SMG100 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

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SMG series cone crusher is an advancedtechnology of cone crusher in the world,not only provides the features of highreliability, but also with the features of high crushing efficiency,lowoperating cost,good shape of end products. It is widely applied in the field ofmining and aggregate processing industries and it is suitable for crushing hardand mid-hard ore and rock,meanwhile,it can be used for secondary crushing, tertiarycrushing and and making.

Features and benefits:

1.      Optimized cavity,highercapacity and better quality.

Based on alladvantages of each crushing cavity,and through theoretical analysis andpractical examination,SMG series cone crusher is designed for optional varietyof cavities. By selecting suitable cavities and eccentricity,it ensures theproducing demand of customer in maximum and realizes high capacity. Laminated crushingfunction can be fully realized when full load,which contributes to good shapeof end product with more cubic particles.

2.      Resistant wear part consumptionand low operating cost.

The dischargingopen can be adjusted timely and conveniently with hydraulic adjustingdesign,which realizes full load operation,lowers wear parts consumption andreduces operating cost.

3.      Easy cavities exchange.

Due to the samebody structure,we can get different crushing cavity by changing liner plate to fulfillthe carious processing for coarse and fine crushing.

4.      Advanced hydraulic technologyoffers easy operation and maintenance.

Due to adoptingadvanced hydraulic technology,overload protection can effectively berealized,which simplify the structure of crusher and reduces its weight.

5.      Large feeding opening design.

Large feedingopening design is adopted by S type SMG series cone crusher to provide goodcombination with primary jaw crusher or gyratory,which greatly improves thecrushing capacity.while processing gravel,it can replace jaw crusher and beused as primary crusher.

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Q:Technical parameters of 135 hammer crusher
PC series hammer crusher is broken by the impact of high speed rotating hammer and collision of materials and materials. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency, high yield and so on. PC hammer crusher is widely used in wet and dry crushing, crushing of low and medium hard materials, mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, road construction, petroleum and chemical industry.
Q:Is the impact crusher the impact crusher?
Vertical shaft impact sand making machine is broken, the horizontal back breaking crusher is the principle of distinction is very similar to the difference is the vertical and horizontal but generally do not say the impact crusher is impact crusher structure is not the same
Q:Who knows the working principle of the Stone breaker?
Rock stone crusher working principle is the material from the hopper into the crusher, the distributor of the material is divided into two parts: a part of the sub feeder into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the rapid acceleration in the impeller, the acceleration of up to several times the acceleration of gravity, then 60-64m/s speed from the impeller three uniform flow in the projectile out, first by a portion of the material distributor around free fall impact crushing, and then together to shock vortex cavity material liner, liner material is rebound, oblique impact to the vortex chamber at the top, and change its movement direction, deviated from the downward movement of the impeller is emitted from the road the material forms a continuous material curtain.
Q:How to choose the crushing method of ore
Ore crushing method is mainly based on the physical and mechanical properties of ore, the size of ore block feeding and the required crushing ratio and other factors to determine.The beneficiation industry usually refers to the coefficient of fragmentation and quantitatively measures the effect of mineral mechanical strength on crushing work. The method is expressed as follows:Epsilon coefficient of material in formula;Qo - the processing capacity of hard ore in the crushing of a crusher;Q1 - the crushing capacity of the same crusher to crush the specified ore under the same conditions.The medium hard ore is usually represented by quartz, and its grindability coefficient and grindability coefficient are both 1.
Q:Crusher equipment installation skills
The specific installation steps of the crusher can be divided into the following steps: firstly before installing the crusher, should first be machine pit from the crusher discharge port to pit equipment installed. Then install the discharge chute under the crusher base. If it is required to check the foundation concrete foundation, the depth of the hole clearance hole of debris, placed according to the position of anchor bolts, and placed two on the basis of wedge in each hole. If the height of the wedge iron is not enough, the flat iron can be added under the wedge pad iron. The installation should pay attention to sign assembly factory. The installation should be clean all the parts with the combination or dust on the surface of the coating and protection, and eliminate the defects in the process of transportation. The installation of all parts of the surface must be coated with lubricating oil, the fixed surface with dry oil, coated with thin oil activities. Such as machine to clean oil bearing net applications place long time after clean, and according to the specification requirements to fill grease. At the time of installation, should pay attention to the protection of the friction surface, use clean oil and cotton swab surface do not, in easily dirty and scratch with protective plate or clean canvas cover. Therefore the installation should be strictly according to the assembly technical requirements for assembly. Each axis on both sides of the bearing, the level deviation shall not exceed 0.1mm/m. At the time of installation, you can install in accordance with the above steps, even if no previous contact with the crusher installation work, there are tips from the above, the installation of the crusher is no longer a problem.
Q:The method and advantages and disadvantages of overlaying welding of jaw crusher
Overlaying welding method for jaw crusher:The crusher to place with brush clean copper welding, then fractional layer surfacing, first layer with 6 cm of mild steel electrode welding, and welding copper wire brush net, then iron powder about a tablespoon of half above 6 cm in welding, mild steel electrode surfacing layer second, after several layers of second layers according to the operation......., so the cycle, and not to wear until surfacing at generally flat so far.
Q:What are the classification of crusher generally?
Crusher refers to the discharge in the particle size is greater than three mm content, accounting for more than 50% of the total discharge of crushing machinery. Crushing operations are usually divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing according to the size of feeding and discharging.Classification: the commonly used crushing machines are PE jaw crusher, counter crusher, PCH hammer crusher, SMH cone crusher, sand making machine and so on.
Q:How to choose a bicycle crusher
Choose reasonable productivity. In the molding plant, the crusher in the crushing section is used as the main engine, and the productivity of the bicycle crusher should be matched with or increased by 30% of the productivity of the equipment.
Q:The structure and working principle of rotary disk crusher
The electric rotating cloth feeding mechanism ensures that the material is uniformly mixed and is continuously fed into the crushing cavity and uniformly distributed along the crushing cavity, so as to avoid the blockage of the material and stabilize the material in the buffer chamberThe bevel angle of the lower liner is smaller than the repose angle between the material and the lining plate, and the material is accumulated in the crushing chamber to realize lamination crushingReasonable stroke and swing speed, can accurately control the impact of material cycle and speed, to ensure that the material in the back and return the impact crushing cone, while falling edge out and re orientation, so as to change the relative position between the material particles. When the impact of the implementation of crushing cone material plus a pressing effect, the change of material is conducive to the formation of particle size is very uniform, the shape of a cube crushing product.
Q:What are some common crushing methods for crusher?
Crushing machine according to different methods of application, crushing of materials, extrusion, bending, impact, shear and grinding and other crushing methods.

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