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Vehicle ModelTAZ5323JQZQY25B
Chassis ModelTAZ5323JB
Overall Dimension (Length × Width × Height) (mm)12800×2500×3500
Distance between Axles (mm)4325/1350
Distance between Tires (front/rear)(mm)2046/1850/1850
Front Overhang/ Rear Overhang (mm)2400/2545
Dead Weight (kg)32320
Basic Boom Length (mm)10300
Length of Fully Extended Main Boom (mm)38500
(Fully extended main boom+ Auxiliary boom) Boom Length (mm)46650
Max. Lifting Height of Basic Boom (mm)10260
Max. Lifting Height of Fully Extended Main Boom (mm)38480

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Q:What is the difference between a tires crane and a truck crane?
A tire crane is a crane that consists of a lifting device mounted on a specially designed self-propelled tire chassis.
Q:What does the meaning of the letter in the car crane (car crane)?
QUY50 crawler crane is a hydraulic drive, full swing, trussed arm crawler crane, is the first to lead the proportion of technology used in crawler cranes products. The machine is simple, flexible, the whole machine running smoothly, the maximum weight of 50 tons,
Q:Do you need a harness for a truck crane?
You ask the car on the car or get off the cab? On the car operating room is no seat belt
Q:What is the difference between the main arm and the basic arm of a truck crane?
The basic arm is to distinguish it from the second (three, four, five) arm, which is part of the main arm.
Q:What are the classification of mobile cranes?
Mobile cranes are divided into four types: truck cranes, tire cranes, crawler cranes and dedicated mobile cranes according to their operating mode, performance characteristics and applicable scope.
Q:What are the design of the truck crane?
Derivative design: In order to adapt to the new needs of the existing car crane for part of the changes or additions and deletions, thus developing a different from the standard type of derivative products.
Q:How to determine the weight of a car crane
Zoomweight has QY12DF, vehicle quality is 15500Kg (15.5 tons).
Q:What is the working principle of a truck crane?
In the middle of the boom there is a rotating reel, the top of the wire rope around the rope through the pulley at the top of the next arm, the upper part of the boom to pull out, and so on.
Q:What is the quota for a car crane (25T)?
If the subheading, the actual use can be directly added sub-head and rental prices
Q:The world's largest car crane can be heavy?
Is the world 's largest car crane.China only three: a Beijing, Shanghai, a Linyi.

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