Small Capacity Metal Flash Disk 2GB USB Flash Drive

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1, Speed: High-speed read and write

2, Interface: USB interface, no drive, plug and play, hot-swappable
3, start: Support USB ZIP / HDD startup.
4, Data Retention: Data stored for more than 10 years at least
5, Endurance: more than 1 million times rewritable
6, Applicable models: the various brand PC and compatible computers, Macintosh, PowerBook, iMAC or iBook.
7, specially designed: earthquake proof, anti-electromagnetic wave
8, the operating system: Windows 98 \ ME \ 2000 \ XP, Linux2.4.x
9, power supply: USB bus-powered (4.5V ~ 5.5V)
10, working current: <50mA
Between 0 ºC ~ 60 ºC: 11, working temperature
12, Storage temperature: between -20 ºC ~ 85 ºC
13, a small clever: pocket size, easy to carry
14, easy to use: USB interface, plug and play
Small Capacity Metal Flash Disk 2GB USB Flash DriveSmall Capacity Metal Flash Disk 2GB USB Flash DriveSmall Capacity Metal Flash Disk 2GB USB Flash Drive

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Q:The phone memory card is not recognized
There will be a similar DOS program window and so everything is running
Q:Memory card write protection how to get rid of?
Second, the phone memory card can be read on the phone, but can not delete the file, which is a memory card out of the problem, the general format can be resolved.
Q:How to install a memory card driver
Memory card do not drive, up to the card reader to drive
Q:Camera memory card inserted on the computer did not respond
2, your computer card slot is old (computer new, card slot may also be old), it can only identify the SD card (capacity does not exceed 2G), can not identify SDHC card (high capacity SD card, capacity
Q:How does the memory card become read-only?
3, with a special tool Panasonic_SDFormatter format the disk, if prompted to prohibit the write, that is, this card completely damaged.
Q:Why does the memory card become read-only?
2, the card is true, but the quality is not good. Such as cottage small factory card.
Q:Mobile phone memory card can not read on the computer, how do?
Thunder search on a pile, and then use the computer to format the card format FAT can be. There is. Can also be forced to use WIN system to try to format more. Remember. It is now wrong. Do not use slow formatting. To block the speed. And the format to choose good
Q:How does the memory card prohibit writing?
1. Restart the phone
Q:How does the memory card format
Plug the memory card with a card reader and plug in the host's USB port, etc., will appear in the removable disk.
Q:Memory card format how to restore?
The second step, open the top data recovery software.

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