Small Size 12&Quot; LCD Monitor Hdmi

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$55.00 - 85.00 / pc
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5 Pieces sample order is welcomed pc
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20,000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Small size 12" lcd monitor HDMI


Model NO.


Panel size

12.1 inch TFT-LCD

Visual area


Standard Resolution


Number of Colors




Response time


View angle



Contrase ratio


Video input format

(analog) RGB


VGA (D-sub)



Power supply

External Power Supply:100 to 240V AC  (DC 12V)

Operation Environment

Workable Temperature:-10 to 60°C

Storage temperature:-20 to 70°C

Operate relative humidity:20% to 80%;

storage relative humidity:10% to 90%

Net weight

4.0 Kgs/pcs

Gross weight

5.0 Kgs/pcs

Power consumption

Max 15W

Setup (optional)

1) provide wall brackets for wall-mounting, VESA 75mm&100mm

2) provide base to support the monitor

OSD  control


brightness,contrast ratio,auto adjustment,phase position,clock,Languages,function,Install,reset


1 year,provide spare parts

Monitor size

345*285*50mm (not include base)

345*325*50mm (include base)

Each unit box size


Package size

4pcs in a carton,carton size:650*450*420mm


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Q:What are the components in a liquid crystal display?
There should be screen, high voltage board, drive board, lamp tube. Shell, transposon, screen, high voltage board, driver board, lamp "these effects display effect
Q:LCD display is good or not paste good?
Post Bar。 That electrostatic adsorption, does not affect the display effect, but also can prevent small dynamic impact, good cleaning, but you'd better not paste yourself, so that businesses to get, and their own bad, all bubbles, trouble. If the business does not come home service, you have to ask clearly the steps, and use a bank card or ID card a little bit of rolling.There are liquid crystal display, special cleaning tools, cleaning agents and magic cloth, not expensive, more than a dozen dollars. The best cleaning agent do not spray directly on the display, spray the magic cloth, not too much, it can be a little wet, do not force wipe.
Q:LCD base is broken, how to do?
Clean out one or get the blacksmith's shop for you. The latter won't cost a few dollars, but it doesn't look good, but you can paint it
Q:How does white screen appear on HP LCD?
Graphics card problem, look at the driver
Q:Why does the LCD look a little flash?
There may be a problem of lower hardware configurationYou can change the monitor to someone else's computer to see if there is any blinking or not. That might be the reasonMy display is also like this before, for a long time over load online games, the results of a flash on the phone, and later added a new memory to solve this problem
Q:How do you see the quality of LCD?
Hello, you said 2000:15000:18000:1 refers to the contrast, this is a parameter to measure the quality of the LCD screen, the definition of contrast is brightness / white screen black screen, generally the higher the contrast, the display will be better in some senseSelect several important parameters of lcd:1. brightness2. contrast3. colors,If you are 16.7M and 16.2M, we must give priority to the 16.7M, although it looks just a little bit, but is actually a lot worse, 16.2M is the use of some technology in static state can be achieved so much, but the movie actually only 262K color, a lot of difference4., if you play more dynamic games, then the reaction speed of liquid crystal also depends on the slow, there will be a dragIn addition what perspective ah what their look on the line, by the way check what the dead
Q:PHILPS 23 inch LCD is always black screen?
This situation is generally caused by two reasons, 1, your computer may have Trojan procedures, or operating system vulnerabilitiesYou'd better kill poison, or optimize the system, and estimate that you have a pirated system.2, the display, LCD screen, if the discharge of the Trojan virus, such software and other reasons, have a great relationship with the pressure of a general display and lamp, belonging to the product itself, can give the local agent replacement or warranty
Q:LCD highlights
I also have, and next time I buy a liquid crystal, I would like to look on the spot, buy it on the spot. Do not allow merchants to send, ah, I have three points.
Q:LCD display lights are not what is going on, the screen is not bright
Change the host to try the monitor, if the good is the computer graphics card problem, if bad, it may be the monitor internal problems, this master came
Q:Liquid crystal display without glare
In fact, as long as the liquid crystal display, CRT display than the previous good for the eyes, because the CRT display shows the principle of reason, screen kept flashing, even people of the same fast is not easy to detect, but long time watching and irritating to the eyes, and the LCD display LCD currently has no light of its own, and the backlight light does not flash, free of eyes should be much better than CRT.For LCD, the main is to display the parameters adjusted can protect the eyes, first of all is bright, used in use, such as playing games, watching movies, display pages, tune into a different window can not only display the effect better, also can make the watch more comfortable. For example, see page 30% to highlight, while watching movies and playing games, we need better some highlights. Of course, the corresponding and contrast and color values, etc., in short, look at the tune, tune to the eyes, looking at the comfortable on it.For the purchase of liquid crystal display, you can choose those easy to adjust the parameters such as highlight display, for example some display shortcut keys can choose different modes, such as game mode and Cinema mode, each mode to highlight and contrast accordingly, convenient adjustment. Like AOC, 2116S supports this technologyWhen buying, you can also look at the monitor for eye care, there are no characteristics of the technology, but at present the industry has not been more effective, no harm to the eyes of the technology. Eye protection or the need for good eye habits?,Well, I hope so. Good luck to you

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