smoothie makerVT-02 smoothie makerVT-02

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$90.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Smoothie maker    power:175W,50HZ  voltage:220V-230V      with three cup(460ml/270ml/155ml) working time:20 seconds


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The function of the humidifier and atomizer is completely different. The humidifier keeps the relative humidity inside the room without shock
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The seal body paint can achieve even more than the original paint, so old, the new update is brighter, and at the same time with high temperature resistance, sealing, anti-oxidation, lightening, washable, corrosion resistance and other characteristics
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After washing the food, the juice is diced and then added to the water to stir. There is a lot of residue in the juice,
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Not necessarily. A general electric kettle needs water to submerge an electric heating wire.
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