Small Crawler Tracked Bulldozer 220HP Tractor

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Decscription for 220HP 

Type:Crawler Bull Dozer


Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000


L * W * H (Ripper Not Included):5750 * 3725 * 3395

Operating Weight (Ripper Not Included):23.4


Rated Power:162/1800kw/Rpm


Blade Type:Straight Tilt Blade U-Blade

Blade Width:Straight Tilt Blade 3725 * 1315

Dozing Capacity:Dozing Capacity

Lift Height of Blade:1210

Ripper Type:Single Ripper Three-Shank Ripper

Export Markets:Global


Features for  220HP 

The bulldozer is the new generation of the TY220. It's equipped with a hexahedron damping cab, which features a beautiful design, wide visibility, and comfortable operation, as well as a highly efficient charged engine, which has excellent power, reliability and a long service life. It is also equipped with an improved hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology, front-extending anti-rolling frame and an advanced structure, providing reliable quality and convenient and flexible operation. patented central lubrication technology, central pressure measurement and automatic track tensioning, as well as a GPS satellite positioning system. With options such as straight tilt, angle, U type and semi-U type blades, single/triple shank rippers and a mechanical winch, the bulldozer has various capabilities allowing it to adapt to and work in a wide range of earth moving projects.


Specifications for  220HP 

Small Crawler Tracked Bulldozer 220HP  Tractor


Pictures for  220HP 


Small Crawler Tracked Bulldozer 220HP  Tractor

Small Crawler Tracked Bulldozer 220HP  Tractor




FAQ  for

Q:what is the rypper type?

A:Three-shank ripper/Single ripper Three-shank ripper/Single ripper 695,Three-shank ripper 666


Q:What is dozing capacity?

A:Straight tilt blade 4.5 U blade 5 Angle blade 4.3/Straight tilt blade 6.4,U blade 7.5,Semi-U blade 7.0,Angle blade 4.7

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Q:GTA San Andilisi how to open the bulldozer
Just like driving a car, press F to get on the car, the W key forward, the S key back, that is, reversing the A, turning left, D, turn right, the keyboard 8, the bulldozer ahead of the bucket rises, 2 is down
Q:Bulldozer 10
Matters needing attention in purchasing used construction machinery:Second hand construction machinery generally cheaper, many are not three bags of service, so when buying should pay attention to. 1, such as excavators, pay attention to hydraulic servo control rod than the old joystick better, and sometimes push the soil board is not standard equipment
Q:Excavator, bulldozer, roller fight, which one is more fierce?
Of course, bulldozers, bulldozers quickly looked forward to speed up, hit the excavator, excavator arm is not bad, it takes time to dig, ah, not yet dug rotten!
Q:What's the use of a gold coin bulldozer?
Here are some other gifts for you to say.Dog: a new coin that turns you into a certain probability becomes a silver coin. The higher the grade, the higher the probabilityFish: when you get the big gold coin, the props will appear. The higher the rank, the nearer the props appearGlasses: make special coins and props add more XP. to youUmbrella: increase the number of coins in Coin shower (that is, drop coins, coins, showers), the higher the gradeBear: reduce the number of seconds and minutes you get coins after you play and withdraw, and the higher the grade, the more you loseDice: the wall stays longer, the higher the level, the longer it stays
Q:What is bulldozer? Where is it commonly used? What are its features?
Bulldozer is a tractor for driving machinery, soil thrust jiaqie soil blade composed of other machinery; to clear land, road construction or similar work.Bulldozer is a kind of engineering vehicle, in front is equipped with a large metal earth knife.
Q:Which 3770 Core i7 performance and bulldozer eight core which is fast? Ten
The bulldozer 8 core FX-8150 is against i5 2500, and the performance is comparable to that of the i5 2500, regardless of power consumptionII 22nm i7 3770 is 32nm i7 2600 upgrade, not a grade of things, so do not compare...Attached to the current market price:I7 3770: 1900-1950FX-8150 1250-1290Not talking about power consumption, the cost performance is almost the same, the performance of more basic proportion and price ratio...
Q:Manufacturers of bulldozers
Tianjin construction machinery factory, ZOOMLION earth machinery branch, engineering machinery company limited, a company of Sany, one of the biggest maker of bulldozers is
Q:AMD's CPU, the bulldozer, the 4 and the 8 cores, respectively, the model
FX8120 is the 8 corePterosaur No 8 core series, the highest pterosaur level is X6 1100T 6 core
Q:Do bulldozers need to have certificates when they are going to work?
ID card or officer's certificate is ok. Costs vary from place to place and require specific consultation.Hope to adopt, thank you.
Q:How many tons of heavy Shantui bulldozer TY220
It weighs 24 tons, does not add a ripper, adds 27.28 tons to the Ripper, and the old one weighs more than the new one.

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