smoothie makerVT-01 smoothie makerVT-01

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10000 unit/month

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Smoothie maker    power:175W,50HZ  voltage:220V-230V      with three cup(460ml/270ml/155ml) working time:20 seconds


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Q:American rice cooker, red and yellow, and white blue line how to pick up?
General red is FireWire, yellow is zero line, white blue is ground wire.
Q:Pretty mom waffle machine, okay?
If it's convenient, just buy a waffle machine and make a pie in 3 minutes. Waffle is much cheaper than oven and oven is several hundred
Q:What is the working principle of an ultrasonic cleaner?
In this process, the bubble closing instant shock wave, the bubble generated around the pressure of 1012-1013pa and bureau of regulation, such tremendous pressure produced by ultrasonic cavitation can destroy the insoluble dirt and make their differentiation in solution, the steam type cavitation on the dirt directly repeated impact
Q:Water dispenser small amount of water, how to solve?
May be the outlet or inside the connection of the leather tube blocked or distorted, you can take a look apart, if blocked, use something to pass.If the connection pipe is twisted inside, turn it around
Q:When the juicer is in the juice, will the blade gear be harmful to the plastic?
Juice machine function analysis: (also known as juice machine) do pure fruit juice. After starting the machine, the motor drives the knife net to rotate at high speed. The fruit and vegetables to the knife net from the feeding port, the knife will cut broken net spiked vegetable, the centrifugal force generated in the juicer cutter net high speed under the action of the Zhafei fruit knife into slag and juice boxes, piercing knife net inflow juice cup.PPE is polypropylene, usually commercially available PPE material, generally mixed with other thermoplastic materials such as PS (styrene), PA (polyamide, commonly known as nylon) and other materials composite materials. After processing, it has good geometrical stability, chemical stability, electrical insulation and low thermal expansion coefficient. This material is usually used for household items (dishwashers, washing machines), electrical equipment, etc.
Q:How to choose yogurt machine? What about the yogurt machine? Thank you, great God to help ah!
3. the transparent top cover and the container cover can directly observe the fermentation state of the yogurt in the container. 4.. The container is designed with a good seal between the container and the container so that the process of making and preserving the yogurt is protected from outside pollution. 5., automatic constant temperature ceramic PTC heating, temperature constant, accurate, safe and energy-saving, power only 20W. 6. contact with food containers imported and certified by the United States FDA food grade PP material; 7. containers using wide mouth flat design, easy cleaning, placement and raw materials to join, and never overturned. 8, 42 DEG C constant temperature control, to promote the best activity of lactic acid bacteria. The microcomputer control circuit, the four seasons can best maintain a constant temperature of 42 DEG C, so that lactic acid bacteria in the most suitable environmental temperature reproduction, maintain the best activity of 9 microcomputer control, high precision NTC thermistor probe, accurate temperature control (only for SNJ-20C). 10., with timing and digital display function, yogurt production complete automatic (only for type SNJ-20C).
Q:VRV aircon exactly? And what's the difference between general central air conditioning?
VRV aircon system full name is Varied Refrigerant Volume, referred to as "VRV, is a kind of cooling air conditioning system. An outdoor several indoor machine via the line can handle liquid refrigerant. By controlling the amount of refrigerant cycle compressor and enter indoor refrigerant flow rate of each heat exchanger can timely meet indoor cold, heat load requirements. VRV system with energy saving, comfortable, stable running, and many other advantages, and each room can be adjusted independently, and can meet the needs of different room air conditioning load. But the complex system control, material, manufacturing process, the welding of pipes, etc required is very high, and the initial investment is high. A little bit more simple said, family use basic is an outdoor air conditioning connecting an indoor machine, can be called yituo one; VRV aircon system is a connecting many sets of indoor machine, outdoor use among copper pipe connection, is refrigerant flow inside (CFCS), can be called yi tuo, and the house of the same style and the style of the household air conditioning. People often say that the central air conditioning system is water pipe + wind pipe system, building inside the pipe, air duct, tuyere, wall control panel and other facilities, indoor machine mostly fan coil units, room with air conditioning units, water pumps, etc. The above said is simple, want to know more, you can go to the professional web site to see. Hope to help you.
Q:What are the ingredients of a water purifier?
Water purifier according to different purification principle and process, can be divided into many kinds. The RO reverse osmosis filtration precision (highest filtration accuracy within 0.0001 microns), the reverse osmosis membrane pore size is only 1/100000 of the diameter of hair, only allows water molecules and the dissolved oxygen in water, all containing impurities such as pesticides, bacteria, viruses, harmful substances such as heavy metals almost all trapped out. In addition there are many other reverse osmosis filtration technology: nanofiltration (0.001-0.0001 microns filtration), ultrafiltration membrane (filtration accuracy of 0.1-0.01 microns), fine filter (filter accuracy of 0.1 microns or less, such as ceramic filter, PP cotton filter etc.).
Q:Joyoung mixer why spark, how to do?
Hello, dear! Thank you for your support for Joyoung.Some mixers in the early use of motor running in the running stage, so there will be slight odor and similar spark phenomenon. Belong to the normal phenomenon, to use the motor for a period of time, the phenomenon will disappear. If the landlord's machine is such a problem, I think you can rest assured that it is the problem of the machine, the proposed cessation of use, you can telephone consultation Joyoung after-sales service center.If there is still any doubt, please contact the local Joyoung after-sales service department, once again thank you for your support for Joyoung, wish you happy every day! Thank you
Q:What's the condition of ice making machine entering water, but not making ice?
Ice maker doesn't make ice:1, ice machine cold enough, see if refrigerant leaks, leak out immediately supplement 2, the compressor is running normally, listen to the compressor there is no noise, and if there is noise, it is recommended that maintenance personnel check the compressor 3, such as the normal work of the compressor but not ice that is lack of freon, to add fluoride.

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