Skid Steer Loader with China Engine

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Product Description:

Skid Steer Loader with China Engine

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WT650D


Type:Skid Steer Loader

Walking Mode:Wheeled


Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000



Brand Name:Wecan


Rated Load:650kg



Cabin:Rops & Fops Cabin

Standard Attachment:Bucket


Warranty:12 Months

Export Markets:South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Additional Info.



Packing:Normal Export Package



Origin:Shandong, China

HS Code:8429510000


Production Capacity:200PCS/ Month

Product Description

1, China engine or Japan engine
2, Original Imported Sauer pump
3, Mechanical Auto leveling
4, Special big aluminium radiator
5, Original imported Sauer motor

Engine modelXinchai C490BPG
Bore×stroke90×105mm3.5 x4.1in
Rated power40kw53.6hp
Rotating speed2650rpm2650rpm
Number of cylinders44
Max. Torque156n.m156n.m
Displacement2.67L163 in 3
Max. Speed12km7.5mph
Vacuum tire10-16.510-16.5
Operating load650kg1433lb
Max. Loading1200 kg2646lb
Bucket lifting force1500kg3306.9lb
Arm lifting force15kN15kN
Total cycling time10.2 s10.2s
Bucket capacity0.47m³0.61yd 3
Pressure of working system160bar2320psi
Rated flux60L /min15.9 gal /min
High flow flux(optional)------
Fuel tank capacity79L20.9gal
Self-weight with bucket2850kg6283lb
Overall operating height(A)3850mm151.6in
Height to bucket hinge pin(B)3225mm127 in
Height to top of cab(C)2070mm81.5in
Height to bottom of level bucket(D)3065mm120.7 in
Overall length without bucket(E)2538mm100 in
Overall length with bucket(F)3345mm131.7in
Dumping Angle at maximum height (G)42°42°
Dumping height(H)2445mm96.3in
Dumping reach(I)585mm23in
Rollback of bucket on ground(J)31°31°
Rollback of bucket at full height(K)86°86°
Ground clearance(M)210 mm8.3in
Angle of departure(N)30°30°
Turning radius front without bucket(O)1380mm54.3in
Front turning radius(P)2027mm81.5in
Rear turning radius(Q)1527mm60.1in
Rear axle to bumper(R)981mm38.6in
Tread width, centerline to centerline(S)1465mm57.7in
Width between outside of two wheels(T)1730mm68.1in
Bucket width (U)1800mm70.9in

Skid Steer Loader with China Engine

Skid Steer Loader with China Engine


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