SMC Pressed VALVE CHAMBER COVER with Hydraulic Syestem

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$1,000.00 - 10,000.00 / m²
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
2 m²
Supply Capability:
100000 m²/month

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Product Description:




SMC and BMC are abbreviations of respectively Sheet Molding Compound and Bulk Molding Compound. SMC and BMC form a family of structural, fiber reinforces thermosetting resins. SMC and BMC are intermediate materials from which a large variety of products can be manufactured by compression molding or injection molding. Base materials of SMC and BMC are, generally spoken, unsaturated polyester resins, glass and mineral filler materials, such as chalk or aluminum trihydrate. The composition of the compounds can be adapted to the application where it is used for. Specific properties such as flame retardancy, surface quality and paintability can be achieved by adding specific, functional materials. SMC and BMC product are used in a very broad  range of applications





Product Description

1. Y27 Series Frame-type Hydraulic Press is a kind of multifunctional precision machine which has high speed.

2. Optimized design, the frame is entirely welded with steel plates, and treated to relive stress by tempering for high precision.

3. Cartridge valve equipped for hydraulic control system, reliable, durable and less hydraulic shock, shorter connection pipeline and fewer release points.

4. Centralized button control system, with adjustment, hand and semi-auto operation modes at operator’s choice (set-stroke single and set pressure single).

5. Four-angle and eight-side guide rail in high precision and with strong capacity against deflection, concentrated lubrication.

6. New type of oil cylinder sealing components marked by high reliability and long service life.

7. Sliding blocks operating in high speed, ensuring high efficiency.

8. The slide operating pressure, no-load quick travel and low-speed movement can be adjusted according to technological requirements.

9. Hydraulic cushion is fitted beneath the worktable; adequate knockout hole and hydraulic cushion are prepared on the plate of worktable with the operating modes including drawing, ejection and no ejection.

10. The working speed of this equipment is 3 to 4 times faster than that of Y41. It employs eight-side guide device and ejecting device, which can automatically eject workpieces with accurate guiding and fast speed.

11. The drawing device can be added to this equipment in order to change moulds easily. But the stretching of large metal parts needs to add hydraulic cushion to this equipment.



Reduce the cost of localization
Vibration and noise reduction
Integration respirator filler cap
Sealing performance



1. It is suitable for the press fitting and stretch forming of metal and plastic products as well as the movements of coining and overprinting.

2. It mainly applies to the fields of machine tool, engineering machinery, bearings, washing machine, automobile parts, motor components and powder metallurgy.

3. It is suitable for the molding of plastic products, such as DMC and BMC.

4. The machine, with a high degree of automatization, is particularly suitable for the mass production of parts. And it can be used as assembly line with several such equipments.







Nominal Force



Return Force



Ram Stroke






Cushion Force



Cushion Return force



Cushion Stroke



Ram Speed

Idle Stroke









Cushion Speed

Knock out






Table Size







Cushion Size







Overall Dimensions







Height above the floor



Power Motor



Total Weight(Approx)






1.Which country do you mainly export to?

A: Our products are very popular in Mid East, India, South East Asia, Latin America, Africa.



2.Q: What’s the advantage of you compared with other suppliers experienced in foreign trade?

A:  We have been specialized in FRP products for over decades years and approved by many domestic companies. Except for our quality and price, we’re also able to give you the best service.


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Q:Aluminum plate Eterpan lighting plate are used in what place
But Eterpan is the fiber cement board can do LOFT sandwich.The personal use of lighting boards is less extensive!
Q:Which is better, the sun board or the light board?
Thermal conductivity thermal conductivity PC sun board and comparing the performance of FRP plate on the FRP were lower than those of PC, but FRP lighting plate is usually single, thermal conductivity than PC sun board (multilayer hollow structure), that is to say the summer sun, lighting plate of the indoor temperature will be higher.Light transmittance: PC sunlight board is much better than FRP lighting board, and yellow becomes low;Leak proof water: FRP lighting board and PC flat are fixed with screws, leak water is no problem. PC sunlight plate has U type locking buckle plate, when installing, the screw completely does not penetrate the plate, realizes the genuine waterproof leak proof.
Q:What is the maximum possible weight of a light tile (glass fiber reinforced plastic)? Is it possible to break it down from above?
But it's still impossible to just make the light tile broken by you. At most, you may break it at 2 years.
Q:Is it better to use a glass fiber reinforced steel tile for a corrosive plant?
There are some lighting tile manufacturers also will be covered with seonons import DuPont 301 film weatherability and reduce uv. So he and plastic tile glass steel lighting tile used in heavy corrosion workshop more good.
Q:What are the FRP lighting panels and their common classification and specifications?
FRP lighting plate glass steel, also called transparent tile, and supporting the use of the steel structure of the lighting materials, which is mainly composed of high performance film, polyester and glass fiber reinforcement, the film to play a very good anti ultraviolet antistatic effect, anti ultraviolet polyester is not yellow in order to protect the FRP plate aging, premature loss of transmittance. Antistatic is to ensure that the surface dust is easily washed away or blown away by the rain, and maintain a clean and beautiful surface. FRP lighting board, its stable quality and durability, is very popular with customers. FRP lighting board can be widely used in industrial, commercial, civil buildings, roofs and walls.
Q:Which is better, glass fiber reinforced plastic daylighting board and organic glass?
Glass panels are lighter and easier to fix
Q:What is the difference between glass fiber reinforced plastic daylighting tile and glass daylighting tile?
Mainly in accordance with the classification of resins, ordinary lighting tiles are usually resin and glass fiber or glass mat based raw materials.
Q:Installation points of glass fiber reinforced daylight tile
Later, laid aside, plate location, construction by gradually to the direction of the roof eaves. The light plate is directly buckled on the side crest of the steel plate.• daylighting tile in front of the fixed pilot hole, the aperture must be greater than the diameter of the fixed screw 6-9mm, as the expansion and contraction.
Q:The difference between glass fiber reinforced daylight tile and PC endurance board
The main constituents of glass are sand, quartz, and silica silicates. Many roofing materials use glass fiber to increase strength.
Q:Scrap glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank board what to use, where there is recycling?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic products have no recycling value, they are scrapped, only incineration. Because degradation is difficult.

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