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1-Excellent quality with competitive price.


2-World famous brand hydraulic system and other key parts.


3-Hydraulic Excavator is good excavator,have good preformance.


4-perfect after-sale service system.



                Main Technical Paramenters
Main   ParametersModelHW360-8
(KG) Operating weight33800
(CBM) Bucket capacity1.6
(kN) Bucket digging force226
Performance of the Macine(rpm)   Swing speed9.6
(Kpa)Ground pressure67.8
EngieEngine   ModelCUMMINS-6CT8.3
(Kw/rpm) Rated Power186KW/RPM
Emission standardⅡphase
Hydraulic SystemMotorKAWASAKI
(L/min) Flow rate of Motor2*280L/MIN
travel motorNABTESCO
rotary motorKAWASAKI
Overall Dimensions(mm)Length11135
(mm) Counter weight ground clearance1223
(mm)Ground contact length of track3670
(mm)Track length4595
(mm)Shoe width600
(mm)Track gauge2590
(mm) Swing radius3450
Working Range(mm)   Max. digging radius10918
(mm) Max. digging depth7076
(mm) Max. digging height10341
(mm) Max. dumping height7435
(mm) Max. vertical digging depth6178
(mm) Max. depth cut for 2.5m level bottom6905
CabAir-conditioning   brandDENSO
seat brandGrammer 


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Q:what is the cc rating on a 302.5 mini excavator?
I know it is a 22 hp and only manufactured for england but the cc rating i don't know here is a cat site maybe you can find it
Q:Could you translate English into Turkish please?
Bir ekskavatör onu yıkan ederken ben bir evin goodies dışarı kazınmalıdır. Tozlu çalışır.
Q:where is the backup alarm on a cat 345 excavator?
the travel alarm can be located in several places on ours they were behind the boom down by the circle gear box I have seen them behind the cab also in the right rear compartment
Q:Cod zombies moon helppppppp xD?
Gravity and Air will return to the Bio Dome once power is on. The only way to get rid of gravity is to allow the excavator to breach the Bio Dome. Once this happens, a PES will be required from then on out in the Bio Dome. Same if the excavator breaches tunnel 6 and 11. Once an excavator has breached any of these three areas. The only way to raise that excavator is to hack its terminal in the Receiving Area.
Q:What does this engineering symbol mean?
just a symbol and mean nothing to me
Q:I have a question about an Kebelco excavator????!?
Replace the JP 2 line.
Q:Please am loocking for an excavater in Ghana. F?
Then why would you be looking in the section reserved for questions about airplanes? An excavator is a machine that digs holes in the ground.
Q:Why do excavators use such complicated drive motors ?
Actually, the drive system is relatively simple. You have a single engine running a hydraulic pump, and two hydrostatic drive motors on the track system that propel the machine. Beyond that you have two control handles that are tied into the main hydraulic valves with either electronic controls or pilot hydraulics that open and close valves to move the hoe. There are a lot of hoses, but the system itself is really pretty simple in design once you understand it.
Q:What are Trades that don't require manual labor?
Operator i.e. driving back hoes, cranes, excavators, dozers, skitters, etc.
Q:Help with blue white ally mill deck?
Well the first issue i see is that your basing your whole deck around one creature. and if you cant get it out right away you wont be doing much to hurt your opponents deck. and other then a couple of your spells for a mill deck its going to be slow enough that you,ll run into problems. my big suggestion is get rid of the white cards in your deck and replace them with other creatures and spells hedron crab for example is a good creature card for a mill deck , and a great first turn card that you can bring out to start the pain right away. ponder -good one mana spell to help you get the cards you need tome scour traumatize (a little mana heavy but good mill card) hopefully this will get you started or give you more ideas for your deck

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