Smart Photovoltaic Controller of Communications

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Rated input voltage range


Rated output voltage range

43.2~57.6 Vdc

Rated output current



Output power



Total power


Output ripple and noise


Short circuit protection

Report it and send the   alarm, and alarm may be recovered after the removal of short-circuit fault

Input over-voltage and   under-voltage protection


Output over-voltage and   under-voltage protection


Over-temperature protection


Working temperature


Degree of protection


Installation environment

Dry, well-ventilated, small   electromagnetic interference, and low-dust environment

Product dimensions (L/W/L)


Package dimension (L/W/H)


Net weight




Product Description

GK4835A/50A is a communication PV controller module with MPPT function and converts the energy of solar modules into the stable DC to power the load or charge the battery. It is mainly used in the mobile communication base stations and the communication equipment of machine room and remote independent power supply station. This product adopts DSP control technology, and the DC output is regulated in the isolated and independent way. The module can form the smart wall-mounted or cabinet power supply system of communications. Smart control system can adjust its output parameters and protection value through the serial port communications, with the smart battery expert maintenance and management system.
High conversion efficiency with MPPT automatic tracking function;
With the wide input voltage range, it is applicable to the modules with different capacities;
Precise DC output voltage / current and small ripple;
Charging is performed by the smart current limiting to increase the battery life;
PV reverse polarity, input over-voltage/under-voltage protections; battery high/low-voltage protection; output short circuit protection, etc.;
Minimized module has hot-swapping function with easy maintenance and installation;
It can perform 485 communication with the host computer with MODBUS protocol.

 Smart Photovoltaic Controller of Communications

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Q:Design all equipment in the power system
Divided into primary equipment and two equipmentOnce the equipment is responsible for the transmission of electrical energy, the two equipment is responsible for monitoring and protection of primary equipment.
Q:Is the installation of railway communication, signal and power related to mechanical and electrical engineering
Communication signal power belongs to mechanical and electrical installation engineering. However, it is different from the mechanical and electrical installation of industrial equipment, especially the railway communication and signal system. The main differences are the following points: 1, mechanical and electrical installation is mainly refers to the installation of equipment, power, monomer debugging, linkage commissioning commissioning. Railway communication, signal, power, but there is a very strong system requirements, including the total network management system debugging, and other railway system of professional linkage debugging. For example, the signal CTCS system, track circuit and the coordination of the work system commissioning; and passenger cars, motor vehicles, truck station shunting system linkage debugging, etc.
Q:What is the LCP cabinet of electric power equipment
But not completely covered, PLC cabinet is only for PLC, but it may be installed in the production site, it may also be installed in the control room.
Q:Two power equipment; I was engaged in a number of more than a few cabinets to know more about the two
The common measurement and control cabinet are generally some common control signals such as AC / DC screen, knife position, device power loss and telemetry some voltage and current value, there are no specific remote control, measurement and control device of equipment access to public control
Q:What are the technical measures to ensure the safety of the power line equipment?
5 hanging sign and installing fence (fence).These are the contents of safety regulations (line part)
Q:Is there a warranty period for power equipment?
Now there is no, you can view the relevant national standards for electrical equipment standards, as well as high and low voltage equipment test manual. Online search, easy to get.
Q:What is the double name of power equipment?
The double name of equipment refers to the name and number of the equipment.The name of the equipment is Chinese, the number is Arabia. Together is a double name. The same station, will not appear the same name, or the same number, is the only. The only combination of the two can be more accurate.
Q:What are the lightning protection measures of power system
1 set up the lightning rod, 2 to reduce the grounding resistance. 3 set up the coupling ground wire, the 4 adopts the unbalanced insulation mode. 5 equipped with automatic reclosing. 6 to strengthen the insulation, the 7 installation line lightning arrester, barrier needle, 8 lightning protection grounding
Q:Power equipment Market Overview
A quarter of decline in the national power investment in power generation equipment production units significantly reduced, China's total production of 23 million 103 thousand and 900 kilowatts, up sharply down 14.42%, a decline of 5.52 percentage points over the previous year to expand. The first quarter of 2013, investment in power engineering construction in our country continue to decline in 2012 continued to decline, resulting in power generation equipment production continued to decline; and the power grid construction investment growth, stimulating part of power transmission equipment production increased steadily.Since 2013, with the rapid development of the national UHV power grid construction, China's power grid project investment to maintain rapid growth momentum, pulling the steady increase in the production of transformers. In the first quarter, China's power grid project investment 58 billion 200 million yuan, a substantial increase of 34.7% year on year, the cumulative production capacity of the transformer is more than 31806.95 KVA, an increase of 6.46%, the growth rate of the previous year increased by 6.10 percentage points
Q:The state of power system equipment is divided into four states
(4) maintenance status. Circuit breaker and isolating switch device in the open position, the circuit breaker can be divided, and the control switch, fuse (or switch) switch maintenance should be off line and on both sides of the grounding switch (or installed ground), and hung signs work.

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