Small Hydraulic Pump 2CY Pump

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Mainly used for firing boiler hydraulic aspects.
High hardness and wear property.
Stable pump pressure, little discharge.

Small Hydraulic Pump

General Purpose Pumping manufacture Small Hydraulic Pump 2CY pump

Product Description

General Purpose Pumping manufacture Small Hydraulic Pump 2CY pump

2CY Small Hydraulic Pump's Application

2CY series pump applies to delievering non-corrosive lubricating-oil or equivalent liquid without solid particles.

It applies to hydraulic system,too.

Application fields:

Oil, Petrochemical,  Chemical, Mining, Metallurgy,  Electricity, Shipbuilding, Textile dyeing and printing, Paper manufacturing,  Construction, Medicine, Foodstaff industries, ect.

If you are looking for Small Hydraulic Pump, maybe you need it -- 2CY Gear Pump ö.ö

Name2CY Small Hydraulic Pump

•Professional hydraulic oil pump

•Transfer pump or booster pump

•Fuel pump

•Lubricating pump

MaterialPump casing

1.Cast iron (HT200, HT250)

2.Nodular cast iron (QT450)




Capacity1.08~12 m3/h
Pressure2.5Mpa (max pressure is 4.0Mpa)

Suction head

Motor typeNormal type,  Explosion-proof type, Shipborne type
AdvantageHigher hardness and wear property
Shaft sealMechanical seal or packing seal

More Details:



CertificationGL, ABS, BV, CE, DNV
PackageStandard export carton or plywood case
Delivery dateWithin 25 working days after confirm order
Warranty1 year

2CY Small Hydraulic Pump

Application Scope of  Small Hydraulic Pump

1.Transfer pump or booster pump in oil delivery system.

2.Fuel pump for delivery, pressurization and injection in fuel supply system.

3.As hydraulic pump supplying hydraulic power in hydraulic system.

4.As lubricating pump in all dustry field.

5.The pressure can reach up 4.0Mpa.

Small Hydraulic Pump Structural Diagram

General Purpose Pumping manufacture Small Hydraulic Pump 2CY pump

Functional data




Exhust pressure






m3/hL/min Power(KW)Model
2CY-1.08/2.5 1.08 18 1420 2.5 9.5 58 2.2 Y100L1-4
2CY-2.1/2.5 2.1 35 1420 2.5 9.5 58 3 Y100L2-4
2CY-3/2.5 3 50 1440 2.5 9.5 59 4 Y112M-4


4.2 70 1440 2.5 9.5 62 5.5 Y132S-4
2CY-7.5/2.5 7.5 125 1440 2.5 9.5 63 7.5 Y132M-4
2CY-12/2.5 12 200 1460 2.5 9.5 61 15 Y160L-4


Dear friend, please provide me parameter of detailed information such as medium nature, capacity, pressure and meterial of pump so on. We will help choosing the most suitable pump with best quality for you.

Note:Pumps above can be matched with different motor as customer requirment.

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Q:What is the minimum continuous flow of a pump?
At'-- the allowable temperature rise of pumping medium,C- pumping medium specific heat, kj/ (kg DEG C);Ho- off dead center lift, M.Minimum continuous flow minimum continuous stable flow and minimum continuous thermal flow and the maximum value in the selection, or use the pump process, the minimum continuous flow process requirements must be greater than the minimum flow rate of the pump, otherwise it will cause the pump cavitation, vibration and noise, so that the pump parts damaged. If the minimum continuous flow the pump can not meet the minimum requirement's process, can install the bypass reflux device or reflux system in the pump pipeline, to ensure that the minimum continuous flow pump.
Q:No negative pressure water supply equipment, both the main pump and auxiliary pump, power is not the same
Non negative pressure water supply equipment can be divided into non negative pressure tank and box type non negative pressure compensation device, steady flow tank type non negative pressure water supply equipment is the negative pressure tank, pressure tank can eliminate the negative effect of network equipment, is equipped with a vacuum suppressor and water protection box; non negative pressure water supply equipment has the advantages of simple device is a water tank with the boost voltage stabilizing device of complex box at the same time with no negative pressure tank.The tank type non negative pressure water supply equipment adopts vertical multistage centrifugal pump. This kind of pump is low noise and high efficiency. Such as CDL series and imported CR seriesOrdinary box type non negative pressure water supply equipment can use multi-stage centrifugal pump, also can use stainless steel submersible pump, submersible pump costs will be lower, but the maintenance costs will be high.
Q:How about the depreciation of vacuum pumps?
(a) housing and buildings for 20 years;(two) aircraft, trains, ships, machinery, machinery and other production equipment for 10 years;
Q:Any center of the pump
Looking forAlignment means the position of the center of rotation of the pump and motor so that they are in the same line.At least three times after the initial installation or after installation:
Q:Is the flow meter in front of the pump or after the pump?
After the pump, the reasons are as follows, before the pump, you pump fluid through the pump will produce negative pressure in front of the pump, negative pressure on the flow of the life of the impact, the pump will not, Suzhou first Chi meter
Q:Bolus dosage of infusion pumpWhat is the purpose of the pill dose control in the special safety standard for infusion pumps? If the risk is not properly controlled, what is the degree of risk? And how can the open infusion pump be used in this regard?
Four) release bolus dosage method can use automatic release and manual release two ways, the key is to alarm after the infusion must be stopped(five) any kind of pill dose release are not restricted to replace the pill. The total dose limit for in pipe blockage after pill agglomeration process will remove blocking accident, this time will be the rapid infusion of pill dose concentration into the patient's blood, if the total dose pill does not get test and limit, rapid infusion of this accident it may have unimaginable consequences.(six) supplies open type infusion pump overflow on the domestic market for pill characteristic parameters of consumables simply without testing and limitation. Therefore, the risk of accidental pill has become one of the residual risk of open type infusion pump supplies the most deadly.
Q:What is the liquid pump? What are their categories? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
The air driven liquid pump adopts compressed air driving method, and has the following advantages:The pressure can be adjusted by manual pressure control valve or air control valveIt is driven by air and is especially suitable for explosion protection applicationsAble to achieve pre-set final pressureAutomatic pressure relief by pumpLong term conservation without consuming energyWhen holding pressure, medium will not overheatThe utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and low maintenance cost, and only needs to connect the gas source, the inlet pipeline and the pressure pipelineReliable operation, low maintenance cost and little noise at the time of operation
Q:Roots pump and dry pumpRecently, the work involved in the vacuum pump, do not understand this, is a ads602 vacuum pump
The front stage pump to a certain pressure to start the roots pump, roots pump has advantages of is at the entrance of low pressure gas pumping speed is high, popular point is in high vacuum pumping speed is still relatively large. With the former pump can achieve different limit the vacuum is different.
Q:What are the application areas of pumps?
1, urban water supply 2, sewage system 3, civil and construction systems 4, agricultural water conservancy system 5, power station system6. Chemical system 7, petroleum industry system 8, mine metallurgy system 9, light industry system 10, ship system
Q:Is the sewage pump the same as the mud pump?
Sewage pump is mainly used for industrial wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, environmental protection has played a big role. Among them, the sewage pump is also a sewage pump with cutting wheel, such sewage pump can be chopped dirt, and then extract the sewage clean.

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