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Sleeve type joint

By sealing the form into the sleeve joint, double card set of joint card

Single card set of joint is composed of a joint body, singlesleeve, the nut is composed of three parts. By tightening the nut is single clamping tightening in 24 DEG cone joint,on the card bite (cut) pipe and formation of hard contacteffective seal. Its biggest characteristic is very convenient to install.

Product standards: DIN2353-1998; GB/T3733 ~ 3765

Pressure rating: LL: ultra light series;

L: light series;

S: heavy duty series;

Joint form: end straight couplings; cone thread straightpipe joint; end through the factory pipe joints; taper threadlong pipe joint; straight couplings; end angle couplings;taper thread angle couplings; rectangular pipe joint; the end of three pipe joints; taper thread three pipe joints;end of three rectangular pipe joint taper thread; three rectangular pipe joint; the three way tube joint; the fourway tube joint; card sets - welded pipe joints; the nextstraight couplings; the next right angle pipe joint; aconnecting pipe joint; pressure gauge couplings;combined rectangular pipe joint; the combination of threeway tube joint; live with nut through reducing pipe jointfixed type straight tube joint welding;

Scope of application: oil, gas pipeline system and general corrosion medium.

Dual card set of joint is composed of a joint body, front ferrule, post card, the nut is composed of four parts. Is by tightening the nut before and after the card sleevetightening in cone joint body inside, before and after thecard package tight (not cut) pipe and form effective metal hard seal. Its biggest characteristic is very convenient to install. When the pipe material, wall thickness andhardness change in a series of range, can keep the sealing and clamping function. Because the tube to thecard sleeve clamping force on the front of the card sets of resistance size, so the pipe wall thickness larger clamping force.

Pressure rating: PN32MPa

Joint form: end straight couplings; cone thread straightpipe joint; end through a long pipe joint; threaded tubejoint; straight couplings; end angle couplings; taper threadangle couplings; rectangular pipe joint; the end of threepipe joints; taper thread three pipe joints; end of three rectangular pipe joint taper thread; three rectangular pipe joint; the three way tube joint; the four way tube joint; card sets - welded pipe joints; the next straight couplings; the next right angle pipe joint; a connecting pipe joint;pressure gauge couplings; combined rectangular pipe joint; the combination of three way tube joint; live with nutthrough reducing pipe joint fixed type straight tube jointwelding;

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