Smart Photovoltaic Controller of Communications

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Rated input voltage range


Rated output voltage range

43.2~57.6 Vdc

Rated output current



Output power



Total power


Output ripple and noise


Short circuit protection

Report it and send the   alarm, and alarm may be recovered after the removal of short-circuit fault

Input over-voltage and   under-voltage protection


Output over-voltage and   under-voltage protection


Over-temperature protection


Working temperature


Degree of protection


Installation environment

Dry, well-ventilated, small   electromagnetic interference, and low-dust environment

Product dimensions (L/W/L)


Package dimension (L/W/H)


Net weight




Product Description

GK4835A/50A is a communication PV controller module with MPPT function and converts the energy of solar modules into the stable DC to power the load or charge the battery. It is mainly used in the mobile communication base stations and the communication equipment of machine room and remote independent power supply station. This product adopts DSP control technology, and the DC output is regulated in the isolated and independent way. The module can form the smart wall-mounted or cabinet power supply system of communications. Smart control system can adjust its output parameters and protection value through the serial port communications, with the smart battery expert maintenance and management system.
High conversion efficiency with MPPT automatic tracking function;
With the wide input voltage range, it is applicable to the modules with different capacities;
Precise DC output voltage / current and small ripple;
Charging is performed by the smart current limiting to increase the battery life;
PV reverse polarity, input over-voltage/under-voltage protections; battery high/low-voltage protection; output short circuit protection, etc.;
Minimized module has hot-swapping function with easy maintenance and installation;
It can perform 485 communication with the host computer with MODBUS protocol.

 Smart Photovoltaic Controller of Communications

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