Single-Side Climbing Bracket SCB180

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Single-side Climbing Bracket SCB180:

With CNBM SCB 180 climbing systems, the loads from the fresh concrete pressure are

transferred through the brackets by means of V-strongbacks and compression braces into the

scaffold anchors.

Typical applications for the SCB 180 are dams, locks, cooling towers, pier heads, tunnels, and

bank vaults.

The formwork is simply tilted backwards when striking takes place. The 1.80 m wide bracket

requires only a minimum of space.


◆ Economical and safe anchoring

The M30/D20 climbing cones have been designed especially for single-sided concreting using

SCB180 in dam construction, and to allow the transfer of high tensile and shear forces into the still

fresh, unreinforced concrete. Without wall-through tie-rods, finished concrete is perfect.

◆ Stable and cost-effective for high loads

generous bracket spacings allow large-area formwork units with optimal utilization of the bearing

capacity. This leads to extremely economical solutions.

◆ Simple and flexible planning

With SCB180 single-sided climbing formwork, circular structures can also be concreted without

undergoing any large planning process. Even use on inclined walls is feasible without any special

measures because additional concrete loads or lifting forces can be safely transferred into the


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Q:Construction template supporting the use of steel pipe and pull the bolt how much money a ton
Pad wood template should be called I-shaped steel bar, there are several other names of steel "H-beam, T-beam, I-shaped steel, channel, angle" like these large steel market are sold
Q:Why can not the scaffolding stand with the stent?
Scaffolding specification is JGJ130-2010 "construction of fasteners steel scaffold safety technical specifications." Scaffolding structure, the principle of calculation is self-contained bearing capacity, stable system; template bracket specification is JGJ162-2008 "building construction template safety technical specifications", also self-independent load capacity, stable system.
Q:How to calculate the bearing capacity of the template support
The requirements of the construction template are calculated according to the area of the contact surface between the concrete and the template, and then the template coefficient (empirical) which is not in contact with the concrete is taken into consideration in consideration of the loss of the template, the turnover turnover and the turnover.
Q:Template Support System Safety Control
Strengthen the material control, the fastener must be carried out according to the provisions of the sampling test, qualified before put into use, according to "construction fastener steel scaffold safety technical specifications" strict management, to prevent shoddy and unqualified fastener into the scene and use. Steel pipe before use must be strictly checked, according to the provisions of the sampling test, qualified before put into use.
Q:Foundry boutique building foundation · New type of shear wall template support
In view of the above problems, Changli Tianjian developed and improved the new shear wall template support system, using a cold rolled steel made of retractable vertical beams and different specifications of the beam (0.6,0.9,1.2,1.5,1.8,2.4 m). The vertical beam can be freely stretched between 2.6 and 3.0 meters (available according to customer requirements). The beams are docked through 0.9 and 1.2 m fittings, which fundamentally solve the problems of wall width and wall height. problem.
Q:New shear wall template support
The new Shear Wall Templates supports us to provide a full range of services. Before you order, we will customize a reasonable construction plan, product usage, and what products for each wall Amount, will help you count.
Q:The template supports how security issues are under the supervision notice
You 1 1 rectification, and then follow the results of the rectification of the truth. You do not rectification, reply to the supervision will still give you back, or else people will not send a notice. Do a good job to do a good attitude, especially involved in security issues. Since the supervision issued to you is a security notice, that things are more serious. Now you are doing is: one by one in a regular manner in accordance with the requirements of the field rectification, rectification after the end of a written reply to close the notice.
Q:Main and vice keel upgrade modification - the new building template support birth opportunity
The overall unit of light weight, easy to use the workers, but also reduce the cost. Roof plate support instead of the use of the wooden side, the number of wheel rotation is up to 300 times, excellent re-use rate. As a patented manufacturer of new products with steel instead of wood, we have been working hard to develop and improve, hoping to do our best to achieve more convenient construction materials in the construction process, making workers easier to use and easier to operate ; Make the construction process easier, more secure, shorter construction period; so that the effect is closer to the perfect; so that the construction environment becomes more beautiful, the project image has been greatly improved. It is worth mentioning that the use of steel instead of the wooden side, to protect the environment to reduce the logging of trees made a great contribution.
Q:How does the new building shear wall template support safe operation?
Tian Jian Building Materials Co., Ltd. Shear wall template support known as the construction of the construction area of small assistants, it can be flexible to adjust the length and height, to adapt to any circumstances of the construction, to help the construction of construction companies to solve one after another construction problem
Q:How to use template support?
This picture is marked on the non-adjustable support, and now generally use adjustable height support.

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