Skate Sharpener of High Quality 400#1000#

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1000 pc
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500000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Skate Sharpener of High Quality 400#1000#


Skate Sharpener Specification


Sharpening Part:ceramic rods/diamond blade





Logo:can be customized

Package:double blister with instruction card


Skate Sharpener Features

.New design and multifunctional

.Both fit for skate/knives

.400#1000# for different needs

.Portable and easy take

.High quality with SGS certificate


Product Show


Q1.What's your MOQ of skate sharpener?

      Our MOQ is 500 pcs,but if you need your customized logo,the MOQ is 1000.

Q2.Can we get some samples for test?

      We warmly welcome all interest from customers,we are willing to send you samples to test.

Q3.Can you make customized skate sharpener for us?

      We are a professional factory specilize in Sharpener supply for years,we can make

      any customized product for you.

Q4.Can you simply introduce you company?

      CNBM a Chinese state-owned enterprise ranked 270th among the global fortune 500 in 2015,
      have accreditation in line with standard:ISO 9001:2000,SGS,CIQ certificate.

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