slip blind flange 1/2

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The most professional flange manufacturer.We offer steel pipes and pipe fittings with high quality and low price.

Product Description

carbon steel pipe flange

1.standard:ANSI, DIN, JIS, GB, GOST

5.Material:Carbon Steel


 Packaging Details: in wooden case or pallet or according to customers requirement.



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Q:Is the forged flange and cast flange raw material slab similar? Five
Now the steel raw materials are mainly ingot and billet, steel materials in the factory are indicated in the warranty on this; and casting or forging flanges and not directly related to see through what kind of flange is processed out of the process if it is casting, casting products. If it is after forging, is forging products, suppliers should be issued by the product warranty, product warranty can be seen by casting or forging. Technical specifications written is not allowed to use continuous casting slab, and if the product for the use of steel raw materials, then even forging products are not qualified, and I hope to help you.
Q:What's the flange surface?
IF integral flange, SW socket welding flange, TH threaded flange; loose flange ring PJ/SE welding, PJ/RJ welding ring flanges; flanges BL, BL (S) lining flange
Q:Dn400 flange hole distance
Could you tell me the pressure and standard of the flange?
Q:What is the flange? What are its application areas and principles?
The flange is used for connecting and sealing the head of the container and the cylinder. The container can be disassembled from flange and convenient for maintenance.
Q:Dn is 250, Pn25 flange, what is the hole distance?
Flange center hole distance d1=370mmFlange diameter D=425Aperture 30Bolt M27
Q:SolidWorks 2012 border flange profile editor cannot drag boundary line 20 ahSolid
2 methods, the first step to select 1 line, second generation flange flange contours drag select Edit flange vertical edge contour add size constraints. complete2 first generate the side flange directly, modify the sketch below the edge flange, and add dimensional constraints
Q:Is it a flange or a Flange?
3, according to the mechanical (JB) industry standard: integral flange, welded flange, welding plate flange, butt welding ring loose plate flange, welding ring loose plate flange, flange ring loose plate flange, flange cover.4, according to the national standard (GB): integral flange, threaded flange, flange, butt welding and hubbed flange hubbed socket welding flange, butt welding neck flanges, ring plate flange, butt welding ring loose plate flange, welding ring loose plate flange, flange ring loose plate flange, flange cover.
Q:What is a stone flange?
Acrylic stone real flange (composite) - kitchen table changes in the quality of life in modern society, more and more attention from the public health and environmental protection, green health can not be ignored as indexes into closely related with people's daily life in all kinds of materials, stone flange professional quality guarantee for modern people's needs on health life. Flange, acrylic, man-made stone professional brand. As an environmentally friendly surface material, the flange is safe and convenient, and the real acrylic can effectively prevent the aging of the surface of the table surface. The fine texture makes the bacteria unable to survive, sanitary and beautiful. It is a marble texture, and wood processing performance, as well as beyond the general decorative material plasticity, in the brand ranks of man-made stone ranks unique, it can be said to be decorative materials all-round player. (a) all ten - flange stone meet your environmental health standard Home Furnishing antibacterial: from bottom to surface solid body, no pores, not absorb water or bacteria, the use of safe and reliable without shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. No: solid surface material is composed of acrylic acid, minerals and natural color, do not distribute any gas at room temperature. Flammability: refractory materials are tested by China National Fire building material quality supervision and inspection center. Hygiene: meets the National Health Foundation (NSF) standard fifty-first items, suitable for cooking equipment materials and components, and can be in direct contact with food.
Q:To set the price
I checked it on the InternetThere are several kinds of this one you say
Q:What is a flange? Where is it usually used?
About flange what is this problem, in the Internet search for a long time, only to find the answer, do not know can help? Look, you must read it after looking for such a hard job, though it's a bit boring.Flanges (Flange), also called flanges, flanges, or flanges.

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