Single-stage Double-suction Centrifugal Pump

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Product Description:

General Description

Type SA,SAP pumps is single-stage double-suction centrifugal pumps with horizontal split casing. It's widely used in fields of factories, Cities, mines, power stations, farmlands and water conservancy.  It is provided for delivering clear water without solid particles or other liquid which is physically and chemically similar to clear water. The temperature of the liquid is 0℃~80℃. Permissible maximum inlet pressure is 0.6MPa

Performance range

Capacity: 72~20000m3/h.

Head:  6.8 ~ 186m

Instruction of pump type
For example    10SA(SAP)-6JA

10-The number obtained from the inlet diameter divided by 25(inlet diameter is 250mm)
SA(SAP)-Single-station double-suction centifigual pump with horizontal split

S: Single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump with horizontal split casing.
6-The number obtained from the pump specific speed divided by 10.
J-The rated speed is changed

A-Outer diameter of impeller is changed.

The pumps is horizontally mounted, the pump casing and pump cover are divided along the axis. the upper is the cover, the lower is casing, the inlet and the outlet are on the pump casing under the axis, and their centerline is perpendicular to the axis, the rotor elements will be removed without disturbing the inlet piping, the outlet piping and the motors, only dismantling the pump cover while inspection.The shaft seal is either packing seal or mechanical seal(single end surface non-banlancing type).
The direction of rotation
The rotation of the pump rotor is counter clockwise looking from the motor to the pump, i.e. the inlet is on the left and the outlet is on the right. The driving end may be moved to another one according to customers'requirements, meantime, the rotation,the direction of the inlet and the outlet are opposite to the above -mentioned.

Material of main parts
The medium-contacting parts are made of cast iron.
The material of impeller: May be cast steel /brass /according to customer’s requirements.

Features of the SAP pump

1. The rotor elements are propped up with two bearing points, so it is stable and low noise in operation.

2.Double-suction impeller itself can balance thrust.

3.The shaft with changeable sleeve is protected from wearing and has a long life.

4.When you dismantle the cover and put it to a secure place, the rotor elements will be removed for inspection.

5. It's unnecessary to dismantle the inlet piping and outlet piping while maintenance.

6.Thre are packing seal and mechanical seal in seal ways, customer may choose it according to the requirements.

7.Remained water in the inside of the pump can be completely drained, so the pump is not damaged by frost in cold places.

8. The pump uses rolling dearings, it runs for a long life, it is easy for maintenance.

The material of main parts of pump

Pump, motor and coupling, common bedplate will be supplied when inlet diameter is less than 200mm.

