Single-stage Double-suction Centrifugal Pump

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Product Description:

General Description

Type SA,SAP pumps is single-stage double-suction centrifugal pumps with horizontal split casing. It's widely used in fields of factories, Cities, mines, power stations, farmlands and water conservancy.  It is provided for delivering clear water without solid particles or other liquid which is physically and chemically similar to clear water. The temperature of the liquid is 0℃~80℃. Permissible maximum inlet pressure is 0.6MPa

Performance range

Capacity: 72~20000m3/h.

Head:  6.8 ~ 186m

Instruction of pump type
For example    10SA(SAP)-6JA

10-The number obtained from the inlet diameter divided by 25(inlet diameter is 250mm)
SA(SAP)-Single-station double-suction centifigual pump with horizontal split

S: Single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump with horizontal split casing.
6-The number obtained from the pump specific speed divided by 10.
J-The rated speed is changed

A-Outer diameter of impeller is changed.

The pumps is horizontally mounted, the pump casing and pump cover are divided along the axis. the upper is the cover, the lower is casing, the inlet and the outlet are on the pump casing under the axis, and their centerline is perpendicular to the axis, the rotor elements will be removed without disturbing the inlet piping, the outlet piping and the motors, only dismantling the pump cover while inspection.The shaft seal is either packing seal or mechanical seal(single end surface non-banlancing type).
The direction of rotation
The rotation of the pump rotor is counter clockwise looking from the motor to the pump, i.e. the inlet is on the left and the outlet is on the right. The driving end may be moved to another one according to customers'requirements, meantime, the rotation,the direction of the inlet and the outlet are opposite to the above -mentioned.

Material of main parts
The medium-contacting parts are made of cast iron.
The material of impeller: May be cast steel /brass /according to customer’s requirements.

Features of the SAP pump

1. The rotor elements are propped up with two bearing points, so it is stable and low noise in operation.

2.Double-suction impeller itself can balance thrust.

3.The shaft with changeable sleeve is protected from wearing and has a long life.

4.When you dismantle the cover and put it to a secure place, the rotor elements will be removed for inspection.

5. It's unnecessary to dismantle the inlet piping and outlet piping while maintenance.

6.Thre are packing seal and mechanical seal in seal ways, customer may choose it according to the requirements.

7.Remained water in the inside of the pump can be completely drained, so the pump is not damaged by frost in cold places.

8. The pump uses rolling dearings, it runs for a long life, it is easy for maintenance.

The material of main parts of pump

Pump, motor and coupling, common bedplate will be supplied when inlet diameter is less than 200mm.

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Q:Installation position of check valve for water pump
Check valves are normally installed at the pump's exit position!Check valve, also known as check valve, the specific installation needs to determine the direction of the pipeline!If the pipe in the installation position is vertical, you can choose the swing type and pipe type!If the installation position of the pipe is horizontal, you can choose the lifting type!Lift check valve opens and stops at the fastest speed!The swing check valve has the least resistance!The pipe type check valve is mostly in the form of clip type installation, which is suitable for the place where the installation distance is not enough!
Q:How large is the starting current for a 1.5 kW submersible pump?
1KW about 2 current, so the rated current is about 3A, and the starting current is usually 3-8 of the rated current, that is 9-24A.
Q:01 Tacoma 3.4 V6, does anyone know the average life of the water pump?
as a mechanic, I always OFFER the customer the option. The water pump can last a long time however, as you've probably been told, it is driven off the timing belt. Therefore, if, say six months from now the pump developes a leak, its like doing the whole job over. Now, the tech won't know for sure there isn't a small weepage at the pump seal until the parts are exposed. There is a vent hole or weep hole as some call it and it will get crusty stuff on it or coolant traces from it if the seal is beginning to leak. I have personally seen a few that have gone bad by the 90K service. You'd have to be awfully optimistic to think it's gonna last another 90K. Lastly though, the part going on should be a new pump, not a rebuilt. Quality is important. The only other item you have to look forward to failing, if it hasnt already is the starter contacts. A good shop familiar with this issue will replace the two contacts in the starter instead of gouging you for a reman unit. Hope that helps. Make sure they use the correct coolant formula for your vehicle. PS: those are awsome engines. a HUGE improvement over the 3.0 litre motor.
Q:New water pump leaking out of bolt hole?
Bad water pump!!
Q:where is the water pump for a 2001 chevy malibu?
If you can't see it on the engine. It may be behind the timing cover. Many engines are now set up that way. The timing belt also runs your water pump. And if you have to replace the water pump. You will also replace the timing belt. Which is a good idea any way .Since a 2001 may have many miles ,and just about ready for the belt to break. Leaving you stranded.
Q:Water pump seized in my car..... what could it seizing cause?
well... depending on how severe the problem is, it could be many things. You could simply have to change the water pump, and be on your way. That's the best case scenario. Though, in really bad cases, I've heard of the whole engine having to be replaced. When the water pump stops working, the engine doesn't get cooled properly. So it heats up a ton, and things start to expand. The pistons can start to gouge the cylinder walls, and ultimately they will get so tight that things can't move. That's what the mechanic was talking about. Also, the water expanding could cause some internal gaskets to blow out. So there are a lot of variables at play here. Best case, it's nothing serious. Maybe as little as $100 for a new water pump (depending on the type of car). Or worst case, you fried the engine and need a new one. That can get quite expensive obviously. Hopefully, it's nothing serious.
Q:Should I replace my water pump?
i would if i were you. that way you will know everything is good shape. besides a pump don,t cost that much.
Q:Can I install a recirculating hot water pump to a boiler?
yes you can. In fact there is a recirculating system called a Polaris water heater that can supply hot water for all your house hold needs and heat your house too. The cost of operationg a Polaris system is cheaper than an on demand hot water heater.
Q:The water burst how to repair?
If it is not too serious, with casting glue on the line, it is best to use serious brazing, don't use the electrode,
Q:Could I replace a water pump myself?
First thing is to stop driving it or you will have a bigger problem (ask me how I know this). Next go to your local parts store and get a repair manual, a rebuilt/new water pump and some gasket sealer. Then get to work. Good luck!

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