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Detailed Product Description of Sitz Bath


Thermo therapy with 4 functions.

Far-infrared radition from bio stone.

Fomentation and sitz bath.

Sitz bath is a thermo therapy bath.

You can enjoy fomentation at home or at any places with your clothes on.

When not in use fomentation function, you can use as   Air purifier, or humidifier,  or  UV air sterilizer.    

The far-infrared energy promotes the blood circulation and metabolism by resonance with water molecules in the body.  and eliminates wastes and dissolves fatty substances.


Benefits of sitz bath


Purifies the body and prevents woman's disease.


Promotes the blood circulation by increasing the temperature deep in the body.


Heat therapy treatment for woman's disease, irretention of urine, Man's hemorrhoids,  prostate.


Relieves the pain by thermo therapy.


Good for


Who suffer from discomfort in everyday life.


Who suffer from seasonal factors.


Aid to skin care. 


Enjoy 4 functions by one unit of  Elvan Therapy 4.

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