Skin Packing Water-Proof Ip68 Led Strip With Smd5050 Or Smd3528

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This Skin packed LED Strip with SMD5050 or SMD3528 with IP68 proetction class LED strip light is a kind of outdoor decoration product. Its material is made of latest material TPU injection. And its light source is adopted with SMD5050 or SMD3528. The IP68 LED strip is with very strong water proof function. Most of such LED strips are applied in outdoor gardens, home decoration or LED signs.





Light source: 6-chip LED design with SMD5050 or SMD3528;

Water Proof: very strong water-proof IP68;

Material: TPU with good heat dissipation, UV and yellowing protection;

Blister packing: 1m/3m/5m/30m design to select ;

Installment: 3M tape or PC holddown groove to install easily ;



 Item Specification Details
Output   Beam Angle 120°,
Color Range Black and white
Lumen Maintenance 30000 H
Electrical     Input Voltage DC 12 DC24V
Power Consumption 5-10W 13.5-15W 21.5-24W   40-45W 60-72W  
Lens Plastic transparent TPU
Operating Temperature 20°C----40°C
Humidity 20%----100% 
Certification and Safety   Certifications CE ROHS IP68 UL
Environment  Can be soaked in water use 
Warranty 3 Years  



1, home decoration;

2, indicating the path and exterior decoration;

3, billboards backlight illumination;

4, automobile interior and exterior lighting;

5, festive decorations, event venue set, exhibition decoration, hall lighting decoration;

6, hotels and other places of entertainment KTV decoration;

7, commercial lighting applications.



1.Do not open, dismantle or attempt to repair the LED strip, bottom connectors or powersupply. There are no user serviceable


   parts. Products should be installed in accordance withthe owner’s manual, current electrical codes and/or the current


   National Electric Code (NEC).


2.Improper installation may present a possible shock or ­re hazard. Always make sure the LEDstrip is disconnected


  from the power source before cutting, connecting, mounting or modifyingin any way.


3.The LED strip is water resistant, not water proof. Do not submerge. Mount power supply atleast one foot above the ground. Do


   not submerge in water.


4.Safety measures must be observed at all times during the installation of this product. Useproper safety gear and tools during the


   installation process to prevent physical injury.


5.Create layout plan before installation. Locate power supply, determine suitable mountingmethods and connectors, measure and


calculate the length of required. LED strip can onlybe cut only at every 6 lights a scissors and must be cut exactly on


the indicated mark.


6.Use only CabLED connectors, mountings and power supply.


7.Do not use acid or alkaline liquid to clean.


8.Do not bend the light strip more than the minimum bending radius of 3.3ft (100mm)



Customized options

Customize your strip light by picture or by technical datas.


Packing & Delivery


plastic bag intside, cartons outside 



Shipping Service

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2-8 business days


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7-12 business days

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7-15 business days

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14-30 business days

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3-10 business days

By Sea

30-40 business days

1.    3-5 business days for Sample Orders; 7-30 business days for Bulk Orders for Bulk Orders.

2.    "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3.    DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

4.    The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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Q:How to connect the LED lamp with constant current drive?
LED fluorescent tube wiring can be divided into three kinds, respectively, two ends into the line, single end into line and staggered into the line.
Q:Why can't the LED light band be broken from the fracture, but it can be light from the middle?
In addition, it is important to note that when the voltage is raised, the current of an individual diode does not exceed its maximum current limit, otherwise it will decrease the service life and even burn the led.
Q:How do I connect the two LED light band?
Some light belts must use separate power adapters, which are not directly connected in series. They can only be placed together and powered separately
Q:How to choose home decoration LED lamp belts?
LED lamp belt after several years of rapid development, the market presents a variety of LED lamp belt, uneven quality, good or bad. In the purchase and use, consumers should polish their eyes, choose their own high-quality light belt, remember not to covet petty gains.
Q:Does the LED light go on for a long time? Do you have any plastic smell?
LED will certainly become the fourth generation lighting, its development trend is more and more fierce, and the main advantages are: energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no stroboscopic, no damage to the eyes, no mosquito attraction. As long as the thermal design of high-power LED lamp is good enough, 3-5 million hours of life is not a problem (life is defined as: LED for semiconductor components, the wafer is affected by temperature will produce light, when the LED luminous flux decay because the initial flux is reduced to 30%, the last basic LED lamp without lighting significance that is life to summarize, although the LED lamp can still lit, but the brightness has seriously declined, so LED lamp radiating important).When you say the LED light is shining, the object will be colored because of the lack of a color in the spectrum, which is the wrong idea. Very simple reason, color TV (CRT) is not only three primary colors (red, green, blue) mixed to get all kinds of colors. Lighting uses high-power white light LED more, mainly blue chip, excited phosphor, mixed white light.
Q:LED how to connect the lamp band, 12 volt battery is not damaged
LED lights power supply for 3V, four series as a group, just for 12V, pay attention to positive and negative pole, do not take the wrong.
Q:LED light is still a weak light after the switch is closed. What's the matter?
Induction of the earth by an induction conductor. You can change two wires
Q:Which kind of LED lamp is better?
Look at the label. Regular LED lights, bags and rolls have printed labels, not printed labels.
Q:LED can the light belt be put in the water?
No waterproof treatment, no, oh
Q:Does the LED lamp come in a waterproof type?
LED waterproof lamp with using the control chip with stable quality, high intensity, large angle, high quality, stable performance, with three LED (12V DC) or six LED (24V DC) as a group, and on the basis of using the length, cut between each unit, use very convenient red green: 1000-1100MCD,: 2000-2200MCD,: 1000-1100MCD blue power: 3.6W/0.5M/12V DC or 5.76W/0.5M/24V DC LED 20mm (Center for 33mm, can be customized according to customer requirements). LED waterproof lamp with control system using DMX512 international, can be achieved by the various drive jump to change, gradual change etc change effect, can also use the CT308 controller to achieve the overall color change is mainly used indoors, for small wall washing effect, interior decoration, landscaping etc..

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