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Q:1988 evinrude outboard, water pump?
I think you might want to replace the water pump impeller.
Q:Question on water pump?
I do not know the kind of pump you are referring to. I will give my personal expertise. If it is a pump taking water from a tank, the piping might be loose, the knocking may be corrected with some air ventilation pipe. If it is pumping from a water tank: I suggest you look at a submersible pump capable of supplying water to 3rd floor. This kind of pump is less noisy. The noise at start, is the electric starter, and the noise at the end is when water returns and seals the stop valve. Also some air may be in the pipe, you need to purge the pump, as often as needed, try this first, and then the others. Good luck
Q:01 Tacoma 3.4 V6, does anyone know the average life of the water pump?
Water pump life is a direct function of proper maintenance, therefore there is no real answer to your question. At 89k you could certainly elect to replace the WP as long as the T-Belt is also being done, but it is purely a preventive maintenance item. Might save you a lot of money later, or it might not. Impossible to say. It will give you more peace of mind though.
Q:how much do new brakes and a water pump cost?
if for the water pump
Q:The difference between submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps
Submersible pump refers to the installation of pumps in the form of motor and pump body are installed underwater. It can be a sewage pump or a clean water pump or other purpose.Sewage pump to see the name will know, that is, playing sewage, you can use submersible pumps, you can also use other forms of pump.
Q:What could it be...? Water Pump or Thermostat?
99%odds on thermostat (or combination of thermostat and presure cap) is problem! If pressure cap not sealing properly, it is possible that no water is being pushed into heater circuit (water part)-- Lack of normal engine temperature would just aggrivagte the problem! I have yet to see a waterpump that worked too good,- so that an engine ran too cold! Really,-- a waterpump that is bad would make the engine run too hot, - and even that is unlikely unless something is broken inside where it can't be seen......... Most (bad) waterpumps leak enough water so that engine overheats from lack of water !! The reason engine shakes is because it is running too rich, -- the computer thinks it is still too cold to drive normally so the encrichment valve puts in more gas than normal-- (this is equivalent of a choke on normally carbureted engines), -- which are now history because of computers! Have cooling system pressure checked (including checking pressure cap), and get thermostat replaced, -- this will most likely take care of your problem!
Q:Is it illegal to produce aluminium submersible pumps?
When buying, if you ask for a copper wire or a wire, and don't answer you, it's against the principle of good faith. On the contrary, if you did not ask to buy the water pump with aluminum core, then there is no violation. Because the country does not have any laws and regulations prohibiting the production of aluminum core wire motor, naturally there is no aluminum wire motor as a fake and shoddy products, there is no pre notice obligations.In fact, the aluminum core motor is good, and the price is low, especially in the dry environment of small and medium-sized motors, with good performance. Only used in submersible pumps, because aluminum is easier to damp than copper wire, due to bacteria and other corrosion, and its life is sometimes less than copper wire. But the water pump, aluminum often needs to rewind coil, because of a small submersible pump motor is not good around general scrap.
Q:my expedition keeps over heating. i put in a new thermostat,water pump allready. help please?
If you have the 5.4L motor it will have a plastic intake manifold. Look at the front. There is an aluminum crossover pipe attached to the front on the top. Those are famous for leaking aroung where the intake meets the head and where the aluminum and plastic meet. You may need a flashlight and a small inspection mirror to check all the way around. Also if the valley or apace between the heads has coolant sitting in it that's a good bet you have a leaking crossover or a head temp sensor leaking. The head temp sensors are located at the back of the heads. The other common spot for coolant to leak is the heater hoses be sure to check at all the fittings and make sure they haven't come apart up by the firewall. One last thing to check is the belt around the water pump pulley. It is easy to put it on so the water pump spins the wrong way. Common mistake. Lastly if the manifold IS leaking do NOT attempt to do this if you do not have a top notch torque wrench!!! You can very easily strip the bolts or holes that are in the heads. If you are not sure take it to a good technician. Dorman makes a good replacement manifold for about 200-300 bucks. The gaskets are made onto it. I have had no issues with that one leaking. Also do not try to relpace just the crossover... I know that it has bolts and they sell gaskets but it will leak. If the manifold needs to come off it is also a great time to change the plugs. They will be super easy at that point, be sure to use new Injector o-rings too. Hope that helps. Jim
Q:broken water pump 2003 PT Cruiser?
Changing the timing belt and water pump on a PT Cruiser is about a difficulty level 7 out of 10. If you do not have much mechanical experience, give this job to a shop and pay the $500 to $800 to have it done right. Done wrong could cost you an engine.
Q:A water pump that consume 2kW of electric power when operating is claimed?
A liter of water mas a mass of 1Kg. How much work must be done to raise 50 Kg of water through a height of 30 m? You can say: Work done (W) = potential energy gained (mgh), Or you can say that Work done is the weight force (mg) * the distance moved against the force (h) Either way, W = m * g * h where m is the mass; g is the acceleration due to gravity {9.8 m/s²}; h is the height W = 50 * 9.8 * 30 = 14700 J If you need to do that amount of work in one second, that's a rate of working of 14700 J/s A joule/second is a watt. Minimum power required = 14700 W = 14.7 kW

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