SMD Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead 0805

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Product Description:

1.SMD multilayer ferrite chip bead

2.High Impedance Characteristics

3.size: 0805


5.competitive price



*Low crosstalk/DCR, high reliability

*Low crosstalk between adjacent circuits

*Single MZA series chip provides noise attenuation for four lines, ideal for various highly miniaturized I/D lines

*Internal electrodes feature low DC resistance, minimizing wasteful power consumption

*Electroplated terminal electrodes accommodate flow and reflow soldering

*Mololithic structure ensures high reliability

*Operating temperature range from -25 to 85℃



*High-frequency noise counter measured in computer


*Portable telephones and other equipments



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Q:Inductor Connected to a Battery?
GL on ur final
Q:Before the switch is closed in a circuit consisting of a 4μC capacitor and 0.2 H inductor, the potential?
The total energy before the switch is closed is: 1/2CV^2 2e-6*40000 0.08J 80 mJ At the moment when I 0.7A, the energy in the inductor is 1/2*L*I^2 0.1*0.7^2 0.049J 49 mJ The rest of the energy must be in the capacitor 80-4931mJ Notice that there has to be some resistance in the circuit which would gradually consume the energy. The inductor is modeled as having no resistance but that is ideal.
Q:A 29.0 mH inductor has a reactance of 1.50 k. (a) What is the frequency of the ac current that passes through?
a) The reactance of an inductor is given by X w L 2 pi f L thus the frequency is f X / 2 pi L 1500/(2*pi*29E-3) 8232 Hz b) The reactance of a capacitor is X 1 / 2 pi w C solving for C we get C 1 / (2*pi*X) 1 / (2*pi()*8232*1500) 1.28891E-08 F c) and d) use the expressions above to calculate the new reactances replacing w with 3*w.
Q:Question on inductance of an inductor?
** C) Decrease the number of turns to 350. What is he actual INDUCTANCE, not impedence, which would only occur at a specific frequency, ok. Using the formula or calculator at source, gives inductance for values as 20.667mH. Now adjust design to yield 10 mH . Because the inductance is proportional to the square of the number of turns. So 500² 250000 Make this half 125,000 Get √125,000 353.55, Which is close enough to 350, Answer Check on calculator to confirm. Please request clarification, if required.
Q:Physics Question regarding inductors. Calculating current and inductance Confused with a couple parts my attempt is included?
You ve calculated the RMS voltage of the inductor. Now you need to find the impedance of the inductor. XL ωL 2πfL Now the voltage equation for the inductor XL * i(RMS) V(RMS) 2πfL * i V L V / (2πfi) L 79.37 / (2 * π * 60 * 1.8) L ≈ 0.117 H 117 mH
Q:Is capacitor/inductor substitution real?
I believe that the substitution is real, but not literal - for example in op amp filters a feedback inductor is the same as a feed in capacitor, and so on. Perhaps at a certain frequency a capacitor will look the same as an inductor in a circuit, but it seems impossible to for a capacitor to replace an inductor across all frequencies. Then again, I'm still an undergrad, and perhaps in something like a dc oscillator, it could be done.
Q:Inductors and Scope Waveform?
Inductors inherently oppose changes in current. The way they do that is to induce a voltage, opposite in polarity with the applied voltage, in an attempt to keep the current the same. So you will get a spike of voltage when you apply power to the circuit, which is for a brief moment of time, stabilizing the current through the inductor. The value of the inductor will dictate the time in seconds, that the inductor will oppose the change in current. The bigger the inductor value, the more time it takes for the inductor to accept the change in current. Once the transients die off, the spike will die, and the inductor will accept its new current flow. This happens almost like a capacitor charging, but opposite.
Q:A 1.15 k-ohms resistor and a 560mH inductor are connected in series to a.?
A) the reactance of the inductor is XL 2π*f*L 2π*1450*0.560 5102Ω So the impedance Z sqrt(1150^2 + 5102^2) 5230Ω Therefore the rms current V/Z 12.6V/5230Ω 2.41x10^-3A 2.41 mA B) If the current is reduced to 1/2 then then impedance must double So Z sqrt(R^2 + (XlL- XC)^2) 10460 So 1150^2 + (5102 - XC)^2 10460^2 or 5102 - XC +-sqrt(10460^2 - 1150^2) +-10397 or XC 5102 + 10397 15499 Now XC 1/2πf*C or C 1/(2π*1450*15499) 7.08x10^-9F 7.08nF
Q:Amplitude of voltage across inductor?
Q:how to find out the SRF of a inductor?
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