Small Size 12&Quot; LCD Monitor Hdmi

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$55.00 - 85.00 / pc
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20,000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Small size 12" lcd monitor HDMI


Model NO.


Panel size

12.1 inch TFT-LCD

Visual area


Standard Resolution


Number of Colors




Response time


View angle



Contrase ratio


Video input format

(analog) RGB


VGA (D-sub)



Power supply

External Power Supply:100 to 240V AC  (DC 12V)

Operation Environment

Workable Temperature:-10 to 60°C

Storage temperature:-20 to 70°C

Operate relative humidity:20% to 80%;

storage relative humidity:10% to 90%

Net weight

4.0 Kgs/pcs

Gross weight

5.0 Kgs/pcs

Power consumption

Max 15W

Setup (optional)

1) provide wall brackets for wall-mounting, VESA 75mm&100mm

2) provide base to support the monitor

OSD  control


brightness,contrast ratio,auto adjustment,phase position,clock,Languages,function,Install,reset


1 year,provide spare parts

Monitor size

345*285*50mm (not include base)

345*325*50mm (include base)

Each unit box size


Package size

4pcs in a carton,carton size:650*450*420mm


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Q:22 inch monitor LCD for a desktop computer?
A monitor so big could damage your eyesight. Would you really sit for hours with your face 9-12 inches away from a 22 screen TV?
Q:LCD display driver, there are 3 files, how to install?
LCD display driver specific process:1, click start, right-click My computer (or computer), and then click Manage2, at the computer administration interface, click the device manager on the left3. Click on the "+" number on the front. The connected monitor will automatically display. Commonly referred to as universal PnP displays or plug and play displays.4, right-click the project, and then select the updated driver. You'll see the hardware update wizard.5, use the Windows update, select "no, not this time", and then click the next step.6, select the installation of the specified location (Advanced), and then click the next step.7, then search and install options, select search at the specified location, and select in the selection box: include this location in the search.8, click browse, and then browse to the folder containing the display driver file. When you click OK, the folder is selected.9, in the hardware update wizard, click next. Window search driver and install automatically. When the installation is complete, click finish.
Q:Best 30 lcd monitor for graphics work?
For Graphics work our Studio uses Apple's Cinema Displays. The dot pitch is .250mm on the 30 LCD which is really fine for a 30 display and the screen supports 14ms refresh which is good enough even if you're capturing or editing fast action video scenes. The maximum resolution supported by the screen is 2560X1600 so you'll need a video card to match. The downside to such high resolutions is that you may need to get prescription glasses because everything is so small. We use the GretagMacbeth Eye-one to colour calibrate our screens which is a big plus. The thin border also gives your eye the impression that the screen is larger than it is. Having said that when you sit less than 3 feet away from a 30 screen it is big! If you don't own a Mac you'll also need a MAC DVI to PC DVI convertor and you'll also need a graphics card that can support such high resolutions. The NVidia 7600GT, 7900 and 7950 cards all support up to 2560X1600 but the 7600GT only supports it on one of the two DVI connectors! The ATi graphics cards also support such a high resolution but I'd start with the X1800 range and go up from there. ATi deliver better overall quality picture for 2D surfaces than Nvidia but you'd need to read a few reviews and see them running side by side to know there was a difference! Hope this helps
Q:LCD TV vs. LCD Monitor?
The main difference between a TV and a monitor is a tuner capable for converting a TV signal into a viewable picture. Typically, a TV will have an F connector input (the screw-on cable type) in addition to the standard monitor inputs (VGA, DVI, HDMI). If you are planning on using an HD cable box or other converter with VGA, DVI or HDMI outputs, you will be fine with a monitor. If you plan to hook up the cable or antenna connection directly to your screen, you will need a TV.
Q:What's wrong with LCD flashing?
The reason why the LCD does not stop flashing:First, the low screen refresh rate: open the display properties panel, click Advanced, and then select the monitor column and then to the inside of the "only display support maximum refresh rate" in the box next to the point right, then click the refresh rate of the marquee, the highest frequency can choose inside.Second, electromagnetic interference display: next to what is a large electrical appliances, or degaussing sound speakers, such electrical appliances will interfere with the electromagnetic display, so that the monitor away from this type of electrical interference can.Third, monitor aging fault: the two kinds of methods can not solve the case, the monitor may be aging or failure, the best repair.
Q:is this lcd monitor hd or not?
It depends on the screen resolution of the monitor. If you can find out what it is, anything that's 1280 by 720 pixels or higher is HD.
Q:lcd monitors ?
If your connectors are the same you should have no issue. Not all LCD monitors or graphic cards support both DVI and VGA so you might need to get an adapter or just match your connectors. Now your graphics card might not be able to optimally handle your LCD monitor but that's usually on the higher end LCD monitor. For instance, your graphics card may only be able to display 1024x768 while your LCD monitor may be able to handle much higher resolutions (this isn't a problem for lower end LCD monitors). So worst case scenario is you pay for a premium LCD monitor but could have gotten away with a cheaper LCD monitor and get the same quality (but not be as future proof).
Q:can i hook my white macbook 13 inch to a lcd monitor?
Get a: * a Mini-DVI to DVI adapter * a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter * or a Mini-DVI to Video adapter depending on what kind of connector your 24 inch LCD has.
Q:HDTV vs LCD Monitors?
an HDtv isn't a style of television, like liquid crystal reveal, whether it somewhat in basic terms describes the television. honestly you have some significant styles of HDTVs: -liquid crystal reveal -plasma -DLP liquid crystal reveal and plasma are the two maximum nicely-known. For a community decision of 1920x1080, you will choose a 1080p HDTV liquid crystal reveal or plasma. the two a style of styles of TVs produce super image high quality, yet with some significant variations. LCDs have much less glare because of the style matte floor they use for the reveal, so so you might use it in brighter rooms. Plasma TVs have a gloss end on the reveal, which provides them greater glare. yet, plasmas are waiting to realize blacks lots greater advantageous than liquid crystal reveal displays. yet another situation is that a plasma television's bulb is typically non-replaceable, and while it is going out after, say 7 years or so, you're caught having to purchase a sparkling television. I at present have a 32 inch Samsung HD liquid crystal reveal television, which I even have linked to my workstation with the aid of an HDMI port, and it works super. Connections in the back of HDTVs generally incorporate some HDMI ports, which delivers the real 1080p HD high quality; some factor inputs, which will in basic terms provide you the lesser 720p HD high quality (1280x720). I propose you connect your pc using the HDMI if obtainable, to get the final high quality
Q:Hook up an Playstation 3 to an lcd monitor?
the guy before me is such a ranter. the reason why sony doen't provide HDMI and component cables is because no everyone ha an HDTV. anyway what came with the ps3 is the AV cable red white yellow. since you have an lcd im pretty sure you will have that connection in the back of your TV if not buy either a. HDMI cable. best choice for audio and visual quality. buy the ones worth at least $90 cuz these ones have better warranties and they have better durability cuz the cheap ones deteriorate in quality after extended periods of time and the shorter the better cuz signal from ps3 to tv gets to tv faster and clearer. component cables. next best thing you wont be able to tell the difference really visually speaking. audio you can tell the difference. these ones look like AV cables except they are red blue and green it'll cost around $35 and i recommend the brand monster. hope this helped you out!:D don't forget to pick a best answer!

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