SMG100 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

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Product Description:

SMG series cone crusher is an advancedtechnology of cone crusher in the world,not only provides the features of highreliability, but also with the features of high crushing efficiency,lowoperating cost,good shape of end products. It is widely applied in the field ofmining and aggregate processing industries and it is suitable for crushing hardand mid-hard ore and rock,meanwhile,it can be used for secondary crushing, tertiarycrushing and and making.

Features and benefits:

1.      Optimized cavity,highercapacity and better quality.

Based on alladvantages of each crushing cavity,and through theoretical analysis andpractical examination,SMG series cone crusher is designed for optional varietyof cavities. By selecting suitable cavities and eccentricity,it ensures theproducing demand of customer in maximum and realizes high capacity. Laminated crushingfunction can be fully realized when full load,which contributes to good shapeof end product with more cubic particles.

2.      Resistant wear part consumptionand low operating cost.

The dischargingopen can be adjusted timely and conveniently with hydraulic adjustingdesign,which realizes full load operation,lowers wear parts consumption andreduces operating cost.

3.      Easy cavities exchange.

Due to the samebody structure,we can get different crushing cavity by changing liner plate to fulfillthe carious processing for coarse and fine crushing.

4.      Advanced hydraulic technologyoffers easy operation and maintenance.

Due to adoptingadvanced hydraulic technology,overload protection can effectively berealized,which simplify the structure of crusher and reduces its weight.

5.      Large feeding opening design.

Large feedingopening design is adopted by S type SMG series cone crusher to provide goodcombination with primary jaw crusher or gyratory,which greatly improves thecrushing capacity.while processing gravel,it can replace jaw crusher and beused as primary crusher.

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