Smooth Wooden Curtain Pole Sets mit Curtain Poles Accessories

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10000 set/month

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Wooden Curtain Rod
TypSmooth Curtain Rod
StyleSingle curtain pole/Double curtain pole
Diameter2.8cm/3.5cm or as requested 
Length1m - 3.5m or as requested 
Surface finishAs requested
ComponentCurtain Rods
ColorAs requested
Wooden Curtain Rod Accessories
BracketsSingle or Double bracket,wooden material
RingsWith Screw Eye or plastic hooks, wooden material
FinialsAs requested, wooden material
Payment & Shipping Terms
 Port FOB Ningbo or as requested 
 Delivery Time Within 24 - 30 days after receive deposit 
 Payment Terms T/T
1) PVC Clear Box Pack 
2) Hot shrink
3) As requested


*If you need other type, do not hesitate to contact me as i will be happy to help you.







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Q:What are the benefits of curtain rods and curtains and what kind of good is it better?
According to the understanding may wish to ask curtain rod and aluminum alloy dark track what are the benefits
Q:After finishing the curtains and found both ends of the curtain rod a bit short, there is a good way to solve it?
Look at the track can not take the long! This is going to see the curtain shop to see if there is no flower lambs together barbed bifurcation public wipe the same track and the corresponding code! If not or can not pick, you can only buy Track!
Q:Pain with the first ten mother who described the next joint (with "Dou E injustice" in a) Thank you
Du Shi niang cover: thousands of tears solitary lights night I alone by the cabin ~ ~ ~ cabin I was waiting for my ten mother waiting for my ~ ~ ~ suddenly heard the window was called Du Chenniang ~ ~ ~ hand holding the window Why do not you look at the bar The The Lang Jun ah you are not hungry panic ~ ~ ~ If you are hungry panic to my ten mother said ten mother I give you face ~ ~ soup Lang ah you are not cold panic ~ ~ ~ If you are frozen I told you ten niang mother I give you clothes ~ ~ ah ah
Q:What do the curtains need? Such as curtain rods. The hook. The anything else. The The I want to install a curtain, do not know how to get, do not want to spend too much money
Curtains; hanging curtains fixed on the wall of small expansion screws; curtain rods on the hanging wheel; hanging curtains hook; curtain cloth; there is a way, but the premise is that you do a curtain baffle. Can be installed curtain box curtain box is a complete set of buy directly to buy curtains like a bar cheaper but no baffle is not beautiful
Q:Good with a curtain rod or a good slide (with the experience of decoration invited)
Install curtains with rails. Curtain rod distance will be sagging, the middle need to play fixed shelves, curtains can not pull together, often have a gap.
Q:Is it possible to connect the curtains and curtains directly on the fabric?
Curtains and curtain rods between the convergence, there are many ways: in the fabric directly perforated, easy to pull back and forth; outside the form of bags, the front looks beautiful, but because of the friction between the fabric and the bar, especially bags Size and bar performance Cao gnawing 丨 save the search for the mysterious diameter of almost the same time, pull back and forth more difficult; harness form is very simple, suitable for relatively thin fabric; lace the way the same bad pull, suitable for usually not often move Just play the decorative window
Q:Decoration curtains pole problems online and so urgent ~ urgent ~
Can be made into a curved Roman pole, so much better, as for what style, Han fold, or the mantle, the effect is good
Q:The ratio of curtain rods to windows is how much my bedroom is half curtains, windows
You like such a large L-type windows, you can install a whole slide, do three and 粻 纲 纲 Valley 蕺 complained to the thighs, can be
Q:Want to cover curtains in addition to the curtains can also use Han
Why do you want to cover the curtain rod, curtain bar is very beautiful? What is the curtain rod of your home? The
Q:How long should the length of the curtain rod be chosen?
Assuming that the curtains you buy are floor + full wall, the length of your curtain rod should be about the width of the wall minus 5cm

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