SJW series Three-phase High Accuracy Full-automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer

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Principle & Characteristics

This product is constructed by connecting the three pieces of high accuracy full-automaatic AC voltage stabilizers with Y connection method, has the advantage of: wide input voltage range、high efficiency、with over(under)voltage、over-current protection function、high regulation accuracy、short adjusting time、same input and output voltage waveform、small volume、less weight.

Scope of Application

It is available in the electric equipments and facilities in housing、factory、school、shop、office、precision instrument for scientific experiment, can long hours circulate.

Main Technical Parameter
Size & Weight(For reference only)

Note: Property of this product is similar with TNS type product.

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Q:Parasitic battery draw 2003 Land Rover Discovery, 300ma from FL5 and 280ma from ABS fuse, any ideas?
Give the abs unit a slap with your palm.I had one of thes e with a stuck solenoid causing the unusual current flow What follows is not related to your problem but the info about FL5 follows:- If you have a Range Rover Classic or Discovery 1 that is getting up there in age and has had its share of use, not to mention exposure to western New York winters, you may soon find out how a fusible link works. Sometime in the 1992 Model Year, Land Rover introduced the fusible link as an added protection to the electrical systems in the Range Rover. This system also was used in the Discoverys. If you experience a number of sudden and simultaneous failures of various electrical systems and components, there is a good chance that you have blown one of these fusible links
Q:Fuse or instrument cluster?
Hey Jasmin, Well, I think you must've hit the wrong button 'cause your question got posted in the Jeep section not the VW section. But hey, no worries. Most modern cars have a protection circuit that will set off a fuse or some other device to prevent serious damage to the engine computers (and other components) if someone gets their positives mixed up with their negatives when jumping the battery. I would suggest you bring it in to either a highly regarded independent shop specializing in European autos (usually BMW, VW, Mercedes and Volvo) or to the dealership. Depending on the car, you may have no choice but to bring it to the dealership if there is some type of special factory software that needs to be used to repair it. I would check in with an independent shop first tell 'em what happened and what's going wrong and they should be able to send you in the right direction (their shop or the dealership). Just be aware this might cost you some large coin to fix just be ready for that.
Q:why dose this fuse keep blowing in my car?
What fuse is it for? Check the line the fuse is for.
Q:wich pc component is dead?
i think your psu is dead as the monitor takes the direct power and does not affects your psu
Q:Camaro wont start or turn over why?
check the fuseable link for the starter. it could be burnt.
Q:My fuel pump on my 1992 Saab will not get any power to it/not work.Any suggestions?
Check fuses and relays, you need the wiring diagram and component locator. The wiring diagram will help you trace the circuit. The ECM usually provides the relay ground circuit and the relay provides the power to the pump.
Q:Saab 9-5 owner has question about Alarm System Malfunction - any advice?
you may not beleive this, but, your alarm systen, is radio controled. The little goody on your key ring is a tiny transmitter.It is on the same band as microwave ovens and cell phones. Some one in your neighborhood, may have been useing their cell fone, and it tripped your alarm. Don't worry about taking the fuse out. It will not hurt any thing. You may want to install a toggle switch under the dash, that will disable the alarm, in case it does it againreplace the flat battery in your key ring controler too.
Q:99' GMC S 15 blows ECM B fuse?
You have a direct short in the ECM B circuit. When you bypass the fuse you destroy the harness, fuses are to protect the harness and the components they are connected to. They protect the ECM. The B circuit usually is the power circuit for the fuel pump, through the relay. Check the harness for continuity from the relay connector to ground from the fuel pump power supply wire I think it's tan/wht. If there is you have a short and you will need to pinpoint where. but you have probably already melted the harness together. Good luck. It might have been cheaper to hire a professional mechanic shop.
Q:Can a 20 amp fuse be used for a 7.5 amp transformer?
The weakest link in a Variac is the carbon commutator wiper (the part that rotates on the exposed adjustable winding). While the Variac may tolerate a 20 amp fuse rating for a short period of time - the wiper will soon burn out and become intermittent or open due to excessive current. Try a 7.5 amp slo-blow fuse instead of the conventional fuse. This will give the variac more surge protection and provide the same capacity as a higher rated fuse for a short period of time and still prevent permanent damage to the wiper/winding components.
Q:What can i run off 12 volts?
you should be able to run anything that does not exceed the amperage rating of the fuse for the power point this is usually about 10-15 amps, depending on the vehicle and what other components this fuse controls. If we consider that wattsvoltage x current that means that you should be fine with anything that is rated at under 120-180 watts or a combination of things (using a splitter) totaling less than that. Find the fuse that controls your power power point, and look at its amperage rating. I would assume that this fuse also controls other components as well (dome lights, etc.). Multiply its amperage by twleve and that is the MAXIMUM number of watts that can be used on that circuit. Since this represents the maximum number of amps possible on the circuit (and probably would result in a blown fuse) dont pick an appliance that matches the wattage number you calculate or you will overload the circuit and blow a fuse. Other than that you can use just about anything that meets these requirements.

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