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Sodium Gluconate

Sodium Gluconate is suitable to apply in high temperature season, long distance transportation, and pump concrete; also appropriate for mass concrete, self-leveling concrete and high strength high performance concrete, etc.

High workability, no segregation, no water bleeding.
Improve the concrete breaking strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus and adhesiveness to the steel bar.
Improve concrete durability performance, such as anti-seepage, anti-freezing and anti-carbonization.
Avoid cement initial hydration, extending cement and concrete setting and retaining time.
Non-toxicity, non-inflammable, non-corrosion to the steel bar.

Application range
It's widely applied in concrete requiring extended setting time, mould concrete and mass casting concrete.

It can be applied as a retarding component for producing retarding superplasticizer.
Compatible with Naphthalene Superplasticizer, Amino Sulfuric Acid Superplasticizer and Air-entraining Agent.

Technical Specifications


Required Parameter Value in the Standard

Test result of our product

Visual Appearance

White or yellowish crystal powder

White or yellowish crystal powder

Loss on drying (%)



Purity (%)

98.0 – 102.0


Reducing Substances (%)



Heavy Metal (Pb), ug/g



Sulfate, %



Chloride, %



Lead, ug/g



Arsenic, ug/g



pH Value



Package, Storage & Handling
It's packed in fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 25kg +/- 0.13 kg.
Cautions should be taken to avoid moisture and water while being delivered or storaged, since it's soluble in water.
It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry.

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Q:When using cement mortar, why is its bearing capacity lower than the same strength grade mixed mortar masonry masonry?
Mixed mortar due to the addition of lime paste to improve the workability of the mortar, the operation is more convenient, is conducive to masonry and work efficiency improvement During the construction process more than the use of mortar instead of gray mortar cement mortar, so mixed mortar can also be called to add mortar king of cement mortar However, with the increase in engineering experience, in the actual work found that the use of mortar Wang mixed mortar although the cost savings, but the masonry strength of the situation found that, especially for some brick and concrete structure, affecting the broad masses of the people The safety of life All around the introduction of the relevant local requirements, in general construction is strictly prohibited But the advantages of mortar king is obvious, so a lot of material workers, but also tireless efforts to this research Effect mortar king, can be 1 to 1000 instead of lime A ton of this product can replace a thousand tons of lime Mixing each bag of cement mixed mortar only need to put this product 50 grams (accounting for one thousandth of the amount of cement) For the construction unit to save a lot of construction funds, this product is mainly used for construction works in the masonry and plastering construction The product has to improve the workability of mortar, improve strength Impermeable to cancel the lime or lime paste, reduce construction costs, improve the working environment and so on And environmental protection, is a new green building materials So you can see the mortar king because of green, will gradually replace the mixed with white ash mortar
Q:Lime in the building materials in the role and the main application
Lime water retention, good plasticity, engineering is often used to improve the water retention of mortar to overcome the shortcomings of cement mortar poor water retention
Q:What is the difference between cement, plaster and concrete and what are their characteristics? did not.
The main component of cement is that clay is one of the main aggregates of concrete. The lime soil is a mineralized soil with ashing deposits. It is characterized by the presence of active iron, aluminum, amorphous clay and humus in the section; the layer is bleached; the soil is wet or wet; the texture is the spindle Loam or sandy; has a high degree of cation exchange and a lower salt content depending on pH. Concrete refers to the use of cement as a cementitious material, sand, stone for the aggregate; and water (with or without additives and admixtures) according to a certain proportion of condensation
Q:Are those materials in the construction project required to be tested?
As long as you are on the use of materials on the site need to do experiments, such as concrete, sand, stone, cement should be sent to the laboratory to do experiments, the laboratory will be out of concrete mix, if you need to use steel bars, Room to do the experiment, after the completion of the information inside to pay the experimental data, if not the experimental data convulsions Emperor Chi Gao gambling astronomical performance, the Audit Bureau will not recognize.
Q:Cement mortar ground lining non-metallic wear-resistant material is what it means
With the combination of high strength with the metal, easy construction, facade is not flowing, curing without shrinkage, wear resistance and other characteristics
Q:Now what is the general use of indoor plaster material? Please advise, thank you
General plaster general plaster used by the material are lime mortar, cement mortar, cement mortar, polymer cement mortar, knife knife ash, paper lime, plaster gypsum, etc
Q:JS waterproof paint how, advantages and disadvantages of what are each?
There are many types of waterproof paint, choose a suitable coating is the most important thing. It is well known that waterproof coatings are basically generic and do not specify which is the best, only the most suitable. JS full name is the cement-based polymer waterproof coating, is a country to promote a more products, can be directly cold construction, and more suitable for bathroom and other indoor waterproof, can be constructed on a wet substrate. Yu Xiang waterproof recommended when you use the material a lot of attention to the location and the base situation ~
Q:Construction site masonry mortar requirements M5 should be how to configure how the calculation is very urgent Thank you, ah
M5 mixed mortar weight ratio of water: cement: sand: mixed material = 320: 260: 1440: . unit: kg
Q:1 ton of inorganic insulation mortar is equal to how many cubic
glass beads insulation mortar, a cubic of about 500 kg, converted to a ton for 2 cubic
Q:What is the difference between inorganic incombustible mortar and FTC insulation mortar? Is it the same material?
low thermal conductivity, good thermal stability

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