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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: other LED type: SMD LED Size: SLSM-E27-LEBO-7W
Lamp luminous flux(lm): 400 Type: other Body material: Aluminum Alloy
Base type: E27 Working lifetime(Hour): 50000 Power(W): 7
Beaming angle: 170 Certification: BV,CCC,CE,CQC,RoHS,UL,VDE,EMC,LVD,GS,FDA,FCC,Energy Star Working Temperature(℃): 25-50
PF: >0.9 Input voltage(V): AC85-265V CRI (Ra>): >80
Warranty: three years

Product Description:

Product Description



1. LEBO + LETTIN working groups system (one LEBO + MAX. 400 LETTINS lights)

2. LEBO works everywhere with WIFI, LEBO aims to create infinite possibility!

3. 2700K to 6500k color temperature stepless adjustment by APP on smart phone

4. OLM-400lm brightness stepless adjustment by APP on smart phone.


Convective chamber greatly improves the performance


Incarnating the function adequately is the standard of industrial design, with smaller signal guarding, faster transmision speed, greater distance, and better heat disspiation design, our LEBO makes it possible that signals can be fully cycled in the lighting fixture and transmit more accurate operating commands.


working methods:

Lebo light:

LEBO lights working as Controllering centers, connect automatically & cloud control

LED+WiFi expander making WiFi ubiquitous

The function of WiFi can be compatible with all smart devices (IEEE802.1 1b/g/n, 2.4Ghz)


Lettin light:

Under the same internet, more than one can connect and control the light:

 Our Lettin makes it possible that several people can enter the same internet system and control the light. Even though in the same office, it would not bother you that your light will affect others around you.


Remotrol, safer and more convenient:


No matter if you were too late to return home or in another city, you could use your smart phone to enter the Lettin smart lighting system, and to control the lights in your house. once click, tremendous change.


The simulation of Sun:


After pondering over the relationship between lighting environment and human beings, we invent this special model that imitate the movement of sun. Distinguished from the common and rought arm clock, out Lettin, to some large extent, restores the real light emission of sun. thus it can awake us with the most natural and healthy light.



Limitless, free and wide controlling dimension:


The controlling dimension largely determines the comfort level of the application. with the special 360 degree limitless controlling system, our Lettin can accurately locate each light.


Our services


2. High and stable quality LED lights

3. Lighting design solution.

4. Logistics coordination.

5. Credit 30 days to 60 days.

6. Customize light design

7. ACLED technology sharing   

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Q:Led what's the flash of the bulb?
There are several cases of flashing lights:There is one to three flashes when the switch is switched off. This is due to an incomplete discharge of the electrolyte in the power supply.The power supply is flashing fast. This is the quality of the power supply problems, there are many specific reasons.It is found that the design of the power supply is related to the structural design of the lamp due to the insufficient margin of the power supply and the increase of temperature!The general power supply too much heat to stimulate the overheating protection function itself with the power supply, power supply is a protection device, when the heat is too large, may cause it has an adverse effect on power and light, power will take the initiative to make the lamp power, rest, fully dissipated heat later. Bright.
Q:How to choose the bulb power?
The basic types of bulb power are divided into two types: isolated and non isolated
Q:Will the LED bulb, T8, T5 lights, radiator lamps, is the hotter the better? What's the regular temperature? What are the common heat release materials? Specifications?
Of course, the hotter the better, because for the same material, the hotter it is, the more heat the LED chips use, the less good the quality of the chips. The thermal characteristics of lamps is mainly to measure the junction temperature of LED Shenglai rather than the temperature of heat sink. Aluminum is commonly used in heat dissipation materials.
Q:LED bulb lamp. Is there a good drive or no drive? Is the lamp of good or integrated?
LED bulb: directly driven by not using AC-LED light source, light effect of the whole lamp life (compared with driving security; some) integrated LED relative heat transfer to the high requirements, high cost, simple assembly, do a single power source in low cost, high light efficiency.
Q:In a bulb, the ambient temperature of the LED is LED, the temperature of the air in the bulb, or the temperature of the aluminum substrate
The standard is the body temperature of the LED lamp. With a multimeter probe is placed in the LED lamp bulb angle can be measured temperature. Generally -20~80 degrees centigrade
Q:LED what is the glue between the aluminum base of the bulb and the cooling aluminum?
A lot of sticky glue can live it yourself have not tried to guess 502 good brothers of this kind of glue can be, but do not know good heat resistance and high power LED heat is still very large, if you are a small power never mind
Q:What advantages does LED bulb replace energy saving lamp?
More importantly, 3W's LED light can replace 15W's energy saving light
Q:LED how to classify bulb bulbs?See some LED bubble bulb specifications are written in A60, A45, and some are written G60, G45, I do not know, in addition to the maximum diameter of the same, what is the difference between the meaning of A and G?In addition, how can the whole LED bulb be classified, only by the maximum diameter, or with other classifications?,
Small power white and colored light shape is the same, is not good. The addition of a small power LED Corn Cob, egg shape, tail lamp, candle lamp from the appearance of good resolution. A or G prefix is marked outsideNo other special significance
Q:What's the reason why LED bulb gets a lot of heat?
If the radiator is about the same size, it's not nice to touch the low temperature, because the heat accumulates in it and doesn't come out. The.LED lamp doesn't last long
Q:What is the 15 Watt lumen of the LED bulb?
In general, every W is 60 to 100lm, the average is about 80lm, 15W is about 1200lm

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