smoothie makerVT-01 smoothie makerVT-01

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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Smoothie maker    power:175W,50HZ  voltage:220V-230V      with three cup(460ml/270ml/155ml) working time:20 seconds


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Q:Air conditioner water heater integrated machine
Currently on the market are mainly domestic water heater gas water heaters, electric water heater, solar water heater several separately with gas, electricity, solar energy equipment for the production of hot water, but these devices are integrated low efficiency or affected by weather factors is large, annual operation cost with higher shortcoming.
Q:How many of you prefer a portable over a central vac and why?
I've never owned a house with a suitable location for a central vac. I have worked in houses that had them, and if you were anywhere in the vicinity of the central unit while it was in use, it was as loud as a jet taking off. You wouldn't want to be there without ear protection. I'd want to put it in its own soundproof room. I have used central vacs quite a bit, since I was a housecleaner for 6 years, and they didn't particularly impress me.
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Polycrystalline crystal sugar is better than single crystal sugar, which is too large. In fact, you don't have to break the machine to play, that is too complex, and will play out powder, it is not easy to use. Let me teach you a simple and practical way. It takes only half a minute to make a big chunk of rock candy in a microwave.Step:1, the big rock candy into the dish, then put into high heat in a microwave oven for 30-40 seconds.2. Remove the rock sugar and gently beat with the spoon. The big rock candy can be broken into small pieces.3, if necessary, you can also break them with your hands.Be careful:1, remember not to use the plastic products, because the heating temperature can make plastic melt sugar.2, heating time can not be too long, large blocks of up to forty seconds, you can completely broken open.3, if you do not grasp well, it is best to heat for 25 seconds, and then heating 10 seconds according to the circumstances.4, hand break must pay attention to, the crystal sugar inside the temperature is very high, so don't burn to.5, each family uses different microwave ovens, heating time may be a little different, please pay attention to use.My family is dealing with rock candy is this method, you try it.
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General urban residents, from the energy point of view, the gas heater more efficient, cheaper to use, and there is no limit to the amount of hot water.
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Under normal circumstances within 100 rpm, according to the size of equipment, the greater the equipment, the lower the speed. If you have equipment, you can look at the signs on the equipment.
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The induction cooker is divided into two categories: low frequency and high frequency according to the current and frequency in the induction coil. Compared with the high-frequency electromagnetic range, the induction cooker has high heating efficiency and saves electricity.
Q:What's the difference between water purifier and water softener and straight drinking water?
Straight drinking water, do not need pressure barrels, tanks, tanks and other storage, after the operation of the machine directly from the tap out of pure water, also known as direct drinking water

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