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Sodium Gluconate

Sodium Gluconate is suitable to apply in high temperature season, long distance transportation, and pump concrete; also appropriate for mass concrete, self-leveling concrete and high strength high performance concrete, etc.

High workability, no segregation, no water bleeding.
Improve the concrete breaking strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus and adhesiveness to the steel bar.
Improve concrete durability performance, such as anti-seepage, anti-freezing and anti-carbonization.
Avoid cement initial hydration, extending cement and concrete setting and retaining time.
Non-toxicity, non-inflammable, non-corrosion to the steel bar.

Application range
It's widely applied in concrete requiring extended setting time, mould concrete and mass casting concrete.

It can be applied as a retarding component for producing retarding superplasticizer.
Compatible with Naphthalene Superplasticizer, Amino Sulfuric Acid Superplasticizer and Air-entraining Agent.

Technical Specifications


Required Parameter Value in the Standard

Test result of our product

Visual Appearance

White or yellowish crystal powder

White or yellowish crystal powder

Loss on drying (%)



Purity (%)

98.0 – 102.0


Reducing Substances (%)



Heavy Metal (Pb), ug/g



Sulfate, %



Chloride, %



Lead, ug/g



Arsenic, ug/g



pH Value



Package, Storage & Handling
It's packed in fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 25kg +/- 0.13 kg.
Cautions should be taken to avoid moisture and water while being delivered or storaged, since it's soluble in water.
It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry.

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Q:What is the difference between cement, plaster and concrete and what are their characteristics? did not.
First of all you want to know what is concrete? (Concrete, referred to as "concrete" (refers to the rods of the red bar to pay a thick poem rape stream tóng) ": refers to the cement material will aggregate into the overall composition of the composite material collectively refers to the term" concrete " With cement as a cementitious material, sand, stone for the aggregate; and water (with or without admixtures and admixtures) by this definition can know that the mortar is a kind of concrete. But the name is different. It is necessary to have water to participate in the process of hardening. It is a chemical reaction. The final product is hydrated calcium silicate lime is a kind of gas hardening material. In the process of hardening to have air to participate in. The composition is mainly carbon dioxide, and it is also a chemical change, and the final product is calcium carbonate.
Q:What is the difference between a waterproofing agent and a waterproof coating?
Waterproof coating is directly used for the construction of waterproof layer of waterproof slurry, such as the dragon one-component polyurethane waterproof coating directly open cans to form a waterproof layer; waterproof agent is the main field of tattoo fool algae add each other to the concrete, Cement mortar and other materials which increase its waterproof performance of a waterproof additive.
Q:Civil building insulation materials, combustion performance grade A What is the material
A non-combustible inorganic insulation mortar glass wool foam glass plate foam ceramic plate aerated concrete plate rock wool board (Article) B1 flame retardant powder polystyrene particles insulation mortar PU phenolic resin board black EPS board B1 level white EPS board B2 combustible B2 grade white EPS board XPS board B3 flammable
Q:Do the wall waterproofing can be directly on the brick brush on a layer of waterproof material on it
If it has been posted outside the brick, there is water, you can brush a layer of water on the brick.
Q:Glass beads insulation mortar need to do test pieces or raw materials re-examination?
Yes, the raw material testing, with the conditions of the test block should be, with the conditions of 300x300x30 do lead to each other, Strength, thermal conductivity.
Q:I would like to check, I would like to ask C25, C20 with more than how to check, there are mortar M5 cement, mixed mortar how to check, the need for any material.
Similarly, cement and sand are also required to be tested
Q:Are those materials in the construction project required to be tested?
As long as you are on the use of materials on the site need to do experiments, such as concrete, sand, stone, cement should be sent to the laboratory to do experiments, the laboratory will be out of concrete mix, if you need to use steel bars, Room to do the experiment, after the completion of the information inside to pay the experimental data, if not the experimental data convulsions Emperor Chi Gao gambling astronomical performance, the Audit Bureau will not recognize.
Q:Cement mortar ground lining non-metallic wear-resistant material is what it means
High-performance wear-resistant non-metallic materials, alumina ceramic ball, silicon carbide ball, quartz and other composite resin composition of the composite composition of high-performance wear-resistant repair agent
Q:The use of lime mortar as the wall paint material, after a period of time, there have been protruding radial cracks, try to analyze the reasons
Construction methods: plastering before the wall to clean up the dust, oil and other debris, plastering two days before the wall should be full of wet weight 碃 度 郛 Road shop bar care, but no water Plastering, mortar consistency should be moderate; in transit, the mortar from the Xixi, to re-artificial mixing; wipe the wall of the mortar layer is too thin, not with dry cement powder to absorb moisture, must be eradicated; Plastering sand must be in the sand, mud content of not more than 5%
Q:What is the best bathroom waterproof material? Whether the bathroom is a web or a paint
Bathroom waterproof really worth noting. The bathroom to do the lack of water to remind the Jujiao angle drowned with hair, in addition to materials, is the waterproof process. Everyone's opinion is that the responsibility of the decoration workers, the level of technology is also worth noting. On the current market, most of the waterproof paint, not necessarily brand ring, the price of the product is good, choose the right is the best. The membrane is not suitable for use in the room, not environmentally friendly. Now the indoor bathroom waterproof usually use flexible waterproof paint to do, more environmentally friendly, quality is also more reliable, regardless of the kind of material waterproof, as long as the do after the next closed water test, 24 hours to check no leakage no problem.

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