slip blind flange 1/2

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The most professional flange manufacturer.We offer steel pipes and pipe fittings with high quality and low price.

Product Description

carbon steel pipe flange

1.standard:ANSI, DIN, JIS, GB, GOST

5.Material:Carbon Steel


 Packaging Details: in wooden case or pallet or according to customers requirement.



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Q:Flange valve Q41F-16C/P/R mark, specific meaning?
This is standard regulation, according to "JB/T 308 - 2004 valve type programming method" regulation:Q= ball valve4= connection type: flange1= structure: floating ball direct flow channelF= sealing surface material: fluoroplastic-16= nominal pressure: 1.6MPaC= body material: carbon steelP= body material: chrome nickel stainless steel, such as: 304R= body material: chromium, nickel, molybdenum stainless steel, such as: 316
Q:What does the flange set contain?
It includes flange plate, clamp, gasket, connecting bolt, nut and joint.
Q:What's the flange surface?
Flange sealing surface has a full plane FF, protruding surface RF, convex M, concave F, tenon surface T, groove surface G, ring connection surface RJ, general concave convex MF, mortise and tenon surface TG, ring connection surface RJ are paired usePL welding plate flange with flange, SO diameter, WN butt welding neck flange; IF integral flange, SW socket welding flange, TH threaded flange; loose flange ring PJ/SE welding, PJ/RJ welding ring flanges; flanges BL, BL (S) lining flange
Q:What does "welding flange" mean, and what does fillet welding mean?
A flange is a part used to connect two kinds of pipe fittings. Fillet welding is used to weld the right angle or the right angle of the material. It is said that it is a right angled triangle from the side of the plane after welding. The welded flange is used to connect the flanges with welding. I hope it works for you, huh?
Q:What is the welded flange valve?
The valve is the valve flange welding flange welding flange installed in the pipeline, the valve is threaded flange threaded flange installed in the pipe threading to install the valve, but no difference for the valves, pipeline installation flange just not in the same way.
Q:WF face flangeI'd like to ask what flange form WF is,
2. flange according to material: cast iron flange, carbon steel flange, alloy steel flange, cast steel flange, copper flange, plastic flange and so onThe above supplement seems superfluous because you ask for the WF face flange, which clearly refers to the sealing surface type of the flange
Q:What is the maximum pressure of the flanges RF and RTJ?
General toxic medium, are not recommended to use an ordinary plane flange and flange flange should choose picture, concave and convex surfaces or the sealing performance is better than the.   For toxic media, as long as it is not extremely dangerous, the pressure grade <=1.6MPa, you can generally use the convex surface RF flange, 2.5MPa start, generally need to use concave convex flange. For extremely hazardous media, recessed flanges shall be used.
Q:Can you check the anti - tumor drugs from Hongkong to the mainland?
Hongkong can find peak pharmacy, you can mail back to the mainland, very convenient, and I hope to help you.
Q:Flange "WN100 (B) -16RF S=6" and "SO50 (B) -16RF", "PL200 (B) -16RF" represent what kind of flange,
I. WN100 (B) -16RF S=6WN is a neck welding flange, 100 is nominal diameter 100mm, (B) is the use of metric tube (also known as GB), 16 nominal pressure is 16MPa, RF is sealed type, sudden surface seal, S=6 is steel pipe wall thickness.
Q:CF, ICF, is the flange the same?
The screw holes shall be fixed by screws and nuts, and the flanges only need holes through which the screws pass. Screw type flange nut is not required, the flange screws fixed directly into. The flange material is mainly SUS304. SUS304 emits less gas and is easy to process and weld.

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