smoothie makerVT-02 smoothie makerVT-02

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$90.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Smoothie maker    power:175W,50HZ  voltage:220V-230V      with three cup(460ml/270ml/155ml) working time:20 seconds


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Q:Ice maker doesn't make ice. How do you add fluorine?
You first clean up the dust on the condenser before you look at it
Q:How many stalls does the fridge have in summer?
The temperature of your refrigerator is higher, so the effect of keeping fresh is a little worse, and the gear should be adjusted higher.In addition, to check the work of the compressor, if a long time without downtime, and poor cooling effect, mostly because of the pipeline system damage, leakage caused by failure.
Q:Why is the refrigerator in the home starting up but not refrigeration?
1, the refrigerator does not refrigeration reasons: first, the refrigerator thermostat is installed in the freezer, the refrigerator temperature did not meet the temperature requirements of the thermostat, so do not stop. If the compressor does not stop working day and night, the refrigerating room may cause the refrigerant limit refrigeration temperature. Most of this occurs in air-cooled refrigerators. The reason is that the refrigerator evaporator and frost apparatus are broken and ice jam is produced. Can not rule out the air-cooled fan broken, and too many items in the refrigerator will be blocked air outlet, resulting in poor cooling effect.
Q:Can the filtered water of the tap water filter be used directly without water storage?
You can let it out and you can drink it. If you do not write instructions can be directly consumed, it must be burned before boiling to drink.
Q:What is the basic structure of the washing machine?
Including plastic cylindrical inner cylinder and cylinder with the drum made of at least one outlet of the metal, the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder is matched with the cylindrical inner cylinder is composed of a base, and the port ring, a cylindrical inner cylinder is connected with one end of the base, the other end is connected with the port ring
Q:What are the requirements of the highest water level of an electric kettle?.
4706, there is a tilt angle test, as long as the water at the maximum water level, tilt test can not overflow, and in the water pot is always open will not automatically overflow
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Is it possible to have bonded concrete inside? If it's clean, you don't have to use it
Q:Bread machine to do the cake, baking powder did not buy 'yeast powder' can replace the 'bubble powder'
Yeast powder and baking powder are fermented, so you can replaceYeast powder yeast without decomposition, nutrients but yeast extract powder got by microbial decomposition, absorption speed and higher efficiency, less residue fermentation; biological fermentation basically take yeast extract powder, yeast extract as the yeast powder is mainly used in traditional antibiotic fermentation industry wide.
Q:What type of reducer is used in the mixer? 1
Generally, the hardened gear, helical gear reducer and planetary reducer are used, and they are also useful for cycloidal pin gearThe best selection of a second tier brand licensing, price can also, can see more contrast.
Q:How does yogurt machine make bean curd brain?
Yogurt made with honey is not thick. Every time I make milk and a little yogurt, add it to the yogurt machine and stir it evenly

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