towel dipped in water or water with a little liquid soap, the former wool dry cleaning agent and dirt mixed body wash. Repeat this step several times, and be careful not to soak the skin of the cushion. After cleaning, put in a cool place to dry.If there is no special wool dry cleaning agent can also use dry cleaning sprays, shake to spot injection, such as foam after dry, with a clean towel or with sticks beat, will suck powder to remove stains. If the effect is not obvious, repeat it several times.
Q:What brand of office chair cushion is good?
There are no specially famous brand products on the cushion, which need to be judged by personal experience, and everyone feels different.
Q:How to open the box under the seat scooter
Now a lot of new cars are also integrated in the front seat lock to lock, as long as the key inserted into the front lock, do not press down, you can open the screw directly left seat, but also some special models such as the joy of Wuyang Honda 100, need to insert the key lock screw to press towards the left and then can open the seat.
Q:The cushion of the car is good linen. Ice or good
Ice silk moisture with human skin physiological requirements. With smooth, cool, breathable, anti-static, colorful and so on. Ice and mildew, pest control, anti-static, no radiation effect. The ice with nature, silk cotton quality, is a typical ecological fiber, derived from natural and superior natural. Ice cool pad use feeling with flax Liangdian is very similar, just feel more soft, color is also very elegant.The same price of the car seat, linen, silk cushion above thousands of good.
Q:Leather seat, seat cushion or you need to add
The protective measures will result in the change of the fibrous tissue in the dermis, leading to the destruction of the original protective oil film, such as drying, aging, hardening, crazing and decoloration. In addition, even if some owners have adopted some conservation measures, if the method is improper, it may also damage the leather surface and affect its service life.
Q:How to properly maintain the car's leather cushion?
Leather cushion and leather sofa maintenance1: Leather strong absorption, should pay attention to antifouling, it is best to use leather softener in spring and autumn festival. Usually wipe the sofa, do not rub vigorously, so as not to hurt the epidermis.2: every week with a clean towel dipped in water, wring dry, leather light swab, and then dry, and then special leather oil polishing.3: if the phenomenon of holes, rags and burning, should ask professional personage to fill up.4: Leather should be placed in ventilated and dry place, not water cleaning or washing, avoid damp, mildew and moth.
Q:Brocade brocade cushion how to wash? How can I clean the silk quilt?
Silk clothes should be hung for storage. The boxes and cabinets for storing clothes should be kept clean and dry. Try to seal them well to prevent dust pollution. Don't sprinkle deodorant or perfume. Don't put camphor balls. Preservation of silk clothing, thin underwear, shirts, trousers, skirts, pajamas and so on, first wash, ironing, and then collect. For the inconvenience and the autumn and winter clothing, jacket, dress to wash clean with dry cleaning, ironing, to prevent mildew and moth. After ironing, can also play the role of sterilizing, ironing clothes drying to seven or eight into dry and then evenly spray water for 3 to 5 minutes, and then hot pressing, temperature should be controlled between 130 degrees to 140 degrees, the iron should not directly touch the silk surface, so as to avoid the aurora, must be on with a layer of wet and hot, to prevent the high temperature to make the silk crisp, even burnt.You can choose our silk hair net washing silk fabric, neutral formula, and contains compliant components, protection of silk and wool fiber is not damaged, no deformation after washing clothes, soft anti-static; contains a special brightening factor, so bright as new clothes, often wash.

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