SMPS Switching Power Supply 12V 5A 60 Watt with CE ROHS

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Product Description:

Output Power

51 - 100W

Output Type


Input Voltage

110 or 220

Output Voltage


Output Frequency


Output Current






Good quality with good price

Built-in EMI filter

Low output ripple noise

Protection:Over load.Over Voltage.short circuit



1.Low price and high reliability

2.Built-in EMI filter

3.Low output ripple noise

4.2:1 wide input range

5.Protectio cirns Over load.short circuit

6.1500VDC I/O isolation

7.DC adjustment range,less than 10% rated output voltage

8.Line regulation (full load)>0.5%

9.Output over load protection 1055~150% hiccup

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Q:What is the relationship between the output voltage of the switching power supply and the PWM signal?
Brother ~ ~ give you advice ~ ~ power problem is not so good ~ ~ ~ Switching power supply output voltage is controlled by the PWM duty cycle to achieve the adjustment ~ When the pulse width, duty cycle increases, the output voltage increases, otherwise ~ ~
Q:Switching power supply where to buy? Is there a recommended shop?
Switching power supply to buy Mingwei, good quality and durable. But the market is also a lot of Weiwei fake, pay attention to identify.
Q:Is switching power and transformer the same thing?
Switching power supply is used to control the switch through the circuit for high-speed pass and cut off. The conversion of direct current into high-frequency alternating current is provided to the transformer for voltage change to produce the required group or groups of voltages. The transformer is voltage-converted by magnetic coupling. The switching power supply is in a field and can not be used instead of the transformer. Output without transformer, rectifier, filter, regulator way pure.
Q:Isolation switch power supply and non-isolated switching power supply advantages and disadvantages,
Isolation type: Advantages: before and after the isolation, after the level of the earth without dangerous voltage, the output voltage can be equal to the input voltage or can contain a range of input voltage Disadvantages: larger, or the same size of the power smaller Scope of application: the occasion of electricity supply (such as computer power); signal detection to isolate the collection of occasions (such as electrocardiograph)
Q:Switching power supply isolated design, what is the meaning of isolation?
In simple terms, isolation means that electrical insulation is insulated from each other and can not be directly energized. The purpose of isolation is generally for safety reasons, and not isolated in the security is not guaranteed (the internal circuit is a channel, will be direct conductivity), but not isolated also has its benefits, that is, the line is simple, relatively isolated products It is more efficient.
Q:I have a switching power supply JMD20 ~ d1 I will not use: how two AC input? What is FG?
Fg is the power supply and the earth (that is, the chassis) connected; g1 and V1 is a group (g1 for this road negative, V1 is the positive); the two ac terminals through the power cord can be directly connected to the socket, no positive and negative points; G2 and V2 are a group (g2 for this negative side, V2 is positive). Switching power supply is the use of modern power electronics technology to control the switch on and off the time ratio, to maintain a stable output voltage of a power supply, switching power supply generally by the pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET composition. With the power electronics technology development and innovation, making switching power supply technology is constantly innovating. At present, the switching power supply to small, lightweight and efficient features are widely used almost all of the electronic equipment, electronic information industry is the rapid development of an indispensable power supply.
Q:The meaning of the lines of the computer switching power supply
Blue: on behalf of -12V power cord (to the serial port to provide EIA power) White: on behalf of -5V power line (floppy lock phase data separation circuit) Purple: on behalf of +5.5 StandBy power cord (shut down after the motherboard for a small part of the circuit to provide power to detect a variety of boot commands) Green: on behalf of the PS-ON signal line (motherboard power on / off signal line, when there is a certain voltage is not connected, you can directly switch to a black line as a test, you can also see the boot button when the boot) Black: The ground of the system circuit
Q:What is the difference between non-isolated flyback switching power supplies and isolated switched-mode power supplies.
This question can be divided into several phrases to distinguish: Non-isolated: The power input and output are electrically connected. As shown below: Turn left to turn right Turn left to turn right Isolated: The power input and output are independent of each other in the electrical structure and are connected only by transformers (magnetically coupled) and optocoupler (optocoupler) devices. Forward-pulse transformer phase / edge relationship, to ensure that the switch tube conduction, drive the primary transformer pulse transformer, while the transformer side of the load power supply. Turn left to turn right Flyback type: flyback circuit and the forward circuit is the opposite, the original transformer transformer / phase relationship, to ensure that when the switch is turned on, driving the pulse transformer primary side, the transformer side does not load the power supply, that is, Side staggered off. Turn left to turn right Switching power supply: the use of modern power electronics technology to control the switch on and off the time ratio, to maintain a stable output voltage of a power supply, switching power supply is generally composed of pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET.
Q:Room switch power and UPS, the battery battery backup time is how to define?
Backup time: The theoretical time that the battery supports the normal operation of the load Maximum current: 12V battery voltage per battery, assuming a 16-cell battery, the battery is 100A, then the entire battery energy is 12 * 16 * 100 = 19200 VA, according to the power factor of 0.8, the battery's rough energy of 15360W, Divided by the acceptable voltage of the device or load, such as 220, the maximum discharge current is 69.8A, the maximum current is also related to the UPS itself Discharge time: generally understood as the discharge time that the battery actually supports the load time, by the load size, battery quality, environment, and even temperature
Q:What is a linear adapter and a switching power adapter
Ordinary through the frequency transformer re-finishing filter series adjustment regulator (such as integrated chip 78XX) is a linear adapter; use of switching power supply called switching power adapter.
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Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets Southern Europe 4.57%
Domestic Market 28.13%
North America 22.50%
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Eastern Europe 1.76%
Southeast Asia 9.85%
Oceania 0.28%
Mid East 9.00%
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Nearest Port Oakland,Buenos aires,BOGOTA
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Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average