SMD Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead

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Product Description:

low frequency Inductor/filter

1.SMD multilayer ferrite chip bead

2.Low Crosstalk/DCR Features

3.competitive price customer's requests



1.Low crosstalk/DCR, high reliability

2.Low crosstalk between adjacent circuits

3.Single MZA series chip provides noise attenuation for four lines, ideal for various highly miniaturized I/D lines

4.Internal electrodes feature low DC resistance, minimizing wasteful power consumption

5.Electroplated terminal electrodes accommodate flow and reflow soldering

6.Monolithic structure ensures high reliability

7.Operating temperature range: from -25 to 85 degree Celsius



1.High-frequency noise counter measured in computer


3.Portable telephones and other equipments





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Q:What is an inductor and what do you think its resistance should be ?
An inductor is a coil. It builds up an counter electromagnetic field that increases opposition to current flow as you increase current. The resistance is called inductance. It's variable depending on current pulled through it. Their good for things like filters because any spike in current is opposed by the built up field.
Q:An inductor has an impedance of 30.0 Ω and a resistance of 20.0 Ω at a frequency of 80.0 Hz. What is the induc?
Impedance for an ideal inductor is: Z j*omega*L For a real inductor with a parasitic resistance modeled in series: Z R + j*omega*L j refers to the imaginary number unit. omega is the angular frequency of the signal. We were given the cycle frequency and we can convert: omgea 2*Pi*f I assume your 30 ohms refers to the magnitude of impedance. Combine both components of the complex number using the Pythagorean theorem. Zmag sqrt(R^2 + (omega*L)^2) And with a substitution: Zmag sqrt(R^2 + (2*Pi*f*L)^2) Square both sides: Zmag^2 R^2 + (2*Pi*f*L)^2 Solve for L: (2*Pi*f*L)^2 Zmag^2 - R^2 2*Pi*f*L sqrt(Zmag^2 - R^2) Resulting expression: L sqrt(Zmag^2 - R^2)/(2*Pi*f) Data: Zmag:30.0 Ohms; R:20.0 Ohms; f:80.0 Hz; Result: L 0.04449 Henries Or, with a convenient prefix: L 44.49 milliHenries
Q:Which of the following is true with respect to Capacitor and Inductor?A capacitor offers infinite resistance?
Answer b) is true. Intuitively: Capacitors store potential energy. At DC a finite voltage may apply but no current can flow through the disconnected plates. By Ohm law definition, that is an infinite resistance at DC. Inductors store kinetic energy which prevents the current from changing. At high frequencies the voltage may change “freely” while the current does not change much. By definition, that is (a large voltage change divided by a zero current change) an infinite resistance at AC.
Q:A 30 kohms resistor is in series with a 80 mH inductor and an ac source?
R30 x 10^3 ohms L80 x 10^6 henry f60hz omega2(pi)f120(pi) impedence by inductoromega*L impedence by resistorR total impedenceroot of(R(square) + Omega*L(square))
Q:a single 897mH inductor is in a series circuit with a 248Hz ac voltage source. if a?
V/I impedance omega x L, where L is the inductance. omega 2 x pi x frequency. It is a pretty big current source if it can supply over 70 amps. The voltage is enormous, as Steven, below shows. Over 100 000 volts
Q:axial inductor doubt!please help!?
by axial, do you mean wound in a straight line, for example, using a resistor as a winding form? You can get this type of inductors in a wide range of values, from very small to medium sized. 1 mH may be difficult to implement this way, those are usually found on a donut shaped core. Yes, you can use them in resonant circuits. .
Q:A 5.0 mH inductor and a 11.0 Ω resistor are connected in series with a 9 V dc battery as shown. (a) What is th?
I'll assume an ideal inductor having no internal resistance. a) When the switch is closed at t0 the voltage across the resistor is zero. Hence, all voltage is across the inductor. V Ldi/dt 9V b) By Ohm's law nearly all voltage is across the resistor: V ir 9V after a long time. c) The resistor and inductor have the same current: i V/r 9 v / 11 ohms 9/11 A
Q:A 24.0 mH inductor is connected across an AC generator that produces a peak voltage of 10.4 V.?
10.4 I X X L 2 pi f I 10400/(24*2*pi*100) 0.69 A
Q:Capacitor and Inductor in parallel?
It can be a very sharp filter to amplify only a narrow band of frequencies, determined by the resonant frequency of the LC. .
Q:How can I measure the inductance of an unmarked inductor?
Inductor Markings
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