small bore hydraulic ram for boring machine 2014

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:Pneumatic cylinder stem can replace pneumatic hydraulic jacking rod. Who is big?
First of all, to understand your question is..:Can the top rod of the pneumatic cylinder piston rod instead of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder? That lever has a lot of thrust?" How is that right?Answer as followsThe top rod of a pneumatic cylinder piston rod can not replace the top rod of a hydraulic cylinder piston rod.
Q:Difference between cylinders of hydraulic cylinders
The two principle is the same, but the working medium is not the same, one is hydraulic oil, and the other is gasThe hydraulic cylinder is the use of pump oil into the cylinder, on the way to a series of valves such as benefits flow valve valve valve sequence valve check valve control, the main work is the process of the machine is simple and not, some do not need to.
Q:What are the acceptance criteria for hydraulic cylinders?
And the installation of 1: medium series ISO6020/1-81 hydraulic -160bar system of single rod hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system -250bar ISO6022-81 - Mounting dimensions of single rod hydraulic cylinder - Mounting dimensions of ISO6099-82 hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components of a cylinder installation size and installation type symbol ISO6149-80 hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components - Metric oil - Dimensions and design ISO6547-82 hydraulic hydraulic cylinder and piston guide ring combined seal groove - Dimensions and tolerances of ISO6981-82 hydraulic cylinder piston rod end hinge Earrings - Mounting dimensions of ISO6982-82 hydraulic hydraulic cylinder - piston rod end ball hinge Earrings - installation size ISO7181-82 - hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder and piston rod area ratio ISO8131-86 small hydraulic -160bar a series of single rod cylinder tolerance ISO8132-86 hydraulic -160bar medium and 250bar series single rod cylinder accessories installed ISO8135-86 hydraulic medium and 25 -160bar 0bar series of single rod cylinders - Tolerances of ISO8136-86 hydraulic -160bar medium series single rod cylinder oil port size ISO8137-86 -250bar series single cylinder hydraulic medium - size ISO8138-86 hydraulic oil port -160bar series of small single rod cylinder oil outlet size
Q:What are the conditions in the hydraulic system with the imported throttle valve? What is the difference between the throttle valve and the outlet valve?
1. pairs of single rod hydraulic cylinder, import throttle speed into the non rod cavity, you can get more speed than the oil back throttling speed
Q:What's the name of this hydraulic device? Where can I buy it?!
The black one doesn't tell whether it's a cylinder or a hydraulic cylinder.
Q:Could you tell me whether the pressure gauge above the hydraulic press shows the pressure on the piston of the hydraulic cylinder or the pressure on the surface of the pressed piece?. Five
if you want to change into the cylinder pressure, enough on the line, in addition to consider increasing the oil return pipe of the cylinder, pneumatic actuator only because the system did not return with an air inlet pipe. The trachea.
Q:How is the hydraulic jack refitted into a high pressure inflator?
As long as the pressure of the air pump is large enough, of course, the compression resistance of the hose should be good enough, and the speed problem can be solved by the reducing joint.Test method:1. remove the hydraulic jack refueling refueling Pusey, down on the square on the tin.2. release the hydraulic jack release valve and release the oil.3. remove the lift lever and use the +0 wrench. 8 meters of pipe clockwise unscrew the small pump, using a pointed nose pliers to pry open the gasket, remove the 6# ball.4. hydraulic jacks clamped in a vise, use pipe wrench will cap loosens counterclockwise, remove.5. beat the coat with a leather hammer and take it off.
Q:The pressure system is about 200bar.
Consider 1, after the replacement function can meet the use requirements,2, after the replacement of equipment, there is still room for change.3, cost and replacement engineering difficulty4, the use and maintenance after replacement.5, environmental protection, mainly noise,
Q:Hydraulic cylinder pressure 20 ~ 70Mpa, piston do 200 / minute 30mm stroke reciprocating action,
High pressure and high speed will result in high temperature at the sealing place. The sealing wear and aging will be very quick, even if the trial production effect is ideal, the actual use will be a problem.Increase the surface finish and hardness of piston rodImprove the wear resistance of sealing material at high temperatureIncrease seal quantity, multi stage seal
Q:How much money machine hele ah, pneumatic hele surface machine, hydraulic machine hele surface what is the difference between ah
the user can use the back to add hydraulic oil, pneumatic delivery manufacturers generally do not take the pump, because the pump volume, will increase the cost of logistics,

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