Smooth Wooden Curtain Pole Sets mit Curtain Poles Accessories

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Wooden Curtain Rod
TypSmooth Curtain Rod
StyleSingle curtain pole/Double curtain pole
Diameter2.8cm/3.5cm or as requested 
Length1m - 3.5m or as requested 
Surface finishAs requested
ComponentCurtain Rods
ColorAs requested
Wooden Curtain Rod Accessories
BracketsSingle or Double bracket,wooden material
RingsWith Screw Eye or plastic hooks, wooden material
FinialsAs requested, wooden material
Payment & Shipping Terms
 Port FOB Ningbo or as requested 
 Delivery Time Within 24 - 30 days after receive deposit 
 Payment Terms T/T
1) PVC Clear Box Pack 
2) Hot shrink
3) As requested


*If you need other type, do not hesitate to contact me as i will be happy to help you.







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Q:Living room, bedroom curtain rod length and length of the curtains should be the proportion of how much ah?
This question asked the Shanghai Fu high phoenix good mantle for the poor is not very professional, the length of the curtain is the length of the material or curtains hanging up the height of it? Later, the length of the curtain rod and the length of the curtains and the relationship between the windows, the general pole than the window width (30cm side), in order to prevent leakage, the length of the curtain is 3cm away, I do this 4 years, and never Did not think about any proportion, sometimes not too tangled.
Q:What are the benefits of curtain rods and curtains and what kind of good is it better?
According to the understanding may wish to ask curtain rod and aluminum alloy dark track what are the benefits
Q:Pain with the first ten mother who described the next joint (with "Dou E injustice" in a) Thank you
The The ? Lang Jun ah you are not boring panic ~ ~ ~ If you are too boring to my ten niang say ten mother I know for you ~ ~ sad Lang Jun ah you are not want to father and mother ~ ~ ~ If you want to father and mother to I told you ten mothers I go home with you ~ ~ ah ah ah
Q:Is the curtain rod support in the middle of both sides
Three stents to the same level, if the middle of a high stuck the curtain rod after the equivalent of both sides of the bracket is low on the card can not be, Ji muscle irrigation can kill Jiu Gui snow can not afford the role of load, Need to adjust it again
Q:What is the price of the curtain bar? How much is the whole curtain?
This quality is different, the price is different, from high to the end there, the proposed landlord to look at the building materials market
Q:Now the modern minimalist style is suitable for what curtain rods
Comparison of popular modern minimalist style applicable to the current bar on the market there are two types of pole and dark bar
Q:I would like to ask: I would like to ordinary curtains (the kind of curtain rods) simply install a motor to open and close curtains, there is no such motor to sell?
This really do not need special installation, find a power to turn a hole on the line, to me to see, Taobao direct, personal information has address
Q:The ratio of curtain rods to windows is how much my bedroom is half curtains, windows
Can also be equipped with a horse pole, equipped with a horse pole how the windows of the glass to the top, it is estimated that light, may not be able to meet the privacy requirements of the bedroom
Q:Why the double curtain is not good pull? Pull up particularly strenuous. Is not the curtain rod stand too close? Or the distance from the curtain hole playing too far?
It is recommended to use the wall that curtain with the hanging, do not use perforation
Q:Can light curtains be fitted with light curtains? Aluminum alloy door above is a thick 10Cm beam, beam is light brick! Do you think about it after you've done it?
I look like the kind of large cement hollow brick, not too good to take root, I was the top of the top of the tutelage of the monks, who used the top equipment, the top of the bracket, your house is not too high

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