Smooth Wooden Curtain Pole Sets mit Curtain Poles Accessories

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Wooden Curtain Rod
TypSmooth Curtain Rod
StyleSingle curtain pole/Double curtain pole
Diameter2.8cm/3.5cm or as requested 
Length1m - 3.5m or as requested 
Surface finishAs requested
ComponentCurtain Rods
ColorAs requested
Wooden Curtain Rod Accessories
BracketsSingle or Double bracket,wooden material
RingsWith Screw Eye or plastic hooks, wooden material
FinialsAs requested, wooden material
Payment & Shipping Terms
 Port FOB Ningbo or as requested 
 Delivery Time Within 24 - 30 days after receive deposit 
 Payment Terms T/T
1) PVC Clear Box Pack 
2) Hot shrink
3) As requested


*If you need other type, do not hesitate to contact me as i will be happy to help you.







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Q:Two meters of the window curtain rod to a few fixed points
Three best. The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The
Q:Living room, bedroom curtain rod length and length of the curtains should be the proportion of how much ah?
Should be in accordance with the ratio of 3 to 5 or 5 to 8 to determine the size of the size, but also to consider its position in the whole wall, the center of gravity to be slightly higher.
Q:Good with a curtain rod or a good slide (with the experience of decoration invited)
Track, belt, hook. To the textile market to buy their own, orbit, including the ball
Q:Curtain rods what kind of material of the various types of material characteristics of large analysis
For example: a single Roman curtain width is less than 15 meters, so only need to consider the length of the calculation, with a fabric can be Rome curtain calculation method: 1 × (window height + free edge) = the required fabric meters such as: cloth width 15 meters finished curtain Specifications: width 12 m × height 15 m Calculation method: 1 × (15 + 02) = 170 meters cloth calculation method: curtain height +004 meters (each pleated cloth) × fold number = cloth cloth required for the number of meters due to the Roman curtain in the cloth to wear aluminum, the length of the cloth to add Pleat the fabric Ie long: 15 m (curtain height) +004 m (the amount of each pleated) × 4 pleats = 166 m
Q:What are the benefits of curtain rods and curtains and what kind of good is it better?
Is the place at the top of the wall near the ceiling; if you are floor + non-full wall, then the window diameter of the tube melon melon cover to cover the length of the curtain is the width of the window frame plus 20cm or so, the installation location is also the top of the wall Near the ceiling of the place; if it is non-floor curtains, then the length of the curtain rod is the width of the window frame plus 20cm or so, but the installation location should be more than 15cm from the frame above the border
Q:Curtains and curtains The bedroom of my bedroom is L-shaped, 3 meters long corner of 1.2 meters. I want to do double curtains how to do it!
Is a Roman bar, if the impact of the overall effect of the room, it is recommended that you change one, after all, this price is not expensive. Then it is certainly not reliable, I believe it will not be too beautiful.
Q:Good horse with a good saddle teach you how to choose safe curtain rod
But so many kinds of curtain rod which is better and what is the difference? First, the curtain rod (the right track) choose curtain rod first look at the bearing, bearing the importance of good or bad, is the safety of protection, is the basis of curtain rod
Q:I have a double layer of curtains layer is a layer of cloth is sand, how can we hang on the curtain rod ah
You can now estimate your top child has been hanging over that you'd better fixed on the wall if it is necessary to be fixed on the top can be used long expansion tube or re-installed in the fixed place where the big core board after the fixed
Q:Is the curtain rod support in the middle of both sides
The middle of the three fulcrum can not hang the Roman pole and can not bend
Q:Can light curtains be fitted with light curtains? Aluminum alloy door above is a thick 10Cm beam, beam is light brick! Do you think about it after you've done it?
Of course you can, light brick is also brick, but the weight is light, but the strength can be.

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